Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you see the little baby. When we first looked we could not see him then a little head peeked out. He is very cute.
Again another busy day here at the farm. We have been cleaning the barn, moving some hay catching some chickens. We cleaned the chicken house, raked to loads to the garbage pile. We piled buckets and sorted barn tools. I guess you could say we are getting ready for winter. Sigh I can not believe I said that out loud. Might depressing!
Sam started to paint a bench that he wanted white and now he is sick of painting and has bailed on me. Dalton and I made a bench out of the very awesome drift wood that Jordan had brought me home from Campbell River.
Jordan has left for the island to go play hockey for the winter. Gosh I hate when he has to go. He was on the ice today for the first time and now meetings all day for him. We are already trying to figure out when we could go see him.
I have been working many of my evenings on my web page and my products.
Well I should run I am off to make the boys some soup for lunch. A little late but we were on such a role outside.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

What a handsome creature.

Hail, rain, black skies, wind and bears that sums up our evening around here. It is way too cold for me. I have been making head way on our web site it is a darn lot of work.
I have been quite busy weeding, planting and tiding up. It will be quite amazing how fast the time will go by now.
There is really not too much new here.
My son is packing up getting ready to head to Campbell River for this season of hockey. My two girls are thinking about packing for Hawaii.
Well I must run and make sure Sam I am came home from my Mom and Dad's.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look at this lovely Mom and baby. They were playing so nicely in the water and oh my goodness were they cute.
The last few days I have been working on my web site and let me tell you it is not as easy as one thinks. Try to figure out what to write and make sense.
We are for sure heading into Fall weather cool nights, cool mornings and hot afternoons. Today the wind picked up pretty good.
I guess this means we are on the count down of our summer holidays and I can't tell you enough how depressed that makes me. S.i.g.h... I love the holidays. No one could pay me! not a million...trillion .... dollars to go back to school. (Maybe with the word like trillion I should go back) :)
I won't tell my kids but MAN I feel sorry for them.
Also the last week I have made quite a bit of soap so today I finished that project. I will wait until it has cured then start to test which one I like the best.
I should head off to bed as my nephew is coming over by six thirty am to spend the day with us.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yesterdays post was number 2,000.
Imagine you have read two thousand post of absolute rubbish from me. How wonderful. Sometimes you go through a full day and really have nothing to say. However for it is usually at night when I write and I am so tired that I can't write and I never check if I have any typing errors and I know sometimes it just makes no sense at all. BUT thanks for reading.

 How cool is that!

I think I will make a dream board of what I would like to wish for. What about you? What do you wish for?
I must finish up my soap today as I do not want any un - finished projects when I go on my holiday. I think after this next week it will be crazy and at full speed ahead.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Today I also found time to harvest my herbs. After the soap is finished next will come the  blending of Herbs de Provence.

Here is Dad with his cucumbers. These cucumbers have been babied, water by and heat on at night. I bet the has even covered them in a blanket. However he must know what he is doing look at the arm full.
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Here is my Dad in the corn. He is quite proud of his garden. I sure hope that corn will be ready soon.
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Today was a full day of standing, standing all day. I made several batches of soap. I tried something new and I hope is works. When I hand milled the soap it doesn't make many bars. After it cures I will try a bar from each batch and see which one I like the most and stick with that one kind.
My husband could not work today as the rain made slime going down straight at a very steep angle. Go figure. He went out tonight though so lets hope he is safe.
My Mom and Dad came home today and my Mom brought my little bird. She is so lovely. I am not sure when I will put her the other cage with the boys maybe the week before I leave for Maui.
The weather was so cold and foggy this morning but it warmed up beautifully by mid morning. You can defiantly feel Fall in the air. And Fall means school and school means hockey.

