Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spilled Yogurt

This is what you do if you spill a big container of yogurt on the get spoon and eat it up right off the floor! My youngest son is just hay wire he is always bouncing, flying around a hundred miles an hour, full of life , happy, never sits for two minutes. So when he slept for over two hours this afternoon I worried he wasn't feeling well earlier but he seems better tonight. I think it is just too many late nights. Last night they watched Alvin and the Chipmunks I could hear them laughing and giggling all through the house.
Today we cleaned all day and my two boys came home from work and messed it up within seconds. So unfortunately I am still cleaning tonight and the kids are all still up.
It was a very cool day we actually lit the fire to get the chill out of the house all morning we were freezing, noses were running so I thought this is dumb Light the fire. I am not too sure what is up with our summer weather but it sure has been crazy it was over heard it was -1 in some places today.
Have a wonderful sleep and talk to you all soon.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is the purse I made it is quite fun. I would like to use stiffer interfacing next time but his was all I had at home. I used this purse in town and had a lady ask me if I would make her one. That's cool but I did tell her I am so a "beginner". I am just about finished my quilt I am making I need to work a bit on it tonight. Then my next project is a pair of casual pants with Amy Butler fabric. I my as well enjoy sewing because once September comes I will have NO MORE TIME!
It has been a cooler, windy day and I noticed the forest fire sign is down to High from Extreme.
My younger boys are outside shooting Potato guns I wonder if they are dangerous. We bought the toy guns at the Dollar store today I remember my brother had one when he was little. I have found a very fun magazine and I am really enjoying it. It is called Mary Janes Farm I already have a great book of hers but I do like this magazine also.
We have an old trailer on the top of our property filled with absolute rubbish that I absolutely LOVE. It is so much fun to go through and rummage my youngest daughter loves to go through it also. However the darn squirrels have just about wrecked it all which is such a shame. Well must go do something constructive have a wonderful night enjoy the summer evening before we know it it will be fall then Winter.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Exciting is Goats Milk

My boys have been Milking the goats and were so excited to try drinking it
Look at that those face you should have heard the giggling

