Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waiting patiently

Shearing day is a long day.This year it was long and cold. At one point you think it will never end. I had on two coats and two shirts.
We were so tired at the end of the day. It felt like bed time would never come.
Today I went to town to visit my daughter. We went for our 5km walk. It was so cold. I have decided the global warming people are wrong there is no such thing as "warming" I do believe maybe an ice age!!!!!!!
It is suppose to snow tonight...Why not!
I came home from town to two new born goats half dead. I think they will make it now. I have them warming up in a heated box. I keep putting them in with their Mom as I do not want any bottle babies.
I emailed the people in Vancouver that run the Marathon. If I wanted to go in 2010 with my Nordic Poles I would have to do the 42.2km. That would be to town and back from our house. I wonder if I could do it. Maybe I will research it and see how one goes about training.
Well off to try to get some kids to bed it is not looking to promising.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have raked, shoveled, pushed, lifted tractor load after tractor load. We have cleaned outside. And do you know what? I really am not sure it looks any better. Oh my gosh the mess the wasted hay it is never ending.
We have good Moms, dumb Moms and ignorant Moms. Our new Mom takes the one of the babies and sits there and hits it with her horn or she bites it and throws it down. We are waiting on three more. I am off we still have a little unfinished work in the barn. Then I must go to bed. Tomorrow we have a full heavy work day. Thirty six animals to shear. It feels a little over whelming but we will manage.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nisha's Snowman family

This was our morning. Snow, Snow, Snow bloody Snow. I am so sick of Winter. My babies are cold, My moms are wet. And now the shearer is coming. Way too cold for my goats.
We waited out the snow so we left after 10am to go to Kelowna. The roads were good no snow over there . Yet it was still not a nice day weather wise.
We had fun we only had Dalt today but don't worry he was as loud as having all six. I said to my husband we will just have to get used to not having all our kids with us anymore. Dalt pipes up you will always have me!!! He tells me he is not leaving. I remember telling Mom and Dad that. We all still live at the same place. :) My parents are so lucky I never left...maybe I will remind them
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wouldn't you love this on your home!
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Good Morning I do believe we have the worst luck with computers. Yesterday we had three on in front of us an and could not get anyone of them to properly work. Crazy.
No school today which is nice. Two of my kids are off to bridge lake.
My oldest son's truck is off road use. It has a lot of work to be done on it. Over $1500 so we brought it home and I guess we will go from here and start buying parts... It never quits.
I am not sure what I will do today. I would like to work on the pond but I need it to unthaw a bit more to get to the part I would like to work on. I would like the most work done by Easter. I would hate the Easter Bunny to think we were messy people. We may also go into town and go for a walk with Nana she would like us to visit.
All the animals are doing fine. The other day my ram was so funny he was hopping on all four legs all around his pen. He was so cute. I really wish I had filmed it. The babies are well. Some of the little ones are so bad they chew our boots, chew our laces, climb on us. they are very, very cute.
I hope to take a camera today so I can get some pictures for my blog. I only have my big camera which is too hard to take with me if I a walking. However I will figure it out always do. Well must run and head outside to feed my baby. Have a wonderful day do something Awesome! make a wonderful Memory.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need to go to bed. I have to wait until 10 am. We were very busy I drove to town in a snow storm. I am so sick of this very long winter. I took children to school picked up my daughter. We were on our pond today. We moved a lot of rock it amazes me how many huge rocks we imported...not very smart. After our pond work and I might add I am not even close to being done. We had a wiener roast. We sent a SOS to my husband to buy hot dogs, buns and chips. It was a cold bleak day but we had fun. I am sure our backs will pay tomorrow.

After school I picked up the kids in town. Then we came home and went for a 6.4km walk. I felt very tired near the end. I think it was the howling wind it made our eyes water and ears ring.

This week so far we have walked 5km, 5km and 6.4km. I really should keep track of it and see how far I walk. I did start writing it down but I usually end up forgetting.

My older kids had sad news today a boy they went to school with died. I don't know details but it was not nice. Poor family it must be horrible one can not even imagine it. What gets you to the point of ending it all. Life is to precious.

My Mom comes home tonight. She has been in Texas. My dad and oldest son went to pick her up.

