Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three of these plus a helicopter were circling around like Eagles very near our house. These fires are way too close for comfort. I guess today while we were away the planes were back. Our air is very strong with smoke.
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Cowboy enjoying the moment
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You can see the smoke in this picture from the Forest fires. This picture was taken on our way up to Bridge Lake. On Thursday night we pulled a red eye trip to take our kids up and pick one up. Then it was off to work again. It seems our whole province has heated up and wants to burn. The fire fighters, the fire planes they are amazing how they can get a hold on these fires and put them out. It is totally unreal those planes and helicopters come in and can catch it right away. I talked to my son tonight he sounded pretty tired he and his crew have been going pretty steady.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

We are being extremely busy in the hot weather. I hope your summer is going good.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Very, very busy here on Sunflower Farm. Yard work, gardening and planting. Yesterday was gray, cool, dreary and wet... Perfect for planting Lavender. We spent the whole day plowing, moving rocks and digging. Digging many, many holes. I wanted to get the Lavender in the ground while it was cool. I think it would be easier on the baby plants.
Today the water went on and now we hope and cross our fingers all the plants make it. They are a bit close but we do loose a lot in a course of a winter. So I would hope we are okay.
Tomorrow we are off to the Lavender farm.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harry is trying to look sweet for the camera. Have you ever noticed when you point a camera at an animal they get nervous. I had a dog who was terrified of the camera. Every picture I took of her she looked miserable. Now of course this does not fit to Miss Lulu she misses everything she has a one track mind...balls....balls.... and her huge water dish.
Today looks like it is starting off to a beautiful day and I so need to get outside and water plants and dig holes. I wonder if I can recruit any help.
I think we may be able to pick our peas today. I think I will put them in a salad for tonight's supper.
Well must run. Coffee first with Mom and Dad
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does anyone know the name of this bug? We have never seen it before and a whole swarm of them are eating up one of our lilac trees.
Our skies were funny today over cast, stormy looking but still very nice and warm.
Today I made Cherry Jam and Raspberry Jam. I would like to buy some Black berries to make Jam but those berries are quite expensive.
I also took the time to move some of the lavender out of the green house. Now the work begins, digging holes and planting. If I think about it tonight it is definitely overwhelming.
I am off for the night have a very good sleep.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

How would you like to be called Kitty Kitty Black. This is this guys poor name.
Today I did a quick trip to Kamloops to give my sister in law a ride over. I left my kids with my Mom and Dad. While I waited I ran into JYSK and bought a lawn chair then I was treated to a lunch.
Today our weather was beautiful, it sure is nice to enjoy the sun. I have brought in my bird cage I am building. It is way to big to be a project at the kitchen table. I truly do not know if I can pull of a cathedral look.
My next outside project is my new Lavender garden. My Dad has plowed it, the kids have helped remove rocks. So I may get Dad to re - plow it then maintain the weeds and dig the holes. Then I will wait until the next couple of cool days to transplant. Slowly I am chipping away at projects. We cleaned the barn out we do have some more bales to use up. Well off to finish up for the night and to make sure I take the phone to bed as my oldest son is on call. It is kind of funny I do have trouble turning the phone on at night in my room :)
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just look at their lovely little faces. It is amazing to think they will be beautiful, dainty Robins. Their Mom is so good with us being around.
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Our little babies are getting so big
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Enjoying our summer.
The days are flying by so fast. With finishing projects, weeding, watering and finding some things for the kids to do for fun over the holidays, it is all going by so fast. My little house is so near to being done. Our baby Robins are growing. It really is amazing how fast they change.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our baby Robins have hatched. They are so cute. Since we took this picture all the eggs have now hatched. They are so funny with there little mouths wide open. I had a little peek this morning and three were sound a sleep and one had his mouth wide open. It really was quite funny.
I am finding the day flying by. Yesterday and today I worked on my little house. The floor is finished. I am so glad it really was a big project. It is not overly beautiful more sensible than my regular mosaic. I am really happy my little house is just about done. The cool thing about living out of town is I can do these type of projects. No there is no real need to do it but oh so much fun!!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

These two little finches are actually more green. They are singing finches and sound amazing. They are a male and female. I have a total of nine little birds. A pair of Mannequin, a pair of Strawberry, a pair of Zebra, these two and a Canary. I would like them all to have little babies. I am making a three cage in one. I am hoping it turns out nice but it is looking a little rough right now. I saw red ear finches on Saturday that I may purchase in the next while. My son wants to build an aviary outside. I would but I am not sure about winter and I can only have so many in the house without it smelling like a chicken house:) There is a man in town who raises birds so we could always go question him. If I did build on it would have to sit near power for heat and close to the house I thought near the front deck. Maybe it will be a late summer project and if my birds have babies the babies could go in there. Then have it closed for winter.
Our Winters can get down right nasty. So a lot of research will have to go into the building and heat.
However no real new projects will be started until I finish a few I have started. I must work the ground for the lavender. I need to plant that end of the month. I must finish my floor in my little house. I really only have a little more to do and then finish my bird cage.
Last night the wind was so bad I really did not get any sleep. The night before we had a fire scare that could have been devastating for our neighbor hood. An old log cabin caught on fire among some very dry bug killed wood. It was very stressful for a couple hours as we planned, gathered, moved things out of the dry areas and wet other areas down. If we did not have this group of trees just on the other side of our fence that are dead and so dry we would not worry as much.
Well I am off
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Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Time We are lovin the heat and it is a good thing because it has warmed up. Funny thing is we have not time to prepare we are either cold or melting. We have been swimming, weeding the Lavender, watering the Lavender. It is ready to bloom very soon.
My husband just came home and told me there is a forest fire and that I could see the smoke if I walk down the road. So I am off to look. It is not close to us so we are okay.
I need to start a project. I need to be Creative. Hmm what to start.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

This was taken about three thirty this afternoon on our front deck. Finally it is warming up. We are to go into a fourteen day warm spell.
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Enjoying the moment
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We went to Kelowna on Saturday and had a nice visit at the park. It was warm but if water hit you or the sun went behind a cloud we felt a bit cold.
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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I am exhausted absolutely exhausted. Exhausted from celebrating. We have had birthday parties many, many birthday parties. We have had Grad, Grad dinner, Grad hair - do's, Grad visiting, ceremonies, dances, dry grads, and pictures. We have had many awards days, dances, Grade six graduations. We have had year end trips, friends over. Kamloops trips by the armful. No sleep, dogs barking, stress, flights, birthday shopping  and now I need a rest. I truly am exhausted.
Today we woke up at four am after a night of no sleep headed off to Kamloops to the airport. We saw our daughter off then we picked up parts for the truck. Then it was back home  to pick up the kids and head of to Kelowna for the day. We arrived home at eight pm. My husband is working on his logging truck we just finished cleaning and now I hope my bed is near very, very near.
After I take the time to work on my books I hope to finish my floor over in the little house then work on the Lavender gardens and do some barn work.
We had quite nice weather in Kelowna today but I guess it was pretty miserable here at home.
You will have noticed I did not post much last week. I could not upload a post or a picture most of the week. I think I have it figured out again. So here's to a week full of stories.
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Thursday, July 01, 2010

I have been not able to make any posts. It did just work in the test one. It seems maybe to do with uploading pictures? Not sure what is up.
I hope you all had a wonderful day CANADA DAY
Ours was pretty low key not too much was done.
Tomorrow is Miss Nana's  21st Birthday. So we will decorate and celebrate. She would like a red and white theme.
This is a test posting