Monday, July 21, 2008

New baby

This is my son's new baby she is so tiny and cute.

Having her first bath she smelled so good of roses after we were done
Have a little cat nap.
Today the kids spent a lot of time swimming today playing with the kitten and just have good summer fun. My husband and I picked our cherries off our front tree tonight the cherries were very so big. We will not freeze these ones they are just good eating. I have been staying home lots with both of our older children driving to work everyday I am trying to stay home to save gas the fuel price is crazy. My husband figured out it is 800.00 to fuel up the logging truck......
Here is some very exciting news my oldest sister is coming home for a visit how cool is that yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not seen here for quite awhile she lives in Hawaii. Have a good night.
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Jane said...

OMG.That is a scarey sum to spend on petrol.Over here it is $1.65 per litre [aussie dollars]with prediction s to go up again soon.I fear my kids [when they get their own places] will be living miles from civilisation where they can afford a house, then not being able to drive anywhere to see anybody..............
Your photos are great and I always show my daughter the animal photos she loves them.She has a crazy rescue dog [a terrier]who we all love to bits but he is a little confused.He is slowly getting used to us.Jane