Our trip is coming closer. It is hard to believe I will be visiting my oldest sister real soon. Gosh I hope there won't be a tsunami. I might pack water wings...life jacket rubber dingy... I think I might get to see a volcano, lavender farm and the goat farm.
Panic !!! I just lost this post. Thank goodness it saves itself. I am off to bed now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The days sure have a way of going by quickly. This morning I drove my kids to school, came home had coffee with Dad, did chores. Then went to pick Nana up from work. While I was waiting for her I bought the kids the new Hannah Montana CD. They really liked it. I hope to take them to the movie in April.
I went for a walk with Nana. I am not sure but we think it is around 5km. I will have to go measure it. We have to keep walking we are registered to walk in April in Kamloops. Sam, Nana and Hyacinth are walking 5km and me I am walking 12km. My other daughter may join us but she has to see if she makes the soccer team and to see if she is going to be around.
Today I washed our van. The salt does terrible things to her. I can not wait until we can put on our nice tires. However I have no desire to hit snow in wide summer tires.
My husband is working horrible hours. He looks really tired I feel very sorry for him. We are grateful he is still working but it takes a lot out of him.
I am off to bed. It is amazing how early morning comes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

No time tonight for a long post I am paying bills which is not fun. I hate to do it. Waste of time. sigh but no one else to do it. I went to town this morning at 7:30 to take kids to school. Came home at visited Dad did chores then headed off to town to pick up Nana from work. We did a bit of shopping went for a great walk. Then I picked up kids came home did chores made supper and sigh paid bills.
We are going to get the insurance on Nana's car so then I won't have to go to town so much. We are very lucky Allan is still working not much but still hauling. I wish we could do this all through break up but it is coming to an end.
We are still waiting on the last few goats slow, slower than molasses I tell you. We are feeding just one still. I have to run and finish February's computer work. So I will talk to you all later.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is so hard to believe it is a year ago since we went on our incredible trip. I lost my pictures on my other computer but I did have them backed up on another hard drive.
Well I was not going to put them in the new one but I was lost without my trip pictures. So I know most of you have seen this but I really loved this place.
I also wanted to test and see if I could put pictures up.
I have had it. I am so tired I can't move. As soon as I have done this I am hitting the shower and going to bed. I am not sure if I am getting sick again or just plain tired from working all day. We had a full, full weekend of hockey the boys are happy. Oldest boy's team came first and he won all star of tournament I think I heard him say he got over ten goals. Middle boy came second plus he had five goals. He lost in over time 5-6 won of his own team mates scored on their own net. Youngest boy I am not sure what he placed he went either goalie or player. When he was player he won best defence. NO no luck he still wants to be a goalie.
Mt husband was at the arena all weekend left at four thirty am and not return until late late late. I did not go I was having company plus I had so many jobs to do. Well off to bed have a great night.
Ps I need your emails . You can send them and I will not post them on the comments.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is just a test to see if I have set this up right on the new computer. I will post tomorrow Have as wonderful night

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rain now we get rain! We have had no more babies so our count is still the same. Slow they are sure holding out. Our one little boy finally started sucking tonight. So lets hope he is not too far gone and will make it. It has been a long haul with him. His mom sure loves him though. We tagged most of the babies today. We just did not do the two little ones and the sick boy. The babies all look so pretty yellow tags for the girls and orange for the boys very spring like. We also tagged the Movie stars who had their tags taken out. Dalton is amazing he knows who is who and which goat belongs to whom. Not me they all look the same.
Today I worked outside all day. I am very tired we raked burned shoveled. We are getting the yard ready for the Easter bunny visit. Good thing he visits in the Spring it is the only thing that motivates us after the mess of winter.
We have separated our front yard with a temporary fence but do you think I could keep the dogs off this side. I think I figured it out today.
I am having a terrible time staying awake. I just drove my daughter in for the concession she is suppose to be there until eleven thirty. Who eats concession food until eleven thirty.... Then I have to go in an hour for Dalton who is coming home from Summer land from hockey. Then again tonight for Nish. So on that note I am going to make coffee.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Morning I sweep of my house has happened again. All kids have found more hockey sigh I have decided do not fight it we are a hockey family.... Oldest son reffing the next two days then he will play on Sat / Sun. Middle daughter working in concession nine am until five pm. then five pm until ten tonight. Youngest son playing right now, Middle son two tournaments this weekend youngest daughter just finished a tournament.
We did a quick trip to Kamloops yesterday it was fast as husband needed sleep and I had barn watch. The last few goats are holding out.
It has warmed up it is a muddy mess with water ice and snow mixed in. I will quite happy when it is all dried up.
My house is a mess as my daughter is still moving rooms now of course no one is home this weekend and then school so it may be awhile for her to finish!!!
I won't post any pictures for awhile as the main computer is down. It will take me while to get the new one up and running. I still have to go back to Kamloops to pick it up.
I have started to walk again on the tread mill since I have been sick only half an hour or a little more at a slower pace. Soon I hope to be able to get outside and go for my usual walk. I just do not have time right now!
Well must run I am going to put baby goat outside today. I hope she will be okay. I still have one in the barn who is not doing well. I am actually not sure if he will make it. I can only get drops of milk into to him.
Well must run I see sunshine. Take Care

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strange foot prints These prints are on the top of our property. My boys found them.

