Friday, October 30, 2009

Today I picked up Dalton from school. He had a fever of 102 when he came home it climbed to 102.7 but now it has gone down to 101.9. Thank goodness. I hate it when my kids get sick. This is the boy that Allan and I have had to take to the hospital with 104 fever before. We get there and the doctor tells us to go home and give him Tylenol. So we do not have too much faith in our doctors system.
So no hockey for him this weekend.
I did not go to Jordan's game in Kamloops tonight. I stayed home with Dalton but Allan and the kids went to watch him.
I am off to finish my tea and find my bed. Have a good night.

2010 Winter Olympics

The Olympic Torch has arrived in Canada. That makes me so happy. I am going to leave my TV on for the whole two weeks during the Olympics. It is even more exciting that the Olympics are in British Columbia. YEAH US!! There has been a lot of criticism from people. However that means nothing people love to snivel. It would not matter what decisions were made for our Province someone would not like it. However me! I am proud we are hosting the 2010 Olympics. I hope Canada kicks Ass and we win an amazing amount of medals. The world will be amazed and awed at our beautiful Province.
Be Proud
Be Strong
We are Canadian
I am not sure what my favorite sport will be to watch. I like it all. The Figure Skating, I love the speed skating actually all of it I love it all.
It is such a positive thing for children to watch. When the Olympics are over we will have some beautiful buildings, improved roads, renewed pride and a strong Canada.
Lets pray everyone catches on and make this work for home.
Be Strong Be Canadian

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I feel sick to my stomach. I just do not know what to make of this swine flu. I was just reading about the young boy who passed away this last weekend. Then another young girl has died. Both were healthy. That is a parents worse night mare. I think I am actually scared. Our world is so horrible.
Today Miss Hyacinth had to be picked up from school. No, no swine flu she is fine. Still though I can honestly say it crosses your mind.
Tonight the kids did their Christmas name draw. I will email my family within the week. Sally when you travel to visit for thanksgiving maybe you can deliver some gifts and bring some back. then we can wrap them and put them away until Christmas. A very good idea. Yes?
My husband had half a foot in the bush today. Way too early. Snow above us again. Way too early.
I worked on my Paris book today. At the moment I am trying to flatten it out then I will decide how to bind it. I enjoy making mini books. Quite a lot of fun. I will take pictures when I am done.

Sparkle has been trying to be cute this last week. Very photogenic even though she shredded toilet paper all over the kitchen this morning.
Oh my goodness the dogs have barked the whole night...all night. I woke up and went to look but I can never see anything. So as soon as day light breaks I will go out and look around. We came home late last night after 10pm. Then by the time we went to sleep, plus add the dogs it has made for a long, long night.
Last night my daughter had the time keeping course to teach at the arena. It last a long time. When she was done there was two young girls thirteen still waiting for a ride. They did not have one. We gave them a ride home. I am totally at lost with some parents!!!! It made me so angry if they can not look after their kids they should not have had any. NO EXCUSE!!! there is no way they should have been left their. I wonder if someone would have come to get them or would they have to walk. It was pouring rain, sleet and snow. Dark late and the useless parents at home. If they have to work either do not put the kids in things or sleep in your vehicle and wait like the rest of us. Or arrange for someone else.
Jordan left for Kamloops last night and had a terrible drive over. It makes me sick. He said it was sooo slippery. Thank Goodness for guardian angels.
I should run and make sure my kids are out of bed.
Have a good day and do something Great. Accomplish something awesome. I wonder what I will do today that is Great?
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Monday, October 26, 2009

