Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What do you notice all these girls have in common...

A very happy girl

They have very dirty faces from their Molasses block and this girl has wool on her horns ask her why or ask the poor girl who was bunted by her.
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Finished product I love to see something finished then I can plan for a new project.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trying to tell us a story!

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Knitted slippers

YEAH!!!! woo hoooo look I actually made something that worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are not very pretty but they are on my feet and they work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad these worked the knitting was quite tight and my poor left thumb is very sore I would like to make some in some nice wool now but this worked they should last until Mimzy gets hold of them.
Today was a very long I woke up to frozen water it is a good thing I get up early and then I decided to get started on the laundry and found my washing machine water line froze up. I phoned my husband he was choked and came home which he did not have to do but it is unthawed now and those kids had better of learned a lesson on keeping the fire going. Then I have a baby Alpaca down so she and her friends are in the barn with a heat lamp and she is wearing a sweater. We have the camera on them to keep an eye on them. I gave her a needle and she took a tiny bit out of a bottle so we will just have to see in the morning.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

It is extremely cold tonight so we have water running from each tap doors to the cupboards open. We went to town and bought a whole pallet of pellets for the pellet stove at the back so it is nice to know we have a lot during this cold spell. We were gone to hockey tonight we left home at three and the kids did not keep the fire going so now there is a mad panic to keep the fire going. Not a whole lot new I am just about finished my second slipper if I knit a bit before I fall asleep I may be able to finish the knitting part tonight. I will write more tomorrow and I hope to get the camera going again soon I really have not been taking many pictures.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today it warmed up quite nicely so I went for a walk snowshoeing and the sun was brilliant that made the snow sparkle it really was quite lovely. I have not taught the dogs to say off my snow shoes or Cowboy stopping to get ice out of his paws right in front of me. I saw some different tracks on my walk some were coyote, some looked like rabbits but one looked like a hoof not sure what that would be.
I am knitting slippers and I will be very excited if I figure it out I love those hand made slippers but they are really hard to find sometimes.
I realized I am an extremely slow knitter I have the attention span of a 2 year old I knit a row then I stop then I try to go again and then I stop yup very slow. I think I hate sitting down it makes me extremely sleepy. I have had my wood stove burning for a full week it is amazing how much wood we have used. Well must run talk to you all soon.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have been having computer troubles so it has taken me all day to get on the Internet. Before I write about anything I want to say
Happy Birthday to a very special little girl and I thought about you all day having fun swimming with all your friends. I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today we went to the case lot sale and stocked up on some canned food, cereal, porridge, and sugar it is nice to fill the cupboards. I have been tiding up my wool sorting trying to find room to work with my Mohair in my Glass room since it is too cold outside or for outside office.
Last night we went to Kamloops to watch my oldest son play hockey they won, it was their last league game my son got a goal and an assist I thought they all played really well.
It has finally warmed up it was only -11 this morning so that is much better for doing chores I actually thought we would get snow when it armed up but we didn't. Well I should send an email to the birthday girl before my computer decides to act up again. Have a great night.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is the night light in our hall ever since we had our oldest daughter we have a light on in the house at night. I just love this light it is so much fun. We our having a whole week of very cold weather I will just get used to it and it will warm up. I do hope it is a warm March as we are kidding and I find the baby Angora goats do not do well in the house.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have been having computer troubles for two days so I have been backing up photo's, printing and burning pictures onto disks just in case the computer crashes. I have also finished my scarf that is going to Europe so I just have one more to do and I think I am ready to try a feather and fan scarf again well maybe I'm ready.
Last night I could not sleep so I got up try to fix the computer, kept wood in the fire and knit finally at 3:45 am I turned the light off fell asleep but then woke up at 5:10am. I am quite tired tonight so when any of my children look sleepy I am off to bed.
Tomorrow I am staining cupboards it will be good to get that job done.
Today Mimzy went to my side of the bed grabbed my ball of wool that was still attached to the scarf he took it through my room down the hall around the broom under the couch through the living room and then he would not give it to me. I did eventually get it and had to roll it back through the same route the dog took.

Friday Night Fun

This is what was happening around our house last Friday we had card games, card making game playing and three at hockey.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Art work

My oldest daughter painted this picture for her boyfriend of them skating at New Years and it actually looks like them.