Serious cookie dipping

Today we had a busy day I worked outside in the yard watered the yard pruned roses it was quite enjoyable. Then I sewed a bit totally messed and then spent the rest of any fun time I had ripping out the mess. Then we went to Kamloops for a part for the logging truck stopped at Wal Mart and came home. When we ere in Wal Mart in Kamloops they had a code alert of a missing child a three year old in a Super Man suit. Poor family must have been a sick feeling for awhile. It is pretty neat all the workers stop and scan the store and the washrooms.
It was raining on our way home and it is lightening out now. I wonder what that will bring. No Work, Fires or just relief to the dry forests.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Today was a nice day my middle son and I went to Kamloops with a friend and her son they watched the movie Bat Man and we waited at Chapters then stopped at Diary Queen for an ice cream then came home. It is funny even though I did not do much to do I am tired tonight so after I write this post I am off to bed.
I am just about finished my quilt I am making I think I should be done tomorrow and it should be quite nice. It is just squares in some really nice material. I think my next project will be house pants for my two younger girls they bought some material so I will cut it out and let my middle daughter sew her own. Well I have to run I honestly can not stay awake.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am not sure how this post is going to go as I am using a different computer again. With this computer my post page is very different. I have to walk outside to come into this room "The Studio" and it was raining ice. I am so glad my daughter is not driving home. She has to do daycare in the morning so she stays in tonight.
It has warmed up a bit but the cold has been making my knees ache again. Today while I was caring wood in the kept giving out and hurt so much. When I warmed them up they were fine. I did not sit out in the cold part of the arena tonight.
Those of you who have children know they "shot gun " everything. They shot gun the front seat, that certain donut or what seat to watch the TV but how do you explain they can not shot gun the Christmas wrapping paper!
We did a little bit of wrapping today. I really do not like to wrap presents. I always dream of these wonderful looking packages. I picture them under the tree looking wonderful. NOT, not in this house. They look horrible. Maybe we will go back to the Victorian days and put the presents unwrapped under the tree.
Today I was pretty much told by the computer technician that 20,000 photos is to much to have on a computer and he would have to back them up on an external drive. I had thought I could put the pictures on a USB drive thing. Nope Instead he is putting them into one file then I can make sure they are backed up on mine then just press delete. Well I must get ready for bed have a pleasant night.
How is everyone today has been a busy day my day started a 2am. Why because I could not sleep. Then we left for Langley to go to the auction by 5 am, unloaded had a look around then off to Tim Hortens. I had found a quilt shop on line in Abbotsford  that carries Amy Butler patterns and material so it took us awhile to find out but they did not open until 10 am so we had to walk around the town. We went to  farmers market checked out a sports store then finally it opened. It was a lovely store so much to see, so pretty Miss hyacinth and I absolutely LOVED it. I would love to go back and have about an hour to just look. My husband is very good in waiting but we were all tired so I  just spent about 20 minutes looking.
Then it was on our way home dropped my husband off at his Logging 'Truck and the kids and I came home we were all knackered. I had my husbands Aunt and Uncle come look at our horse and they are going to take him so I imagine he will be leaving in the next few weeks. It will be sad he is such a nice horse and  smells so good. However I will enjoy feeding less hay this Winter. Well must run to bed have a good night.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This would be Tomato because his cone and under his neck is very red or so I am told. My boys love chickens they are all named and taught tricks and cuddled.
Today we had to break down and buy a new washing machine I had wanted t wait until our dishwasher was paid for but the poor ole machine could not do another load. Our old machine was not old just a little bit too old for warranty and the last time we had to fix it this Spring it was nearly 500.00. It was one of those new models the front end loader type NOPE NO GOOD it did not last any longer than a cheap one and we had to get someone out three time to look at it. So I told my husband just go for a cheap one as we will have to replace it within two years anyways. I do not know how much it cost as I had to leave to go into town and he just came home with it.
I am quite tired our day starts about 2.20am then I went back to be for 3:30ish and up again at 5:45am. We do have some crazy nights around here.
Tonight I went into town to make cards it was fun and the ladies who teach the night make it so simple even though I manage to mess up and do something totally different on each card.
So my son called me tonight from the Lumby fire and tells me he is going to Powell River and Campbell River Not sure on the spelling of those towns to go try out for the junior A and junior B team Sigh...... what am I to do. I know I will never get to a game as you have to take the ferry and it is so far away, too expensive just to pop over. Oh well no point in stressing I can't change it. Well have a wonderful night all my children are still awake so I had better go to bed and see if they will go to sleep.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today most of the day was used to trim goats, put fly spray on them and just generally check the little one's over. This girl was resting her head and her horns over my shoulder.
Is he not cute he looks quite pleased with himself.
Mercury is absolutely beautiful don't you just want to give him a kiss. When we try to take his picture he thinks we are playing games so it is very hard to get a good photo. The day just flew by it started at 5am heading into town to pick up chicks then we worked on goats until lunch time then we raked and picked up pine cones in the field. After that I let the kids play and I finished my purse I was sewing. Then we got our chores all done before supper so we did not have to go out . We had no sleep last night the power went out for quite awhile and we spent most of the night looking for flash lights. So as soon as my son phones I am off to bed but I don't think he will be in from the fire until 9:30 ish then he said he would phone. On the news it said they had it contained so I am not sure what that means for my son maybe he will be heading home tomorrow.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For the love of chickens

Nothing like sitting back and enjoying the chickens
Teaching them new tricks
I am pretty sure this is tomato
Look at Cowboy I wonder what he is thinking....
Today my three younger children went to the Water Slides with my sister in law they had so much fun. I bet they sleep good tonight. Today I did a little bit of sewing I made a pair of house pants I guess they could be called summer pants now I am sewing a purse then I would like to sew a blanket. I quite like to sew I just hate how long it takes me because I really hate to sit around. Tonight my one daughter and I walked 8.9 km for some reason it seemed long maybe because I am tired. I froze some more raspberries and Strawberries today and I think I will do more tomorrow.
I heard someone saw the Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake today. I sure wish it was me for those of you who don't know what that is it is like the Loch Nes Monster (Not too sure on that spelling) I would love to see it not too close mind you at a good distance would be fine. I wonder what made him come up today Oh it is exciting. Maybe my husband will take us there to go look for him on the weekend!!!!
My oldest son is on his way to Lumby for a forest fire it was 7:30pm and he was just getting there I went on line and it was not a big fire so thank goodness. I am not sure if he will be coming home tonight I hate not knowing. Anyway I should run I would like to get some time to sew before bed but I will have to see.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

New baby

This is my son's new baby she is so tiny and cute.

