Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today my oldest son was called out on his first forest fire. I did not take it very well. I was excited for him he seemed excited but for me it made me cry all day. I know he will be looked after and common sense tells me he will be okay but tell it to my heart. I don't know if I am more sad about him maybe being gone for 10 days or more or the thought of him at the fire, rattle snakes, talking to strangers... he is only 17. GOD this growing up his hard to do I truly don't think I can do this through 6 kids.
I honesty know I could not make it through sending one of my children to war how do those poor parents do it... they are amazing. I bet they can feel their hearts breaking I know I lost a part of mine today and it can not even compare to what they must be going through.
Call me being dramatic but it honestly feels like my throat is burning, eyes are burning and it feels like my stomach is full of lead. It caused my eyes to see heat waves which is a start to a migraine then the head ache came all day. It truly made me feel exhausted, unless someone has gone through such an an attack of stress I don't think they get it.
The highlight was he was on the news his grandma saw him smiling in the back ground with his arm crossed over his chest, we only saw him with his pink bandanna on the one he wore for Anti bulling day and then we saw him drinking some water in the back ground. We have watch every news story we can find on Jackass mountain fire near Lynton (Not to sure on that spelling) just so we can see him. Then tomorrow my middle son has to be up at 2:30 am for his first day of work he is only 14. No one ever told us being a Mother was going to be so hard.
The good part of the day was my oldest daughter turned 19 today we had a lovely dinner at her Oma's and Grandpa's. It was a turkey dinner and some great desserts. The extra bonus is we get extra Marble cake and the left overs for turkey soup.

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