Cards we have been making

I made this card at a workshop on Sunday

Trying out new stamps
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Today was a full fun day it started out my husband headed to Princeton to watch my middles son's game and bring him home. My son won a MVP somewhere in the tournament and he had fun. Then my youngest son had his last game of his tournament which they one it is only their second game they have won and they were very excited. Me on the other hand was a mess my nerves get shot my hands shake my stomach muscles ache, it short air breathing... Oh I hate having a Goalie. I can watch all my kids play except my oldest son and my youngest son they totally stress me out. Then after rounding up all my children I went to a card making workshop which was fun I don't really know that many people so I am little out of my league but fun still. I made a valentine card and tasted some lovely samples of fruit and veges and dip they were also selling off their discontinued stamp sets and I bought some very fun snowmen. Then it was home again for me to start supper unthaw ( It totally froze today) Then my kids followed later after the hockey game in town they all got in free because it was minor hockey week.
My poor husband went out at 3:30 to work on his logging truck and it is now 9:30 and he is still working on it and his supper is still waiting.
My youngest son is very cuddly tonight needs lots of hugs... actually all the boys seem to be??? Not my girls though sailing around full of it.
Well must run I need to iron my oldest son's suit for his grad pictures tomorrow, Oh yeah and his dogs bandanna he is going for grad pictures too. Can you believe second one graduating.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have decided I am totally lacking in taking pictures just no time lately. Last night we had a mixed night one of my son's in Princeton in a tournament, two kids at the hockey game in town, one made some very lovely cards, one rolled around played games and ate all night that would be the youngest one who was tired but would let himself go to bed and now he is regretting it because he has to be at the arena at 5am. Then my youngest daughter was full of piss and vinegar all night malling her dad making him have a party with her with hot chocolate ice cream and cookies then pulled out the cards and made him play cards!
My dad gave us a bucket of firewood and some of it was Fir full of pitch it is amazing just like gas so we have to keep it separated and only put one piece in at ta time and it smells so good. It reminds me of the bush when I was little we would go to work with my dad he was a logger and my mom would make us a picnic in a brown paper box always had a cucumber and chocolate bars. we would have a little knife and cut the cucumber and pour salt on it Usually we would make sandwiches and sometime in the winter hot dogs. Anyway the point about the fire is the smell there is a certain smell of fire that brings back all these wonderful memories. I just love it and then sometimes when my husband brings the logging truck home loaded the smell of the trees is wonderful. There are certain fires just calling for a marshmallow or a hot dog. Well as much as I would love to tell you more memories I have to be at the arena so I can hide behind my knitting as it stress me out way to much to watch my little goalie who has now run 90 miles at school.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just a quick note to touch base I just got home from the arena so it is time for tea and then try to get to bed earlier. Today was a day painting and I will do a bit tomorrow but I must run to town in the morning first. Not a whole lot new working with some lovely wool making a shawl it is much easier to manage than the blanket I am knitting it is getting to big for the arena. Have a wonderful night

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today flew by I got a little painting done , went to town, went to hockey and before you know it is bed time. I put in some more photos in our Christmas album I just need to do our New Years day dinner then Christmas 2007 is done. I am starting to work on a mini album for Mimzy for my middle daughters purse it is really cute. So now she can show him off.
I bought some supplies to make some chocolates for my kids for Valentines chocolate covered cherries Oh my gosh I could eat them all. Well must run talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brrr....It's cold outside

Today the sun was shining bright but it was very cold all day. While I was doing chores this morning I actually had to come in because I could not feel my toes.

