Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well this is it I am off at 7am. I will return May 8th.

I have been running around with the last minute stuff going through the chores.
However the best thing was after supper my husband said come outside and show me what animals you have all and I could do is smile. It even through off my youngest daughter she said "are we going to the auction when you are gone" ...they had better not... then she said "are you shooting an animal" ... this is the daughter who is suppose to wear a hearing aid :) My husband does not want anything to do with the animals does not like them and I so wanted to make a "smart ass" comment but I did not dare...(oh but I so wanted to :) ) he listened but I did have to repeat a few times because he was dreaming of how to trade the horse for a skate sharpener...
If any of you have been following the news you know we have had a horrible murder of children here in our town well they finally caught the man who is a suspect. I have been going on long walks not even feeling scared and rather cockey as I thought he is long gone good thing I did not know he was still around.
Anyways have a wonderful 3 weeks be safe, take care and I will talk to you all real soon!!!!!

ps: spell check has quit working so ignore any typo's
These poor animals were watching the bow and arrow shooters hoping they would not miss.
Being Cute!
My oldest son and my husband are working on the truck my son was given. His uncle and his girlfriend gave it to him which was very nice.
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My youngest cleaning off Poppies grave and talking to her it was quite sweet.
Boys riding bikes and the whole walk said watch this mom... Mom.... mom.... mom watch this one.....

Quite cleaver aren't they!
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Enjoying the warmer day. The warmer weather only lasted one day!
A lovely spring Walk
Dainty Butter Cups

This has been the home to a few birds.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I 'm leaving on a jet plane.... and my nerves are getting the best of me no nails left and cold sores how sucky is that. I am very excited but scared at the same time. An amazing trip is about to happen 7 days touring England and a week and a half of touring Europe. My last post will be Wednesday night unless I find a computer over there and I will be home May 8.
It tried to snow on and off all day, I am sure it is suppose to warm up. Have a great night and talk to you all soon.


This very bad baby is Sunflower she is so full of trouble.
However even though she is in trouble all the time she is very cute.

This is Donald Krunk my youngest son named him and he tells me Donald's favorite number is "55". I know I can not have favorites but this little guy is my favorite. I love his face and when he needs to feed he has to be cuddled or he won't eat.
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Soccer Fun

This is my middle daughter playing in her first year of soccer. It will be the only game I can watch this season.
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My youngest son is now over 150miles. He has run this in school we told him if he could do 150 we would have a cake well he has past the mark now.

We are very proud of him I wonder what he has done if we kept track of his running around at home.
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Party we moved up my son's party a few weeks so I could be here to give him a party. He had a lot of fun ate lots and played hard.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last night we had a baby breach it was so backwards it took awhile but we got it out unfortunately we could not get it to take a breath nothing I did worked. It was a little girl she was very big and strong looking, such a shame. It was another late night and early morning I have had to be my middle daughters wake up call while she was away playing soccer which is no big deal except I can't sleep for checking my alarm clock all night.
We took my youngest daughter to soccer I am not too sure about that but I will keep my opinion to myself as long as she likes it she can play. Personally I can not see her liking it...I won''t criticize I will just watch and see. We then went to Kamloops to buy soccer stuff and Rugby stuff I have gone this route before with my older kids. So far non of them have been rugby players so here we go again.
It was really nice out today I do hope it lasts. Well I must go to bed I am very tired tonight.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I could not make a post last night as our Internet quit working so I am not sure what was up with that. We are in the middle of a birthday party the boys seem to be having fun shooting bows and arrows into a hay stack with a picture of a buck on it. They have been playing mini hockey most of the time going in the hot tub, eating pizza, chips, cupcakes, a lot of pop. My middle son will be turning 14 when I am away so we had his party early.
6 days until we leave so Thursday morning the 17 will be my last blog post for 3 weeks but I will have a lot to tell you when I return. with any luck when I return it will actually feel like Spring this morning t started out quite warm now it is windy, cold and dreary. I will post some photo's later

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cleaning our pond

Our pond finally unthawed this week so we got straight to it cleaning and then filling it. I don't think we have ever worked on our pond on a nice day.
My oldest daughter and I make a great team cleaning. We found three Salamanders put them in a yogurt container which the wind blew over so we caught two again and lost one. Tomorrow we will hook up the pump and hope it works the last three years we have had to buy anew pump each year and they range from $280.00 and up so if it does not work this year the pump will have to wait.
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kid Fun

The kids had fun putting this together however I think they had more fun stealing off it!

