Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not too sure about this strange weather jumping around.
It was down right beautiful today.
The sun was shining, bright sky and a lot warmer.
Today we had a very cute little boy who we took out in his wagon. He loved to be pulled outside in the wagon. It was funny he was not too sure of the Guinea hens i had parked him near them and he made a funny face and pretended to cry.
Since my kids had a home day while baby was sleeping my older kids watched him so I could go outside and do a few things. It is nice to be able to get outside in the mild weather.
My one son crossed country skied today, then both of the boys helped start the beginnings of my dad's wood shed.
Well it is running late my plan with this post is to post it tomorrow and save it as a draft. I have never done that before but I am hoping it will give me more time to keep the blog more updated.
Good Day
It is amazing here today Sunny, warm so perfect if it would last.
Today is my Dad's birthday, we baked a cake, made butter tarts and had a visit.
Today my kids are home from school which is nice. It is nice for them to unwind, hang out and play.
Sigh Sam is trying to be quiet while I type this
Baby is sleeping
Sam is like a bull in a China Shop, he does not know how to be quiet.
I swear he even breathes loud!!
Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another week is flying by.
 I will be glad to see the snow go as nice as it looks it can go by the middle of March.
 Today really was a nice day.
I have cleaned off my table again as another set of projects is done.
I think I may start to paint a few things tomorrow, I am redoing my little Lavender House so I need a few things redone.
Thank Goodness it is the end of the first semester for the kids, I thought it would never end. Every single day was a battle to get them to school. I hope with all my heart our school district does not go to school all year.
 Oh my goodness my life would be a nightmare I could not even imagine.
Our sheep look really good the ewes have grown so much, they really are big sheep.
 Any time after March 17th lambs could start.
Well I do need to run I have an early start and I need to be on time to pick up a very cute little boy.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am not enjoying the fact I can not put pictures on the blog. It is just over my head. Too funny I just wrote that last sentence and thought I would give it a try. And, it worked.
My days are filled with a very cute little boy. He is so sweet, so busy not a lot gets done but I know I am blessed to be with him.
Today our weather warmed up so much which is kind of nice as we have been in a steady cold spell for awhile. I think when this snow melts we will have a huge mess.
Yeah so excited about the pictures again.!!
We separated the Ram yesterday, we start lambing any time after the seventeenth of March. We also kept two young lambs in the barn as the tiniest one is very behind growing and she is favoring her back leg. So we will keep her in and spoil her a little extra.
I have been making buttons not sure why just something fun to do. I will take a picture and show you soon. 
Hope all is well with you.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Morning I am testing how to add pictures. The blog will not let me add any from my computer. I am thinking it may be time to find another blog outlet. I liked this one as it was simple not it is not so simple.
Feel free to visit our web site.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The days sure have a way of slipping by me. I get up and before I know it is bed time.
 We are back in the swing of things school, hockey, and grandson. However work is slow so that is not cool.
I am basically just coasting do everyday things and I worry endlessly at night about work and money.
We have gone to Kelowna a few times to visit our daughter in College.
 So that is very new in our life. She seems to quite like it and even is going for a job interview this morning.
Fingers crossed.
Our farm is under a lot of snow it has been chilly but beautiful.
I was going to post pictures but I see the blog has changed so I will have to figure it out.