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There was a pink STORM

Here is a picture from our Men in Pink hockey game.
Rainy drizzly day today. Snow up in the mountains. Seems so early for the snow. It always makes me wonder what our winter will be like. Jordan and my Dad went hunting today. I wonder if they will get anything. I tried to tell them just drive to town at night or early morning and you can get at least two right in front of your truck. It might be a little bruised. But they are there just waiting to mess you up.
Today is catch up day. Time to tidy,check the laundry. Which amazing enough I am keeping caught up on the laundry. I am hooping to fit a walk in with Savannah today. I have to pick up the kids from school as we have a full night at hockey. So I hope to head in a bit earlier to walk.
This morning during chores my ole pig was out just walking around. Then tow chickens got out when I was washing out the water dish. So I had a quick round up all on my own. Then my Emu and I had an argument. He hates change and I was trying to give him a new food dish. So he was called some very choice words (hope no one was listening) man he is an ungrateful bird.
Well I should run and do some house cleaning. Have a good day
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Sparkle relaxing
This weekend has been so full of hockey. All the kids had games we won some and we lost some. I think they all enjoyed themselves. We traveled far, we traveled on good roads.
Saturday night we went to Men in Pink. The Kamloops storm junior B team. It was there fund raiser game for Breast Cancer. It was amazing so many fans all in pink.
They threw T-shirts. We made out lucky and caught two. We bought Jordan's pink jersey and the money goes for a donation. I kept making Allan go up and check to make sure I won it. YEAH ME. However oh my goodness the smell...
Yesterday in the middle of the day Kamloops weather was beautiful. It was really nice. It seemed colder today. I got a chill so bad in the arena today.
I think I am going to make something with all our souvenirs from the Pink hockey game. Plus add 184 pictures. I will plan my mini book and show you when I am done.
I actually have started to knit again at the arena. I am just to doing a basic scarf. No thinking required just straight forward.
Then I have been wanting to make a Christmas stocking out of silk ribbon embroidery so I might start that soon. I like to do a Christmas project.
Well as soon as my kids get home I would like to go to bed. They all went back to the arena to watch their Dad play hockey. Have a good night
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today was the soccer tournament. It went well. The weather was good but by the end of the the cold was setting in. Then I was frozen. The boys had to play five games so I bet they are all knackered tonight. I know Sam is. Sam did a few very dramatic plays. I so wish I had filmed him. Two of the moves were amazing. He is such a fun kid. I think a lot of his trying is he is not afraid to fall.
No school tomorrow. YEAH. The kids are at the arena they have hockey then Allan has a game. So that leaves Sam and I home.
My poor Billy goat died last night. Handsome was a lovely goat. He did not have a mean streak at all in him at all. He has been battling to live since he had a fight with the miserable ram and lost his horn. He would get better then he go down hill for a bit then he would get better. This was his pattern. Now we do not have a buck so not really too sure what I am going to do. I probably will do nothing this winter. Maybe next year look for a few new goats. However I think I will wait and see how work goes first.
Well I should go and get organized so I can call it a day.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here is a crazy potato

We had a little rain today. I think the trees are very happy. I had to do some weeding in the Lavender gardens today. Go figure I thought I could put my hoe away. With the rain and mild weather all the weeds are still right at it. Nice and green.
I managed to fit in a half hour tread mill walk and a half hour stationary bike today. I really have no more time than that and with me taking that little of time I am still watching the clock. I really do not want to meet up with any of these bears hanging around. That is why I am trying to make time for the treadmill.
I am so tired. I really should not write this at night. I will try to make time during the day for my blog.
Tomorrow we have a soccer tournament. I will be at that from around 11:15 on . I hope it is warm and not too rainy. I do not want Sam to get sick.
I have been catching up on hockey emails, sorting hockey papers trying to figure out schedules. You know I just about need a secretary to keep it all in order.
Tanisha scheduled her first driving lesson for this weekend. I will be so glad when she has her license. She really needs to practice. We are not sure what vehicle she will be using. I will be so happy to hand over that job to someone else. I am so done with new drivers I just do not have the nerves for it.
Well I should go get ready for bed. I hope everyone has a pleasant night
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here are two of my children's pictures. They are so beautiful

Look how grown up this boy is.

