Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another week is flying by.
 I will be glad to see the snow go as nice as it looks it can go by the middle of March.
 Today really was a nice day.
I have cleaned off my table again as another set of projects is done.
I think I may start to paint a few things tomorrow, I am redoing my little Lavender House so I need a few things redone.
Thank Goodness it is the end of the first semester for the kids, I thought it would never end. Every single day was a battle to get them to school. I hope with all my heart our school district does not go to school all year.
 Oh my goodness my life would be a nightmare I could not even imagine.
Our sheep look really good the ewes have grown so much, they really are big sheep.
 Any time after March 17th lambs could start.
Well I do need to run I have an early start and I need to be on time to pick up a very cute little boy.


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