Today we were quite busy with farming. Our weather is just plain nasty. We went into town and it did not seem so bad there. Here snow :( So far all babies are doing well.Our biggest baby is the least one not doing well. He had the longest delivery. So I am not sure how he will fair. He is big and dumb. Poor guy. our little ones are still hanging in there. The little girl is still in our house. She will be until she can run around. Then she goes back to the barn. She is so tiny it really is amazing. Her mouth is no wider than my baby finger. Well I am off to call it a night shower and head out side then bed. Have a good night and lets pray spring finds us in the morning!!!!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

A very Tiny baby

This little girl was born with her twin brother tonight. The picture just does not show how tiny she is. I am not sure if she will make it yet but Dalton is cuddling with her on the couch. Her brother is out at the barn under the heat lamp with two other new babies. In another hour or so we will go out and and try feeding them for the night. I hate late nights I get so tired. At least we are getting kidding over with. I look forward to the babies but this year the weather has just been so cold. Plus I have been sick so going out four times a night with a fever is not to much fun! We are at (I think) 14 babies.

She is a little droopy

Look at this cute face!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The last of Mom's store.

Look how we found this sign. It was kind of sad.

The fire was so intense. Very, very hot.
It has been very busy here with horrible weather. With many, many trips to the barn we have eleven babies now. They are so cute. The weather is just not cooperating with us. Miserable depressing weather. We worked on a school project my youngest son has to do for school. Hmm... I wonder if teachers have to do homework. It's not hard but it would be nice to to think school at all for a week. Off to bed talk to you soon
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miss Tanisha won two awards one for timekeeping, one for most dedicated and then she won a draw for a massage.
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Hockey awards

The pictures were not very clear.
Miss Hyacinth


All the kids who are still playing minor hockey won awards Nish also did but I have to add her in another frame as this blog only allows me to do four at a time.
It has been very busy here with kidding nine babies now, sickness, hockey, dump trucks, falling trees... Seriously Crazy
I have some great pictures I will add tomorrow as along as time is permitted. Now I am off to bed. My night time visits to the barn can wear a person out.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi all just a quick note to say HI! I am off to bed. It may be only 7 pm but I have had it. I went out four times last night with a fever. I am sick. So much for eating bags and bags of oranges... Between Miss Hyacinth and I , I do not know who is more sick. We have five babies now. We are having a heck of a time keeping them warm. even with the sun this afternoon the two Little ones could not cut it. I will touch base tomorrow. Have a great night Wish me lots of sleep!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Ice Cube
First baby of 2009. Born at -20 then dropped to -22. She was born at midnight. If you look at her ears they were frozen.
Within five minute she was covered with ice. So she was put a jacket on and brought into the house. She is now with her Mom.
We just had two more born in the ice and snow. Not in the nice warm little house or on all the hay. I think those Moms try to make it as hard as possible. Very difficult bunch of girls. Both ladies who had are Movie Stars and boy do they act like it. So my husband came home to a goat and two doves in the house. I think he is getting used to it. He does not even acknowledge them anymore.
We were at hockey awards last night. All the kids won awards. Nish went up three times. She won two awards ad a prize for an hour. massage. Miss Hyacinth won goalie for junior girls. She was the first won to go up for the night. Then Dalt he won MVP for Bantam house. Sam won ambassador for Atom Development. Tanisha won most dedicated and time keeping award. Then her prize.The coaches said really nice things about all of them. I did feel a bit awkward as I had to go up each time to take photo's. I went up nearly every group. I do believe I went up one of the most:)
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Monday, March 09, 2009

These very cool mitts are made by Fresh Isle. She dyes each strand of yarn to make this wonderful water melon pattern. The yarn is from my dear goats. They are unbelievable to wear so soft and warm. On the side of my blog is the link to her web sight / blog. Go check it out. If you knit give her products a try. Amazing!!! I wear these gloves sometimes when I go walking they really are warm. I really hate to mess them though. I think I should frame them.
Our weather is still awful just miserable in fact! I am in need of SPRING. Thank goodness our goats are still waiting. I hope they hold on a litte while longer.
I just walked forty minutes on the treadmill. I am thinking of signing up for a 12km walk. I know I can do it. I have done it before. I think just fear of commitment is stopping me. I will decide this week. Well I must run talk to you all soon.
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

I have been having computer issues so I have had to skip the odd day blogging. However at the moment we are back in the game. We are having a full weekend of hockey but now it is winding down. Sam could not play as you know because of his stitches. It does look to be healing nicely. He went to Chase to watch and the night before he had a sleep over with his oldest sister. They watched movies until eleven and ate ice cream.