The days are so amazing how fast they are flying by.
Are day's see to be filled up with soccer, driving to town, hockey, concession duty and planning. It was nice I did not have to go into town until after school time. We were all off to watch soccer
but by the time I had the kids picked up it was over. We missed it. We were going to go to Princeton tonight for a hockey game but my son is sick. I don't think it is the swine flue just the regular kind. My youngest daughter told me only 10- 12 kids were in her class again today. I so hope my kids do not bring the flu home.
I am really having a hard time writing this. I can not stay awake. I think I will go have tea and call it a day.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

This week is the last of soccer. It will be good to be done with one extra thing.
It has been pretty busy here. I have decided I officially hate hockey. It is a good thing no one was around when I received the schedules today. I think it is amazing no one heard me swearing. How does anyone think it is normal. And you know the funny thing is my husband doesn't even acknowledge it...
My next life my kids are not playing hockey.
It always stresses me out and I know it always has a way of happening...
I would like to go to Princeton to see my oldest son tomorrow night. My husband preloaded so it was a go but I just figured out we do not have enough seat out.
Today was a four trip day. I did four trips to town. I guess that is why I never accomplish anything. I did however fit a walk in this evening when I took Sam to hockey. My oldest daughter and I did a 5km walk. We were fine until we were at the top and at the back of our walk when I remembered someone had seen a bear. Then we ran and did a quick grocery run.
Poor Sam cried most of the way home. I think he was just tired and he drank too much water and it gave him a cramp.
Today was a really nice day weather wise. The sun was shining. The rain cleared and it was quite warm. Well I should finish my tea and head to bed. I have been quite tired in the morning.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Today was a busy day. I am so tired. It rained quite a bit today but the temperature was warm. Tonight we had quite a bit of hockey so we were in town. I stayed and watched my oldest daughter play. While Allan went to the other arena. Then the next two days is a lot of juggling with a full schedule of hockey.
My brother in laws oldest son who is sixteen cut off four of his fingers in his woodworking class today at school. He is down in children's hospital now. I have just heard they could not save his fingers. Poor kid. They are going to graft skin from his hips to put on his fingers. Man that has to be tough. I bet he is just sick. The other sad part is Chuck his dad can not even go to see him. That is because Chuck is in the hospital with a bad back has been for the week. Then Chucks girlfriend is also in the hospital right now. Man that is crazy. I am staying away in case it catches. I find all this news a little stressful.
I really need to go to bed my eyes are shutting as I type this. I hope you all have a pleasant evening.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I really do love Fall. It is such a pretty time of year. We seem to take the time to make the house cozy, the smell of wood stoves in the air. Good hearty meals. Homemade soup, stews and roasted chicken. I love to see the wood piles on the door steps and wood sheds bursting at their seems. The hay sheds are full. It gives me such a nice feeling...oh... maybe because it is too cold for the snakes to play....
This morning we were up early had chores done and then I drove the kids in for school. I had a meeting at the high school for Dalton. It was good and now it is done for the year. Now I just have to keep up and make sure home work is done, they like their teachers and that they go to school without contacting the swine flu
I bought grain this morning and pellets for the pellet stove.
I do have to run as I need to go into town. I will stop and see Nana. Then pick up kids drop some off at the arena. Drive home drop some off at home. Head back into town go to the arena. Then come home pick up some more kids then drive back into town to the arena. That will be my day. So have a wonderful day. Take Care
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miss Lulu

Today it snowed. It did not stick to the ground but snow it was. I think it is very pretty but I hate to drive in it. Today I stayed home caught up on the horrible amount of laundry... that we do not know where it came from. We brought over two full tractor loads of split wood. We should be able to bring the rest over soon. I walked down to the bus stop with Miss Lulu. My kids were not overly pleased they had to walk home. It was a nice walk though. Cold!
I put together our Thankful booklet. I still can not get rid of that home made look. I am not sure how to make it look more professional. I am also working on a Paris booklet.
I am trying to stay awake so I won't wake Allan up he has to be up around eleven. I think I am losing though. I am really tired now. I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the short work week. Take Care
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Look at the amazing colours in the river
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Our dinner table you can see Dalton had already started.