This is a game we are going to do at my son's birthday it may seem a bit Morbid but I know they will have fun and I am going to make my husband be in charge.

Today we went to the bank and picked up our English pounds and Euros so now we are officially ready. I learned a very important lesson today. I tried to dress Spring like and I absolutely froze so out of my suit case went a few skirts and in went more pants. I can not take the cold it makes me feel really sick.
Tonight I am dealing with a bloated bottle baby I do hope he makes it.
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Today after my children were in school maybe 1 hour I had a phone call from the school to come pick up my youngest son he was sick. They told me he was reading in the front of the class doing fine he looked up his eyes rolled back into his head he tried to find his spot and started swaying... he is the one with the red face in earlier pictures. I have always had trouble with getting him to school he likes school likes his friends enjoys the activities and does fairly well but he is always coming home. So we will try again tomorrow. I am very worried when I am in England if he is not well in school so I am off soon to give them a whole load of phone numbers of how to get home. I don't think my husband will look for work while I am away there is just so much to do here with the farm and the kids( he is officially on break up as of today we just got the phone call) SIGH... love him home but no pay cheque.
We picked the kids up after school and went to Kamloops so it was fun whirl wind crazy but the kids had fun. On our way home we saw a huge fire where the fire crew was burning and it got away... sucks to be them. The fire trucks were parked as huge flames were coming up an embankment heading straight for a Grave yard on a Reserve I feel sorry for them.
I am off to bed morning comes quite early and last night I did not sleep one little bit. I can feel stress building up I have chewed my nails, cold sores sigh it sucks having bad nerves. Have a good night talk to you all soon.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our days are busy with feeding 8 bottle babies so much for not having any for when I go to Europe!!!! We made it through an auction trip, a hockey tournament and a Volley fest tournament. The kids were all quite busy. Me I am all packed ready to head to England did some yard work, cleaned the barn. I need to do some more book keeping before I go I had better get to it in the next day or two.
I am still crocheting my square blanket I hope it is nice when it is done it is painfully slow as I have an attention span of an idiot something about knitting or crocheting makes me sleepy. So on that note I am off to crochet in bed have a good night.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My youngest son woke up with this thick red rash on his cheeks, no fever though. We figure it is either this thing called Slap Face or a reaction to the pool he went to when he attended the science fair. It is much thicker and redder when you look at him.
Is that a goat in my house... Sunflower is her name and she is so bad very, very, very bad drives me nuts there is always one.
This is a new bowl I bought today for our cat George it was in the house for less than 5 minutes and I asked my youngest son to go give it to him a few minutes later he said " are going to be mad at me" and I asked "why" he broke the bowl seriously it was not even 5 minutes in our house. NO I could not be mad because I could just not believe it.
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Thursday, April 03, 2008

It is after 10 pm and I am still waiting for my Science Fair kids to get home. They will be so tired as we have to leave home again by 6:30am. We have been busy sorting goats trying to decide who is leaving not an easy thing to do. Tomorrow I will go over each one and then go from there. Well I see truck lights my kids are home I had better go get them straight to bed.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Today I was trying to catch up on book keeping that is a very boring job I am so glad I am not an accountant. Tomorrow we have to leave home by 6:30 am my youngest son is off to the science fair regional and my oldest son is going to be with him so they should have fun. Then my middle daughter leaves for a soccer tournament from the school at 7:15 am. So it will be a busy morning. I am off to bed as I am sporting a horrible headache. Have a good night.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Garden Art

Waiting Patiently for Spring
Today I had a nice lunch at my house for a few friends. So now I should get the last stuff organized for my trip. I am having a hard time getting organized for it I keep putting it off. I just don't feel like dealing with a suit case so maybe tomorrow I will figure out some clothes. I think it is hard to pack clothes that you have to sit so much in I will look for comfy ones but still nice.
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