Our weather has been horrible! Snow! Snow! Snow! The roads are so slippery. I had a terrible time with the van sliding sideways not being able to stop other people sliding my way. Very scary. I refuse to drive anymore I parked in a safe spot and waited for my husband to pick me up. Then I came home and I am not leaving until it melts. My poor husband is so sick of us. I know he thought I was being dramatic with the roads. Well that was until he went to leave and he could not get up to the highway slid, spun out did a360 near the edge looking over a drop off at the river. He made it back down and turned around and had to go into to town the other way. My one stayed in town as his truck was sliding all over. Oh my gosh I need spring.
I have just received seventy pairs of 100% sheep's wool socks. Anyone intersted! they are beige in colour. We still have a few Mohair socks. The Mohair socks old quite well. Men really like to wear them for work. Okay I am off to check goats.
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Friday, March 06, 2009

Waiting for babies and I hope they hold on for awhile. It is way too cold. We seem to have an never ending supply of winter it will not go away. We have our barn ready, camera on and heat lamp waiting.
Today was a full day of running around. I drove kids to school came home headed back to to town and picked up my daughter. We were to meet the telephone man but he came early. So I stayed and helped Nana put up pictures and put things away.
Tonight Sam is having a sleep over at Nana's. I bet he sleeps with her neither one of them is very brave. When they phoned they were having ice cream and watching a movie. Miss Hyacinths is in Kelowna at a tournament with her Uncle. Sam of course can not play but he is going to watch tomorrow. Dalt is in a tournament here and he is borderline snively. I think he may be getting sick. Jord is in a tournament in Ashcroft. And Nish time keeps and has a game in Logan Lake. However the good side to this is hockey is nearly over!!!!!:) I am happy however kids are not so happy. So now that I have heard from all my kids I am off to bed.
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Many Faces

Waiting for Spring

Today Sam stayed home his knee was very sore. It should start to feel better tomorrow or at least I hope it will. He may wrap his leg tomorrow afternoon and try hockey. If he can not do it then he will not go to his tournament. It tried to warm up today but it did not melt the ice too much. In town the wind was bitter.
I do not seem to be accomplishing much lately. The days just seem to blend into one another with nothing great done.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is Kitty Kitty Black. Look how clever he is

Resting or actually we were trying to trick a goat. We did not trick it she one.

Feeding the baby Alpacas and sheep
Today we went to Kamloops. It was an impulse trip. My husband did not have to work so we thought we would go together. I had to laugh my oldest daughter caught wind we were going so she came along. She loves a trip to Kamloops. My oldest son picked up the other kids from school and brought Sam in for hockey However we did not make it to hockey. Last night Sam ran into the wall. The wall trim with the Mosaic. He cut his leg. Tonight we took him to the doctor and he said he needed stitches. So we met him at the hospital and seven stitches later he is sewn up. Not a good week to have stitches a hand ball tournament and a hockey play off tournament. I guess Sam can decide on Thursday and Friday if he thinks he can play. If he wants to try we will wrap up his knee for him.
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Monday, March 02, 2009

This is what happens when a foot of snow meets rain and sun.

Water everywhere, Flooding, Wet animals.

Right after this picture was taken he slipped in. Remember this is not clean water. This is the barn yard!

Today we did chores by six am then we drove into to school. It was raining so hard. After dropping the kids off at their schools I met up with Nana at her new home.They have it quite nice. It really is coming together nicely. We went to find some things they needed. Then we went for a walk. After our walk we came home. Checked the animals no babies. I did some house work while Nana packed up the rest of her stuff. We drove back into town I had a bank meeting. We bought Nana some groceries. While I waited for the kids to get out of the school I parked the van and went for a walk around the track. Not a smart thing to do. The ground is way too soft I sunk.
My son is in Kamloops having an interview for fire fighting. His interview was a t 10:30 am and his beep test is at eight tonight. It is quite stressful. I think he said there is around five hundred and forty interviews and only forty jobs. Pretty tough. I hope he makes it forest fire fighting last year was so good for him. Cross your fingers for him and send him some positive vibes!!!!
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