Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New year

A New Years Eve Skate

I actually did not go I stayed home and worked on our craft/laundry room, my middle daughter did not go either she went to a friends house.

The kids are having so much fun.
We rented the ice with other families
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today was a whirl wind of a day up at 5am off to Kamloops for my youngest daughters tournament that actually started the day before but she was sick, watched her game left Kamloops for Sicamose (not sure on that spelling) to pick up my oldest son then back to Kamloops to make it just in time for my daughters last game where she got two goals, MVP and they won the tournament. It was a little cheeky her going in scoring the goals and winning MVP when she was not there on Sat. Then home again and off went all my boys to play hockey my oldest son and husband went to drop in and my other two boys off to the neighbors.
I framed pictures 10 in all tonight for my craft laundry room they are so cute we were sent them from the Internet by e-mail.
I am trying my luck at a hat I am knitting it in quite dainty Mohair I so don't know what I am doing I can not read a pattern so it is sure guess work, I really hope it works I am quite frustrated in my knitting it actually sucks nothing ever turns out. So cross your fingers it will turn out. Well talk to you all tomorrow have a wonderful evening.
This is a very special watch that helps Santa on Christmas Eve
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Gathering toys

Mimzy collects stuff all day and takes to his favorite place in front of the wood stove.
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Friday, December 28, 2007

My dad's new toy

This is my dad's new toy I had to laugh when he gets presents he says " I don't need that or What am I going to do with this" well he said nothing of the sort this time I know he really loves it.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Today I jumped in with two feet on the laundry room I have started priming and painting . I really do hate painting I just like the end result. I will post before and after pictures I am really hoping it will turn out lovely. It seems when you start a project you have to mess up the whole house to do it or at least I do. I will just have to keep at it and slowly I will finish it. So with that note I am off to work in the room.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are enjoying our holiday sleeping in cleaning the house messing the house and doing it all over again. Kids are enjoying their new things, playing hockey outside, sliding down hills, watching movies. The only down fall is my daughter is still sick but my husband is feeling a little better. The weather has been holding steady nothing too dramatic.
I have been making plans for my New Year I am starting on my laundry room/craft room I hope it will be nice when it is done. I have 65 lbs pounds of washed Mohair to deal with so that alone will be a big project. I am cutting back on some rabbits but I am not ready to part with my goats I really do love them. So many thoughts swarming through my head.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve we had a lot of fun even though are night was early my one daughter and husband both have been very sick. So we borrowed gravel from the neighbor and it looks like I am on my own for waiting for Santa I may have to recruit my oldest son.
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It must be Christmas

Signs of Christmas are all over the house have a wonderful Christmas Eve. May you have a wonderful time with family and friends.

New piece for my collection from my mom, isn't he lovely.

Father Christmas
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I think I am finally organized I just finished wrapping the last gifts house is half tidy, decorating done, supper in planning for Christmas eve, presents to deliver tomorrow. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas spend special time with everyone who is important. If any of my family is reading this I love you all and I wish we were all together.

May your holiday be filled with Peace.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

My 7th Cent

This is our 7th Cent he gets to go out with the big hockey team from our town and skate in the warm up and stand for O Canada our National Anthem.
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I zoomed on my two children singing in their concert so I would not get any other child on the blog. School concerts are always so special and they always turn out so wonderful. The next night after this concert we attended a band concert and they played really , really good.

Tonight we finished up a bunch of gifts to give to teachers, friends, bus driver. It was a lot of fun to spend the time putting together things to give tomorrow.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have you ever had where something hits you so hard that you didn't even see it coming it sends you for a loop and the next thing you know your sitting on your ass and all you can do is get up give your head a shake and try to keep going while you figure it all out.
Make a promise either today, tomorrow, or this holiday count your blessing find out what is really important to you and tell them or yourself. Make today count., don't wait for tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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I realized my middle son had to not been in any photo's so just so you know he is not forgotten there he is in the blue sweatshirt. He was rather pleased with himself getting in this photo. These photo's were taken at the arena during a game it was back when my oldest daughter went to her Christmas party.
Tonight we have a Christmas concert at my little kids school, then 3 of the kids have hockey and we have concession duty. Lets hope the snow holds off for a few more days until we can quit traveling and my mom gets home
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Monday, December 17, 2007

I am finally unthawing I have sat in the arena from 3pm until 7:50 pm and I am so glad to be home warming up with a cup of tea. Our life is as crazy as ever I think it will be crazy until sat. night then hopefully some down time; I think I will sleep in one day maybe have a day were I do nothing but play I would also like to go and look at Christmas lights.
Today on my way into town I saw a beautiful eagle flying looking for something he was so beautiful it is amazing how graceful he can fly. The kids and I are hoping we will see an eagle on Christmas day when we drive into town to see Grandma.
Have a wonderful night talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas time is approaching very fast and I find it very hard to believe. One more week of school and then a few days of rest I say a few days because hockey does not know to quit and let the kids unwind. We have two tournament over the holidays which I really wish were going to be cancelled. I am all alone everyone is at hockey or at a sleep over so I did a bit of wrapping now I am off to shut this computer down put the puppy to bed and get ready for night. I just received a call from the bus depot that my wool is in from the island so I will go and pick it up tomorrow.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Nothing like sleeping with a 15 pound cat on you. Did you know he was still there in the morning. This is my youngest boy who has just received his card for running 50 miles. He is amazing he really is enjoying all the runs.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

My oldest daughter and her boyfriend off to there Christmas party, they look quite lovely together.
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I just love this photo my daughter is so pretty and Mimzy looks like he is yodeling!
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Christmas Formal

My middle daughter off to the dance she looked so pretty.

Miss Hyacinth was my oldest son's date for the Christmas Formal, we thought she would have bailed but off she went only for and hour and a half then I went to town to pick her up.

My oldest son looking very handsome.

I love this picture my daughter's face is all sparkles and my son is just being silly.
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