Friday, February 17, 2012

We have some new baby bunnies. Sam my youngest son has two little rabbits. Last month he was cleaning the cages he popped them into together and guess what we have now. We have five very, cute tiny little bunnies. He has great dreams for these five little keeping them all.
This is the Momma bunny. We bought here from a pet store in Kamloops.
This is Sam's favorite it is the tiniest of the bunch
Savannah is missing the farm, she needed a good visit with the bunnies. That's okay "Savannah" I will recruit you in one month for lambing and kidding.
 This is our Grandson Cash he is meeting the bunnies or any bunny for that matter for the first time. I think he looks totally impressed. (is impressed the right word??)

Yes we can feel SPRING creeping in. Very exciting, Very tiring time of year.

New babies on the farm
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines

I hope your day is full of love
Today we made very colourful cupcakes.
 I hope they taste good.

It is sunny but cold out such a difference from fourteen above yesterday.
I raked and cleaned up one of the Lavender gardens. Still some one work to on that garden but the bulk is cleaned.

I should be out there now but my cupcakes took forever plus my youngest son is home from school.
Have a wonderful day.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

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Good Morning
February already. Wow is the time going by fast. Our weather has been jumping around all over we are at -9 right now then we warm up to amazing temperatures during the day then it starts to drop down
Today is a firewood day. We are nearly out. Ahhh not good we have used a lot of wood so far this winter.
My husband is away a lot now so I am in need to recruit my kids and get splitting.

So many projects are being done here. My kitchen is done I finished the last bit yesterday. Now the real work starts trying to keep it clean. That alone is a full days chore.

Our middle son has won his first round of hockey play offs. I went to the first game then his older sister her family and his brother and sisters took him to his second. Youngest son starts first round next week.
I get so excited knowing we are soooo close to being done hockey.

I have had an order of of one hundred bath bombs all lavender for a Lavender farm over in the Okanagan. So that should keep me busy for awhile.