Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice
Rain, rain and more rain
We have had a rainfall warning so lets hope it passes and is finished today

First day of summer

New pond fish
Our baby Grandson loved the new fish it was a bit of a worry when he hugged the bag.

Dreaming of roses
I am on the hunt for a yellow rose like this

Summer Solstice project

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Solstice
Summer has quietly approached us amid the lousy weather.
How does it do it?
 We have had two days of rain great for the fields but so much rain for us.
School is finished tomorrow the last of the exams there is nothing better than summer holidays for the kids.

Projects are being done.
 Gardens are quite nice.
Sheep are growing it is hard to tell the lambs from their mom's.
Our oldest son and his girlfriend are on their way home tonight for the weekend I am quite excited to see them.
Time for bed have a great sleep.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good Morning I hope all is well in your world.
 I have a few projects under my belt the sign is finished I used an old table from my Dad's homestead from Saskatchewan (not sure on that spelling) sanded down all the layers of paint to the raw wood. Then we outlined the our name and during nap time I used a burning tool to burn the letters it was very time consuming and I only burned myself once now... when my husband gets home and time I am hoping he will know how to hang it.
The post are in the ground we just need a creative thinking moment.
 The garden room behind the lavender house is a work in progress it will be the "Solstice Room" this is where our plants will be for sale. I am quite enjoying this project fun to rummage and find things.
My Summer Solstice project this year is this room and many Moons and a sun. I will show you pictures later.

Have the most wonderful day ever ~ lavender thoughts to all of you