Today we got a lot of painting done we are definitely getting ahead. Then tonight I manged to get caught up on laundry, clean house do a little spinning, and made several pages in our Christmas album. My goal this year is to print out photo's maybe not all 11,500 but most of them and it would be ideal if I could get them into scrap books.
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Tonight I had a horrible trip home from hockey when I left it was clear and roads were wet but bare but oh my goodness my husband phoned me that he was coming to the arena and I was to go home IT WAS CRAZY!
There was a lot of snow on the road but the driving was okay but it was snowing so hard and blowing wind in every direction I honestly could not see or know where the road was you could not see the other vehicle's coming until you were right at them and then to come around a corner to two semi's stopped on the road. Oh my gosh I still feel sick and my insides are shaking I am not a good winter driver. If I know I am the only one on the road I"m okay but not to be able to see is very, very scary. If the roads are bad I am not going any where tomorrow.
My oldest daughter and I are slowly winning on the painting at my mom and dad's the living room walls are done but the fireplace is slower than molasses in the middle of winter! Tomorrow is the hall down the stairs and the main kitchen wall and more fireplace.
Today when I went to town I arranged a few dry grad donations, picked up a donation for my youngest son's tournament so all is good.
I have started a shawl and I think it will be quite pretty and I have also tried to start another one at least 10 times now and it is to have two holes in the middle all the way up the shawl well mine does not, it is just that the damn holes are crooked. I never get it straight I always take the scenic route.
Well I am off for some reason the spell check is not working so just ignore any mistakes because the box I type in is too small for me to check it over.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two very Lovely Girls

Tonight I found myself wishing it was summer, dreaming of nice weather, no hockey, no school, no schedule... My goats were so clean this summer . I spent some time out in the barn yesterday sorting some wool getting it ready to ship out. As I was admiring my goats I realized if one was missing I would be none the wiser they all look the same and they won't stand still for a second for me to count. So I have given my dad the job of doing the daily count if you were to come up to me and ask me how many goats do you have I would have to lie NO IDEA or maybe I am just giving it a mental block so I don't have to admit it to my husband:) I do think on our property we are around 45 goats 8 Alpaca's 1 Llama 1 donkey 1 horse 2 cows 1 duck 1 emu 30 chickens 1 parrot 5 cats 10 dogs 1 pot bellied pig 16 rabbits 6 kids and 4 adults. We have definitely cut down a few years ago we had WAY more.
My favorite time of year is slowly coming up Spring I love all the new babies, the trees awakening, the snow going even thought it is pretty, the snakes are still sleeping...
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Spinning with Gold thread

In this photo you can see the fine gold thread I am using to ply my soy silk yarn.

Here is the two I am using to make the yarn I am thinking of making a shawl but I have a whole bunch more to spin. I will take a break from this fibre so I can spin the stuff I need for the retreat in February. Tonight I finished my hat I had to totally wing it, because I truly did not know what I am doing.
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today I started painting at mom and dad's house I got the primer on the living room and tomorrow afternoon I will start the main colour. It should be quite nice painting is awful boring but the end result is lovely.
After I right this blog post I think I will spin for a bit and them maybe knit on my hat for awhile if I can stay awake. My two oldest children are in town at Boston Pizza with friends and watching the Canucks game that is fun for them.
I have several thing s I would like to do, one is try this new shawl pattern I just got from my friend and one is also to finish my hat but there is just so many interests in my life and so little time to play. Well I should run so I can go play. Have a wonderful night