Having her first bath she smelled so good of roses after we were done
Have a little cat nap.
Today the kids spent a lot of time swimming today playing with the kitten and just have good summer fun. My husband and I picked our cherries off our front tree tonight the cherries were very so big. We will not freeze these ones they are just good eating. I have been staying home lots with both of our older children driving to work everyday I am trying to stay home to save gas the fuel price is crazy. My husband figured out it is 800.00 to fuel up the logging truck......
Here is some very exciting news my oldest sister is coming home for a visit how cool is that yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not seen here for quite awhile she lives in Hawaii. Have a good night.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

This nasty little creature was in our pond it was long like a snake or worm hard and very thin absolutely horrible. Does anybody know what it is? Today was very warm and the day flew by before we new it bedtime. We had company today my brother in law in his girlfriend and their kids it was a nice time kids played real nice. I also went into Lower Nicola with my two son to pick up a pair of turkeys that my mom bought us. Then my middle son bought him self a Siamese kitten, a little girl she is so tiny I will post a picture of her tomorrow and surprising enough my husband did not say to much however I bet he wanted to.Well I am off to get ready for bed have a good night.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

If we look hard enough maybe we can see the fairies dancing among the mushrooms and in the bark of the lovely old stump.
Today was a hectic day we had to run to town to do banking then go to Kamloops to take our books to the book keeper. It seemed quite cool out tonight my two boys and I went to count goats and I got a tour of their chicks and ducks. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Have a good night.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is such a beautiful spot
The river is rushing very fast and the noise is deafening it is a loud roar of water.
For the river not be very wide it crashes along these rocks amazingly so.

Again I am quite tired I was up at 2:20am to get my 14 year old son up for work and this time I made myself go back to sleep after 3:30am. It was quiet in the house for a few hours my oldest daughter took my three youngest children for a picnic in town, I think they just about drove her nuts only the boys it must be a boy thing. I made a miniature photo album for my oldest boy of his dog that he just lost and it seems Burton has not left the property yet so far most of the kids keep coming up to me and say they keep seeing Burton. Poor, Poor dog he really loved the kids it really breaks my heart.
I am waiting for my middle daughter to come home she should be home around 9:30pm she has been away for two weeks visiting my sister I can't wait to see her and Mimzy will be excited to see her too.
My oldest daughter has been Nordic Pole walking with me, we measured our new route we made and it is 9.8km so that really pleased us we figure if we are going to walk we my as well make it worth while.
Today we pumped out our top part of the pond scraped the bottom clean remove the 100's of tadpoles and left it empty to dry to make sure everything is dead and then we will refill it. We had to or our yard would be over run in frogs and then what comes withs frogs SNAKES....................
I also spent a lot of the day printing photo's so I do hope I am winning on that. Well have a good night pleasant dreams.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miss Hyacinth's grade 6 trip. We had such a fun day we went to tunnels, fun castles, ate pizza...

If we were in Switzerland there would be a house way up in these mountains.
This was a very exciting ride plus she got to visit with an old friend who met the class here.
Today was a full day of printing photo's it sure does take a long time, every time I walked by the computer I would print off more. I have 100's, maybe even 1000's ready to be put in scrapbooks.I am absolutely knackered I have been awake since 2:30 am I could not sleep last night. I have to wait for my oldest son to get home he was visiting a friend and then he went to 7-11 and his truck would not start something with the cables to the battery. My middle daughter is coming home tomorrow so that is good we have a ride for her which is very nice of the man who is bringing her.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More of my son's fire pictures
He managed to get some pretty cool photo's
Today we went to town to pay bills, buy groceries and then we stopped at the park and went for a walk on a new walking trail the Town put in awhile ago. Tonight I changed my walking route at least until it cools off so there is less people on the road, less people at the river, less people having a party at the river, and it just happens I saw a big snake on last nights walk. I tell you that snake is growing every time I think of him and yes it had to be a him ack slimy little creature I hate snakes...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I will drive it tomorrow and try to get a route of at least 5km hopefully more. It will be better so I have a choice so not to have boredom, like I can with snakes on the road. I also can see home for a good chunk of my walk and I am closer to people's houses.
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Monday, July 14, 2008

This is one of my very favorite views that I see on my walk it is very pretty.

This is me Nordic pole walking my husband took these pictures. I am on my 6.4 km walk I try to do this every night but some times I just do not have time.
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