Jord harassing Miss Hyacinth
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Thanksgiving Day
It was a full day. Our day started by four am. Allan went off to work then came home and worked on the truck until dinner time. Our dinner time was very early so everyone could go to hockey. I drove Tanisha in early this morning left home at six fifteen am. Nearly hitting two deer. That decided to tip toe ever so daintily across the highway at dawn. I pretty much cooked all day. After our dinner Allan the three of the kids headed to hockey. And, I headed for a walk with the other three. It was so cold outside on our walk.
Here you can see some of the kids still writing on their pages of what they are Thankful for. Then we are going to make a book. It took awhile for some of them to get into it. While others were right into. Even my husband participated in it. Mind you I think he knew better than not to do it.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend here in Canada.
It is a time to think about what we are thankful for. A time to think of our blessings. A time to settle in for the winter months ahead. A time to harvest our gardens. A time to bring in our firewood. And, even a time to start a project. I challenge all of you to start a journal. Nothing Fancy just draw, write, cut out of magazines, add pictures. Just do it. Don't think too hard about it or you will make it too difficult. Just start it. Scrap paper, note books, fancy books, anything you can doodle on paste on .... I am sure you won't regret it. It is so wonderful to go back and look at projects you have made
Today we were up very early to get Tanisha to hockey. Then we had a full day of hockey we left home at 10:15 and did not return until nearly 5pm. Long, long cold day.
Tomorrow we cook our Thanksgiving dinner. Again I will have to rush it to squeeze it into hockey times.
So I hope you all make wonderful memories. Enjoy your family and if you can't be with them phone them or email them.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am back from town now. What an awful drive in. I have never driven the new truck in the dark and I did not know how to run anything. And oh my goodness you should see the horrible dim lights. They really are awful it goes so black. I wonder if anyone can fix that. I think if I end up doing a lot of night driving that will have to change. Yet the bright lights are awesome.
It is still getting colder every hour outside. Very crazy weather.
My oldest son Jordan played in his first game tonight over in Armstrong. He is on the Kamloops Storms junior B team. He was so excited as they already put him on the list on the web site. He scored a goal tonight and was picked first all star for the night. I am so happy for him. He has been struggling with his ankle every since fire fighting when he hurt it. Missed try outs. Then our local team did not want to let him take the second try out even though he made the first cut. He had to let his ankle heal and it is still not right. It aches, aches for him and then really bad when he gets cold.
Well I now should get to bed I have to have Tanisha at the arena for six forty five am... so much for a sleep in weekend. Tomorrow we have four kids have hockey games. I wonder how we will watch them all. Ahh I just know I am going to be cold.
It is cold, it is getting late and I am waiting to drive into to town to pick up Tanisha from the arena. It is hard to believe how chilly it is out there. Our day sure changed from this morning. First we were going to Bridge Lake, then we thought a road trip either to Kelowna, Abbotsford or Kamloops. No we did not go anywhere. Allan did go by himself to Armstrong to watch Jordan play his first hockey game. I wonder how he will do. Jordan's ankle is still very sore. I ended up staying home all day. We move all our animals into one pen. We will see how that will work out. Our little baby alpaca has been chasing poor Harry our Llama around. If they do not settle we will have to separate them. I am trying to keep chores easy for winter.
I wanted to write more but now I have to run to town. Have a good night.

Friday, October 09, 2009

This is my wind chime from Hawaii. My Mom sent it to me. I love nice mail
This is a little display table we have in our family room. It is full of fun stuff. Shells, Lavender, rocks, Sand dollars, feathers. All good stuff we have found.
It is very cold here in the mornings. I have been out three times now and my hose is still frozen. I would like to clean out my duck's water today. They get it so mucky actually in a matter of seconds it is full of mud.
We now have both our fires going so are house is quite tasty warm. My house is clean. I am a much happier person when my house stays clean. I just hope I can keep it this way. Of course there is always Dalton's room I swear pigs are cleaner than him... absolute laziness.
I am off to get ready for town to buy my Thanksgiving dinner makings.
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Can you guess her favorite colour. Her middle name is Tangerine. So it is orange all the way

New movies to watch, candies to eat, cheese cake, Cesar salad, pretend margaritas, Lasagna
fun goodie bags with nail polish, nail files, hair ti's and candy. For the boys potato guns and candy. For the older boy hunting magazine and candy. I think they had fun
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