Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It is the end of January and it is crazy mild for this time of the year and I am sure we are going to pay for it with a cool spring. Look at who's tail is growing back oh my goodness I love him he is so majestic and lovely. I have my fingers crossed our eggs will be fertile and we can hatch a few.

Baby Grandson is checking out the new babies he is quite the farmer. This day of the picture he was loving the yellow farm bucket which is now in my house. 
We have five babies as of this morning three boys and two girls. It is in our plans this year to sell them early only time will tell what we will do.

This is Pip the Christmas quail he is growing very nicely and he is really quite bad full of mischief. We have three more we hatched they are not giving me a great hatch but I think it is how long we waited with the eggs.
On Friday our youngest son starts his hockey play offs it is a straight three days of hockey for him. And, both Sam and Hyacinth are in the middle of writing their exams then on to the last semester and full steam to the end for Hyacinth ~ graduation.
All our kids are doing great growing up to be such great adults we are very proud of them.

Monday, January 13, 2014

This was my finding while in the garden so sad it has been such a crazy winter up and down. We are for sure going to loose some plants...down right depressing.
Today it was up to eleven above at lunch time beautiful; weather if you are not trying to winter lavender or hold onto an ice rink. Today my dad did a bit of work on the yard as it is so icy we can not walk are vehicles were sliding.
Now the animals are loving it, it is nice and mild for them it makes the ducks much louder and perfect weather for the chicks transition out of my house - smelly little things!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

I have been looking at other peoples blogs some really write some fun, awesome write ups. They must lead a little more exciting life than me. So maybe I SHOULD add some fun may more iPhone pictures. I watched a lovely add on TV tonight  it was an Apple add where a young teenage boy looks bored with the holidays and visiting with family when really he is making a movie to play for hi family at Christmas~ I watched over and over and then I went and got Miss Hyacinth to come watch it. I was telling her we should learn to use our iPhone since we have them and lovely contracts...
This is an iPhone picture

This is also an iPhone picture
Really one can have so much fun and creativity with these cameras on phones.
Today was such a good day I had so many jobs crossed off my list.
 I was working on a folder for Petit Creek Lavender
come on over and visit us
Well it is seriously late now so off to bed

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Good Morning a chilly -8 here this morning and still as dark as night outside.
The dogs have been barking so much my son's put up the trail camera and we have a good bunch of coyotes hanging around, plus cougar tracks.
 In the back part of the camera we see eyes and there is something there hard to see just out of the flash.
One son thinks it is a bear and my dad thinks it is a cougar.
 Pretty scary when you think about it.
 I used to walk all the time up there but not any more the last time my son when up the coyotes were trying to call him out the edge of the property.
 Another time when he was up on the back of the property he was being stocked by a coyote one he could handle but we have a pack of four for sure and up to five.
Enjoy your day

Saturday, January 04, 2014

This was the beginning of our holiday we had a brief heavy snow fall all came within a couple of hours. It was great for pictures. Fun to play in.
we had rain, warm weather but through it all we saved the rink.
Now tonight at six pm it is already minus seven.

This picture show the rain on the rink.
This weekend our goalie is in a hockey tournament. I am lucky to escape it as my husband and other kids get to go. So far he has won three and lost one not too bad.
Hard to believe the holidays are over and we are already into the start of the New year time just keeps marching on not waiting for anyone.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year
May 2014 be incredible for all of us

Making wishes
making dreams

We have enjoyed family time our home has been bursting with people and things.
We have had fun skating, eating good food, visiting and recovering from hand, foot and mouth
We have started new jobs which has thrown in some great stress.
All in all we are just living life
making the best
trying to win
Deep Breath...