Christmas album

I have been working on our 2007 Christmas Album, it has been fun. I realized tonight we take way too many photo's at the moment in our computer there is over 11,500 photo's. Oh do we have some wonderful pictures and I can't delete one.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Today I went spinning and got some pointers on my hat that I am making slow very, very slow process. However if and when I finish it I will be quite pleased with myself I am using my own Mohair so it makes it even more special.
I think my late nights are catching up on me I am absolutely knackered and I need to go to bed. I just feel though if I stay up late I get a bit of time to do something fun like knit, scrapbook or make cards. I don't take the time during the day it is always busy with real things to do!
I have printed out all our Christmas photo's and now I have to figure out how to arrange them and make the page look nice.
My youngest son has three more laps to do on his running then he will have finished up his latest card and he will have run 75 miles pretty cool. I told him if he hits 150 miles we will have a party.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What a busy day I cleaned all day never quit for a minute but man oh man is my bedroom clean. I also sorted filing cabinets, files and desk sounds like no big deal ...think 6 kids 5 in school all love to craft, school papers, a business to run from same desk, and a very creative bunch of crafters. Then it was off to hockey got home after 9:30 pm make tea and bed or at least I will until I get side tracked.
The back of my legs hurt so bad from my snow shoeing it is funny how something new like that takes awhile to get used to.
Tomorrow I am off to town to a spinning meeting and a few errands then we have hockey again the same time in the evening.
I hope to get someone to show me my next steps on my hat I am making how to decrease and I also have to decide if I am going to a retreat in February. Well must go have a wonderful night.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Today was a good day a lot done, a little fun and the sun was shining. The temperature dropped last night and it was very cold this morning but by 10am it was still cold but very beautiful and sunny. After I got back from town this morning I cooked supper for the evening the kids have to it by 4pm for hockey, did some dry grad stuff, cleaned, laundry, then I went snow shoeing for my first time. Let me tell you it is no easy task I put the snow shoes on inside because I had never done it before so it took away to figure them out then I had to get outside down the stairs which really is no big deal if you don't have a 150lb dog sitting on the back of your snow shoe smiling up at you. After nearly falling on my face I made it over to our two border collies untied them and off for a walk. It is hard to get used to snow shoeing not very lady like. So I went off in the hunt for deep snow; I marched to the back of our property ran into a coyote who was not afraid of us so I had to keep an eye on him the snow is so loud as it is icy, it crunches so loud very un-relaxing and then it gets quite steep up back again no big deal if I did not have Cowboy walking on the back of my snow shoes the whole way up!
It was really quite fun and I hope to get time again soon.
I actually lucked out I was ready to go to hockey just going out the door when my son said he would take the drive my oldest daughters boyfriend home because he was off to the arena to work anyway. So I got to stay home catch up on my books but by looking at the time now I must go to bed no time to start a project sometimes the days are just not long enough but there is always tomorrow.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Somebody is growing!

Mimzy looking rather dashing in his orange collar.

This little guy is growing up too, here he is in his new suit and off to hockey. I wonder how long it will be until the knees are worn out, blood and rips on the arms....
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Yesterday we went to Kamloops after my husband went to work we bought groceries, chapters, and Micheals it was very quick but fun. We then stayed in town until after 11pm for hockey. Today was a full day of games 3 in a row in town and my oldest son is playing in Armstrong for a tournament. He phoned and sounded quite sad or not really sad just down they had won their game and my son got 3 goals but instead of being pleased with his effort he over heard some parents talking about him. Part of me wants him to walk up to them and ask them what they said right out I am sure they didn't mean for him to hear but he is just a kid and is intimidated by them. No matter what he does is not good enough if he has an opinion, and idea or is excited about something the kids say your a show off you think your good, if he isn't excited or low key they say he does not care about the team or as one person put whats they matter you play one game for Sicamos and your to good for your team now and that was because he said hi in the way of HEY. I could continue but it makes me angry and I am the first to say my kids are not perfect but NO ONE is in this world ... Oh of course the few who think they are Gods gift to the world. I think people forget that one day these kids will grow up and I hope he gets the courage to tell these very ignorant people what he thinks of them. I would never ever go to the arena and put down someones kid down kids are damned if they do or damned if they don't. I wanted to go ever there so bad but we would not have made it in time for his game I truly hate rep parents and I vow never to be one.
I have still been sorting out craft stuff and little more to do, and at the arena I continued working on my blanket it will be very beautiful. Well I should get ready for bed have a Great night.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

We spent most of the day in town we had to have the van in and found out both front tires are separating so we were all in the truck until 4:30 not too much fun and we found out we have to buy 4 new tires and have the van in town in the morning which is no big deal except it has rained all afternoon and into the evening and now it is freezing. We sat in the eye doctors from 2:30 until 4:40 now that was not much fun but the kids were real good and all of them had very good eye sight eyes were good except Tanisha now has to wear her glasses all the time which is so weird!!!!! and I don't have to wear mine at all any more which is very weird but I knew I could not wear them it was like I was on stilts.
I had a fun visit tonight my daughters boyfriend came out and we were checking out my craft room and looking through all my very wonderful, magnificent supplies. We had so much fun and even the kids joined in then she ended up taken my oldest son into town so he can catch a ride first thing in the morning for his hockey tournament that way if the roads are to bad I won't have to rush. Well I should get to bed. Have a good night.


Here is the craft part of the laundry room finished. I think it is much better now.

I still have some sorting to do but overall it is better.

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This is our laundry/craft room before. I took everything out then started to paint it and realize I really hate painting.

Mess, Mess, Mess!

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