Isn't he lovely...NOT! However you can't help but smile.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Isn't she a lovely Moose.
We saw her a the Zoo last weekend. Today we went to Kamloops to school clothes shop. I am officially broke now. I am sure noticing the new tax. It adds so much on to the total now.
Miss Hyacinth is totally set. So our the boys. However we do have to buy some running shoes but it is going to have to wait until next month now.
It is getting quite cool out the wind was cold while I was finishing up for the night. We had company come out and they brought their kids to see the animals. And, all our animals acted up the Black male Alpaca tried to jump the fence. The Emu was acting up grunting and pacing. Our white goat we have separate tried to jump an eight foot fence. It was kind of funny you so can tell we don't get company.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Power was out for about forty minutes or so. I read in the newspaper it was a poor bird that took it out at a sub station. Didn't bother Sam any. He quite enjoyed himself.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eagles are the remarkable bird. I just love them. I always have to slow down and admire them when I see on my way into town.
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Finally my computer is back and I can put up my photos again. This guy is an Ostrich. He was so lovely.
Today I did a trip to Kamloops to pick up Jordan's hockey pants and our computer. Then I spent a few hours visiting my friend and her family. The smoke in Kamloops was horrible very, very thick. I also saw the horrible logging truck accident. Awful just awful it made you cry and thank goodness the man is alive and well. He had a whole pack of guardian Angels riding shot gun that day. The truck was unbelievable. It was from a front tire blow out. OH MY GOODNESS it hit way too close to home. It actually could make you sick if you think about it to long. It took about four hours they said to get the driver out. It happened either early morning or sometime in the night and it was all still there when I came home at four pm.
My firefighter is home he was hurt on his job. Twice in one week. Way too hard on this ole Mom. First mountain or hill gave way and he went down fifteen facing front. That was on the Blue creek Fire. Then he was on the Litton or Lilloet fire (not too sure where it was) when hot burning sand and grit flew into his eyes. He had to be flown of the mountain taken to first aid then to the hospital. The doctor thought he should heal up fine. He is now off work for seven days. They delivered him home to the house today. I just wish he would rest those eyes and take it easy.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wonderful hot summer weather here. We hit fifty degrees yesterday. We have been busy keeping up with the farm, be quiet for my husband as he still is on horrible hours. We had a wonderful weekend and so can't wait to show you the pictures a few more days until my computer is fixed. I hate not being able to see my pictures. I do not want them on my lap top.
I made soap yesterday. It is still finishing. Hard to keep the oil mixed in. I made soap several years ago with my neighbor and for the life of me I can't remember the base soap we made so I really should give her a call. I also need to buy Palm oil anyone know where I can find it? We have not found it in the grocery store yet. Also Tallow (animal fat) you can not buy that or I have not found it. Gosh I hope I do not have to melt down fat. I am sure the smell will make me sick.
Well must run I am full of creative ideas not time to sit idle.
Have a wonderful Summers Day!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I won't be able to post any pictures until the middle of next week. My computer problem is not the fan it is something else and the part is 300.00 and thank goodness we have warranty.
We have been doing an insane amount work here. Propery work cleaning, raking, moving, planting and watering. It does get kind of crazy here for the amount work I have made myself.
Tomorrow we are off to the zoo. So have a good night.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a quick post to let you know my computer is in being serviced. We are having a busy week unbelievable how fast the days are going by. We have been busy about the property playing drums, over night camping trips, sleep overs, day trips and school shopping. No wonder our weeks are flying by. The kids are getting a little depressed that school is creeping closer.
Our sunshine is back we have had two good days of full rain.
On a creative side I am still working on my Little Lavender house a project I am sure that can keep going on. Last night my two youngest boys took down a bee's nest on the back side of the little house. We cleaned, raked and removed rocks last night.
Well I am off to get those kids out of bed they are not moving this morning.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I am looking for a web site to help me build my own web site with a shopping cart. If anyone know of one please email me. I am thinking of "Homestead" it looks easy enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hey Heide if you get a moment will you check it out and tell me what you think.

Funny story for you. Today my daughter went to pick up our mail and our mail is out in the country so our mail boxes on are on a side road. As she is getting out of the truck she can smell Lavender and starts thinking "has Mom been here" and looks around for Lavender plants. She goes to our mail and in it is a key the key you use to pick up over size mail. As she is bending down to unlock the box she is having a very strong smell of Lavender. She tells me you know when your up town and someone is smoking pot and you have to walk near it and it is really strong, that's how strong it was. :) I wonder what the mail people thought?
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These papers/books are authentic antique straight from France. Wonderful for crafts.
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Friday, August 06, 2010

Today started out cool but warmed up to be a hundred degrees. I went for a walk with Lulu while the boys rode their bikes. My poor dog was so hot.
A few crafts were done today. Kids over to play and One of our kids off to a movie and a sleep over.
My firefighter is still in Blue River he should be home by Sunday. Our smoke was not as bad today I think our little rains have helped cleaned the air a bit. My Mother in law phoned the other day and told us the smoke was horrible in town.
  We had two little ducks born a few days ago. They are so cute. One is yellow and was in dark yellow like a brown as if he has stripes. I think he is a boy already getting into trouble.
Tomorrow we are on a day trip. So I will catch up with you all later.

Busy Bee's at the Lavender Farm
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

One of our views from our property
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Kind of a funny day today. It seemed long and I think that is because my husband sleeps so much in the day we all have to be quiet and it always feels like bed time here. Our skies grumbled a good part of the day not much rain enough to keep it cooler. I did a bit of weeding today. Amazing how good those weeds and grass can grow.
I so can not believe how fast this week has gone. It is Friday already. CRAZY it needs to slow down or my kids will be back in school too soon.
Well I should run and wake up my truck driver it is time for work.
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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Me in the garden
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Dad wanted vodka in his
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Miss Hya not impressed with Sam
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Sam should be banned from the lavender garden
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I don't think you should analyze it so much!!
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Allan and Dalton having Lavender Lemonade in the garden. Poor Allan has only been up since ten at night.
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Mom drinking Lavender Lemonade just before I harvested it.
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Here is another picture of my new little girl. Well I think she is a girl she sure looks like one doesn't she. I so can't wait for to come home.
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Visiting a new Lavender Farm
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