Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My one daughter has done some really fun art work this summer. It is nice to see. It makes me smile most of it has a bit of orange in it. Her favorite colour. Soon though any day she is back to school, back to college.
Our mornings are sure darker now.
Ugg how did summer go so fast.
 I want it to last, I want it to slow down.

I could cry.

 I do not, absolutely do not want the arena. Ahhh hour after hour sitting in the freezing cold arena...waiting.

I must find my positive attitude, I must get my suitcase ready to I have a lot of things to do there.
I do think if I did not live so far out of town. I would not mind it so much. Once I am in town I have to stay there.
Well this is miserable. I so was not taking "Arena feel sorry for me thoughts" with this post.

I was going to write and tell you what a wonderful summer we have had. A quiet summer. A very stay at home summer. Amazing thoughts, dreams, gardens are in the works.
The web page is up and running.
Animals did well,
 Lambs grew,
Goats made it through the summer without being shot

Gardens did well.

Lavender harvested.

 HUGE AMAZING SUNFLOWERS .... Yes it was a wonderful summer !!!!

Only in our house
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We are busy with the Summer days.
Harvesting, hockey school, gardening making products for our web site. http://wwwpetitcreeklavender.com

DECISIONS, very hard decisions for our future. This is just plain awful.
We are enjoying the last few weeks before school starts. My kids have worked very hard over the holidays. One thing about owning property is it never ends.

We are waiting for some time to do an auction run. I hope it will be soon. We are deciding what animals to keep over winter.

 We will have three Alpacas adults for sale and one young baby. All of the Alpacas have wonderful fleece. Our male is jet black, one white female and one tan female. Included will be one chestnut or red baby girl. If anyone is interested you can email me

Our back room is finished
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Very busy days here on the farm. We are having a terrible time keeping our goats in. I am really trying hard to think of a good reason why we should keep them. Tonight we have locked them in the barn they are ruining my trees at the back yard.
We have had horrible wind lately. It really is awful.
The back room we have been working on is coming along nicely. The floor was put in last night by my husband and daughters. Two of my girls sang to him on top of their lungs... I was starting the floor but realized it was not my thing so I ditched him and had a bath.
My middle son put together the futon with a little help from Sam. I was so proud of them that they did it all by themselves. Miss Hyacinth and Tanisha helped paint. I love to see it all come together.



Sunday, August 07, 2011

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Road trip today. Spur of the moment trip to Surrey to a hockey shop for skates. It was the closest place we could find the skates my son wanted. The traffic was heavy and it totally stresses me out. Then I wonder why I went. I could have accomplished so much. And, yet if I did not go I would have missed out in the deep belly laughs of the boys. Our trips our loud, very, very loud. It is amazing most people would not put up with it. My husband and I just tune it out but man can they be funny.

Can you just tell what type of Road trip we had today!
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Three Girls waiting for their willows
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Friday, August 05, 2011

I was checking out the News on-line and came across a story of a young man with a brain injury who loves Justin Beiber. His dream is to meet him.
His sister started a Face book page in hope to draw attention to her brothers dream.
First of all what a wonderful sister he has.

 I hope it works.

 My point of writing this is why all the negative, horrible comments they have received.
How can anyone be so horrible and pick on someone. This person does not deserve this, his family does not deserve this.
I am so sick of horrible, nasty people.
 Has our world always been like this?
 A mean, fighting, cruel world.
 It is easy to hide behind a computer screen.

The mean spirited people should be made public and be accounted for their cruel words. I also think each person who wrote something mean and nasty should be made to volunteer and work with handicap people and walk through their shoes for awhile.

I hope and cross my fingers this young many meets his idol.

Can you see him?
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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

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Pictures of George.
 I always come to my camera to find many, many pictures of this cat. I would not mind having thirty pictures of George but usually only one is in focus.
This is cat is fat, rude, runs the house, he is scared of things. Don't ever come in my house if we are not home. Who needs a watch dog.
The kids love him, absolutely love him. He has never been outside. He would not make the night. As big as he is he is a  BIGGGG baby.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Today most of the day was used up dealing with telus. We sure do not have any luck with them. A simple job turned into three and a half hour job and still no satellite. It is so frustrating waiting and getting nothing done.
Today the boys let the little chicks out for the first time, I bet they had a hard time adjusting to sunlight.
Well I will catch up more tomorrow it is very late now.