Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A chill in the air.
Our weather really has been beautiful, we so can not complain.
Last night we started our skating rink maybe a bit premature only time will tell.

Our Grandson's Christmas Stocking I made for him

Our Grandson's First Birthday
And, we have been dealing with this for a month :)
As usual the time is flying by. This poor blog is on the back burner but no fear we are still here.
Sheep are doing well they seem quite content, they are enjoying roaming around picking at the fields but are steady at the hay feeder.
Little Salem the lavender Kitty is growing like a weed, a bad weed.
He is full of happiness and badness.
The work load is slowing down on the farm which is nice.
After our crazy intense summer we need it.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The days are changing we have had quite nice weather compared to other places. The last few days quite a bit of rain has hit us. I have been using my time moving gravel. The walk way to the lavender house is in progress. If I could only get those pine needles to leave.

We have removed quite a few but it really is never ending.
The Ram was put out with the Ewes in October, we will be wintering a total of sixteen. As soon as we moved the sheep into a nice green field the rain started so that was short lived, they were not sleeping under the trees for shelter. We moved them back and the field they are in now is where they will be for Winter.  I would love more but it is the hay feeding that keeps that number down.
Sam has been busy with hockey it is nice with him being the only one in minor hockey. He has been traveling a lot with his Uncle as my husband is on the road a lot and lately has been hardly home.
The last year has been a blur for us Allan a way all the time. For me I just keep working really hard so my mind stays exhausted and I can't think too much.

Salem kitty is growing up! He is really cute and quite bad. A very happy little guy.
I hope he finds out he wants to catch mice. The mice are on the move again so we have been working with that.
Well I must run Kids have dentist appointments today and I watch our Grandson today. Yes, that means dribbles, wet kisses and lots of love.