Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year
 As we close in on 2014 I think back to it was a good year for us here on the farm. We were intensely busy with the wedding once the date was changed we flew straight forward and never quit. We had to try to get our place into shape for over one hundred and twenty people in hot, hot intense 50+ degrees. We had a lot of set backs, a lot of things to do some we did not get to we simply ran out of time. We had wind storms that took down fences and trees just weeks before the weeding, we had horrible winter kill on the gardens. We did it the whole family pulled together and we pulled off a beautiful wedding.
We had new additions added to the farm eight new bouncing goats and I am sure I will be kept on my toes cursing this lot as they try my fences. Their new names are of the reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donor Blitzen!! so that puts us at fourteen goats enough to find trouble I am sure.

 A lot of this went on this holiday I am ten toques  made for gifts, many scarves, fingerless gloves and blankets. I enjoyed finding the time to make things

 We had a lovely Christmas Eve we visited, sang and shared some laughs.

 Wishing you and yours a perfect 2015.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Road Trip with my husband and our youngest daughter
Early morning we headed out on an amazing road trip. We hit Kelowna and the mall was open at nine am so Miss Hyacinth did a bit of shopping. She was really quite happy with herself. 
We drove to a place called Boundry country it is a little place called Beaverdell, past Big white which is ski hill (that looked like it needed more snow around there) the little place was this side of rock creek. The only reason it went smooth asking my husband to take me is he hauled a load of logs out of there last winter. I had never been it so it was cool to see somewhere new. Our roads were perfect with all our crazy weather and so many horrible accidents on the highways we totally lucked out. There was not a lot of snow but the side roads and peoples driveways were crazy icy you could have put skates on and go and not even wreck your blades.

We came to a families farm where the are a goatery ~ dairy. They usual carry one hundred does for milking but they are selling off their herd. When the two boys opened up the barn door and over sixty goats ran in all I could do was smile. It was such an awesome site. So many to pick from so hard to pick which one when I really just wanted them all. Imagine just going and buying the herd.

 I bought seven from this farm. Three were a Christmas gift from my Mom and one was a Christmas gift from my Grandson, Daughter and Son in law and then the extras. Plus some friends of ours gave me a goat yesterday and my son's picked her up. So eight new goats which brings my count up to fourteen. All have been with a Billy Goat so we shall see what comes about in two months. I have thirteen does and all have been with a buck so it will be interesting what comes along in the next several months.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Tis the Season ....
Time to change the blankets over
I took a little time to swamp out our bedroom it can easily be the catch all of everything. I get it nice and then change something redo another spot and the extras end up in the bedroom until I get time. I made it nice put on our Christmas sheets and blankets. Our sheets are flannel and of course it warmed up so we have been melting at night

So cozy  and warm feeling see my old doll she is over forty years old her and I we used to go on the grandest adventures. This bed my husband made for us I love it. He always once to get a bigger bed but why when our is so comfy ha it is so comfy all my kids still like to try to sleep in it.

I love all our wonderful things.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

 A snow day this little boy loves to go out and have a play in it.

 Cowboy likes to sit really close to this little guy while he is playing.

 We have been having up and down weather super cold to super mild hard on my skating rink we have had the rink where you could skate on it only to melt right away. So we are trying our luck again but the weather is too iffy so we will see how it makes it this winter.
Yesterday was so mild we worked outside for several hours it was so nice to not rush through feeding and fly back inside because it is so cold. We fixed a pen ( a little rough) where our pigs had been so we could put our little miserable Billy goat in there. He is friendly until he takes a full speed run at your knees and smells so bad, he loves to pee all over himself which I told him is a really disgusting habit. I can now go in and visit the does and pet them and get them to know me all over again.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Man oh Man is the cold hanging on we have already burnt so much wood. Our coldest we have hit here on the farm is -26 this morning is -20. It could be a long, long winter. With this cold weather  and garden time done I have enjoyed bringing out other things to do. I have been crocheting and knitting, redo the house, cleaning in general, painting, try fun things. I have our Grandson nearly every day so the days are at a lot slower pace and I am grateful the gardens our done as I would not be able to keep them up.

 Yesterday I was decorating the house a bit for Christmas we have an awful lot of snowflakes to use. Our daughter was going to have a winter wedding we went out and bought a lot of snow flakes to hang well she changed the date to a July wedding so now I get to use snowflakes as a theme. We will get our tree within the next week and half it is hard to fit it in our schedule well not ours, our kids. It is nice to see the decorations come out I am a little worried I have not found our Christmas stockings yet.

The renovation ~ hard to call it that I only did a bit on the living room but it is done. I really liked how it turned out. It wasn't like I didn't like it before it was awesome but I was worried about behind the wood stove. I will post pictures on here a bit later. I did mosaic behind the wood stove with tile it was hell to grout then on either side of the wood stove walls I painted and used a spackle to create faux bricks. It turned out great I would have loved to use all tile but it would have been too heavy for our home.