Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Morning
A quick hello today, I was reading some gardening blogs this morning and I thought I should do an update, stories on our farm. I have put the blogs on the back burner as we have been so busy.
We are still watering here on the farm it was getting quite dry with our lovely hot fall weather. It is quite different now with our cold Springs and Hot falls.

I am hoping my husband makes it home today he has been gone for over a week, he should pull in later today or tonight?? maybe!
The sheep seem content and the last two goats are starting to settle, they all were lost for a week after we sold the last load.
I am off for coffee with my dad then chores and planting Lavender.
Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Morning the sun is up shining so bright.
We are having some amazing weather. It is really wonderful it makes me wonder how long it will last though.
Today I hope to remove piles of old grass, lay down more garden fabric, transplant a couple of roses and finish some things up.
My son found this snail while digging holes for the new trees. We do not find this type of thing often. I must have imported him here in plants.
 And, then there is my house it needs some serious work huh that's what I get for working outside all summer.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are Falling into place, even with the beautiful weather it is changing. The pine needles are just waiting for a good wind so they can fall and make my life miserable. When I look up at all the brown needles it just makes me want to cry. so, so , so many needles...
We are finishing up some projects with the Lavender then I must not do anymore projects. I really need to go pick up my hay. I feel like I am just so past it and I really wish it could be delivered. We have had coyotes and bears starting to hang around so we are keeping a good watch on the sheep.

Hockey has started, school is in full swing. I few days a week I go into to town to watch my Grandson. I sure do love that boy. We have so much fun together.
Now I most go and encourage my son to dig holes...many, many holes.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Beautiful Fall
Cool nights hot days but I hear it is changing. We are still working like crazy on the farm. Plowing fields, for the new lavender garden. My dad is awesome. It has been incredible hard work but man oh man is he winning. Oh The Dreams.. i have

Salem is a wonderful kitten so full of life and fun. He is really a happy cat with quite the personality. When you cuddle him he smells of lavender. I think he is in a state of mellowness as he lives in the Lavender drying house.

Peace is what this picture shows
Except the pump quits working every time the power goes out and it will not restart. Sigh .. I just get it going again and off it shuts down.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Today the kids go back to school.
 I do hope some enthusiasm hit them by eight am!!
 Only two kids left in high school now, pretty crazy.
 We have two in college one in her second year of Business and one in her first year of ECG.
It was a nice summer but extremely fast and that would be because of the huge work load I gave myself. I think with the bulk of the projects I wanted done I am hoping the now it will be just the usual keep up and the never ending of cleaning I never seem to win with.
We are in the process of plowing up a chunk of field for the Lavender( when I say we I mean Dad, I Cheer and encourage him on).
 I also had a nice visit with my sister this summer she had come down for a week in August.
Over the next couple of weeks I need to do some good house cleaning I have been outside all summer and the house looks like it. I need to do some book work and all that not so fun stuff.
Yesterday while my middle daughter and I were watching our Grandson we see the sheep out and about in the yard. They had snuck out the gate where we were plowing. It is time to get the sheep in deworm and check them all over.
Well enjoy the start to your September.