Thursday, July 03, 2008

Our front yard

Today was a cooler rainy day and our yard looks so full.
The roses are are in full bloom it is quite pretty. Can you see the lovely Honey suckle?
Today was a good day for some book work, cleaning, organizing and a little yard work. I was so chocked I missed my son's call this morning so tomorrow as soon as I wake up I will carry the phone with me. He called tonight he can only call on a pay phone collect he is near Boston Bar. He slept out in a little tent and he did not sleep well. He woke up at 5:30am had breakfast. He walked up Jack ass mountain again this time he went right near the fire and dug a fire guard around it, he then had to help dig out hot spots, stumps etc. he told me burnt his arm on a hot rock and it already formed a blister and popped NICE...sorry.
This is for my family so extra details.
He said it rained quite a bit. He also said his finger is really hurting he cracks his knuckles a lot so I think it is starting to be arthritis and with his hand wet from the rain. He had to put them into the dirt where is was really warm. I have tried to tell them it is not cool to crack but they still do not listen. The men had their lunch brought to them he ate 3 very big sandwiches, Chocolate bars, Candy , Orange juice, apple juice and water. He says he can have any thing he wants at the restaurant where they eat. Poor people he eats soooooooo much. He sounded quite tired but better than last night , last night he kept having to clear his throat. He does not know when he is coming home so it is day by day for us.
Now my middle son did his first day we woke him up at 2:20am showered ate cake and ate more cake for breaky then off he went for 3am down the drive way. He quite enjoyed and is looking forward to next Thursday. He goes to me this morning "You know mom when I was packing up my back, I thought Your little man is growing up. If I had not laughed so hard it would have made me sad but hell I thought he was funny. Have a good night I am off to sleep I am absolutely knackered tonight.
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freshisle said...

Beautiful flowers! I wish I could have roses again. The deer love them too much for them to last in my yard.