Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An amazing thunder storm yesterday. It traveled right near us.
I worked on a Lavender garden all morning. It was very hard work horrible hard soil, it made me sweat. I finished it in time for the storm.
I am so winning on the gardens but man oh man are they in rough shape.

Today I planted sunflower seeds in between the Lavender. I have some herbs in pots. Tomatoes are planted in the green house.

Today I hope to plant a bit at the gate. I have to plant something cow hate to eat. Ahh I hope those darn cows choke on a stem.
I feel so sorry for our neighbors they wake up each morning to Black cows in their yard! Cows that are not theirs. And, oh how they love their lilac trees...

This morning while working outside I was full of inspiration. Funny how it hits then Bam gone I This time I did go into the little Lavender house and take some notes.
It is funny how inspiration finds me. This time it was a cream coloured Rabbit with a floppy ear. He loves to nibble the soft green grass when I open the cage to feed him and his partners. His buddies are Guinea hens he is in disgrace and was kicked out of the bunny pen.
I am off to do more farm work. Have a wonderful day get outside and enjoy it.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Opening presents
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This was Sam I am's birthday cake
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Another wet morning I think I can hear the trees drinking up the rain.

The rain has made some of the lavender perk up quite nicely.
Today while doing chores I could hear the doves cooing. It was very peaceful.

We have three goats to have little ones in the next few weeks. The baby lambs are growing like weeds.
I bought a molasses block for the Ewes and they sure do love it. I think it is like candy to them.

Today is a turtle day. My son has a gift card to buy a turtle so today is the day we going find SPLASH.
I am told that is what his name is going to be.

Have the most amazing wonderful day ever! Do something fun, take pictures, make memories.


Friday, May 27, 2011

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Can you see the little fish. I would like to find a fish like this for my fish tank.
I am hoping to pick up feeder fish for our little pond so they can eat any mosquitos that want to hatch.
We have had a fair amount of rain since I have been home. Yesterday was so chilly that I had the fire going.
Rather depressing we need some sunshine I wonder if this Spring will go in the record book for being so miserable.
I have planted a few things out in the yard and I was so sure it was going to freeze last night it did drop down to below 2 above.
Well I am off have the most wonderful, amazing day!
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Enjoying warm the days
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Maui sunset
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is the first baby that was born
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This is the second baby born at the farm
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It all about Canucks.
Very exciting to see they are moving to the Stanley Cup.
Me personally I do not watch much of it.
I come in now and then and check the score.
Truthfully it gives me ulcers. I do not  even know any of the players but I feel my stomach tightening up in knots.
I have enough of that to do over half the year with my own kids.
 So I just check in act excited and go about my own thing.
I really do hope they win though.
How wonderful would that be.

Today is a wet, dreary day but not cold.
 I am heading back outside to plant some flowers and some more lavender.
My Mom gave me a gift certificate for Easter so I bought plants.
The lights, bright, dingy, coming inside is sending my eyes crazy.
I can barely see and I just hope it does not trigger off a headache.
So I am off to find some breakfast Bananas and milk sounds awesome.
Find my rubber boots.
Track down forever missing gloves. ( I loose them all the time)
and, off top plant.
Yeah me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

 That is how I feel. I arrived home Friday and I have not quit working for two minutes. My legs hurt my feet are throbbing, my arms ache....ahhh farming.
The Lavender is a mess HUGE, HUGE, HUGE loss this year. Not really sure what to do about it. Give up...
Some of the plants are over two - three years or more dead!!!
Livestock is all good. Time to plan weaning lambs they ewes are being pulled down but I still think it is a bit early. Baby goats have started to arrive we should have a few more in the next month or so.
 The trees are in blossom. They are very pretty and smell really nice too.
I will post some pictures up in the next day or two.

My daughter also arrived back form Maui and she is now back up in TR. ready to start work.
Since arriving home I have celebrated my youngest son's birthday, our anniversary, a trip to Kelowna, saw my daughter off, kids are in school cleaned and cleaned some more...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Having a Lavender Moment
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Visiting the Lavender farm
Today we drove up Country and had to make a few turns but we found the Lavender farm
We took pictures walked around and visited the gift store.
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New Day
Another start with a sunny day.
Looks like it is going to be nice.
However another sleepless night. Ahh I hate not sleeping I woke up by two am again and finally fell asleep at five thirty. Then up by seven thirty.
I guess I am on home time.
Crazy weather back at home. Places are flooding, places are on fire. Our place I think is all good still a bit cool. I sure hope it warms up by this weekend.
My Dad did a head count on the sheep. He tells me some of the babies are real big. So I wonder when I should wean them. I guess some of ewes are getting thin with their babies nursing.
Okay off to wake sleeping beauty up. Miss Nana is sound asleep.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maui sunset
It has been very nice the water has been out in the evenings so I can walk along the beach. People fishing , kids playing, pre-wedding dinners, and a whole lot of love.
There were people cuddling, kissing, writing in the sand about love, anniversaries. Quite a happy last few nights.
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Another wonderful day her in Maui.
While I have been away the fence on the top property has been finished. The goats and calf have been let out.
The White Alpaca has had a baby.
Yup time to go home.
My dad said the weeds are in full force so much for that expensive spray I bought.
I am pretty sure I lost 80% of the lavender this past winter. Sigh now I have to decide either replant or quit. Not really worth it, if every year I have to replant.
Well off to a farmers market. Have a wonderful day.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can you see the little red bird.
We saw this little red bird while we were in the IAO valley.
What a wonderful place to visit.
So green, wonderful mist at the top of the mountains.
Very, very, very magical
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Painting with ocean water.
It was quite hard to get that ocean water.
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This is my brothers dog he was a twelve year old bulldog. Anyways he passed away yesterday so it was quite sad for them yesterday.
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Monday, May 09, 2011

What a nice wonderful Maui Mothers Day

We enjoyed the day with a great walk to the very end of our Beach.

A very nice lunch at the Condo with My sister, brotherinlaw, brother, sisterinlaw, nephew, daughter, Mom and me!
We had wonderful weather laid by the pool, swam, hot tub for over two hours.
Then a wonderful supper with all of the above and some friends of my brother and sisterinlaw.
I talked to home lots.

Sang Happy Birthday to Miss Hyacinth

Yes a very nice day.
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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day 2011
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Mom and I sitting in Maui...trying to avoid the bird poo between us.

We have been visiting with family checking a few things out. I am hoping for a hot, hot day.
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Friday, May 06, 2011

Maui time
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I am still on holidays. The weather has not been very nice. So we hope tomorrow will be better. We are off to bed early tonight.
It seems there are more tourists around our condo this trip, it must be because of our long cold spring.
I am looking forward to getting home and putting my yard together. I do hope it warms up enough to plant some flowers.
I think I will but geraniums this year and put those in my flower pots.
Well I am off to bed have a good night.
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Thursday, May 05, 2011

This is where I was yesterday. Very pretty
I am an ocean away from home and shit is happening at home.
This morning two dogs climbed through a our fence over ten foot fence and killed our emu. It happened after my youngest son did chores before school. My Dad heard barking while he was out and he saw them run away. The dogs ripped off the poor guys head.
So I am thinking we will have to bring the sheep in at night. Hmmm some dogs days are going to be numbered.
Ahh I am so far away and I can't do nothing about it.
Oh my gosh it breaks my heart to know how scared he must have been. He really was a character.
I am really getting sick of farming the fun is long gone.
Well on that note. Have a wonderful day
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