Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fun Times
We have been relaxing, skating, hanging out, trying to find our messy house

We have quite a bit of snow, we warmed up to -1 this afternoon. That made for a nice break.
I am hoping to try snowshoeing tomorrow.
 I will let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas
A busy time here at the farm. Our kids are all home they have been skating, tobogganing, laughing, playing joking it has been fun.
School was out late this year so it made it a bit more of a whirl wind but now they have a lot of playing time.
We have quite a bit of snow, it is very bright out. With the sun shining we need sunglasses on today.
My house looks like a bomb has gone off a really bad mess.
Enjoy your Christmas Holiday


Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Sheep are quite happy it is funny how they always walk in a line. This is the first time I have had sheep who want to sleep in the shelters. I guess it is because they have less wool. They seem to be in really nice shape. The coyotes have been right along the fence line though which is a little nerve wracking.

The skating rink is having a hard time this is the second time I have started in our weather is really jumping around. All I need is it to be around for Christmas holidays for the kids.

Salem is growing so big he is really lovely. A very happy cat as soon as he gets near someone or picked up he purrs so loud. Oh and guess what he has learned to catch himself a bird :( I wish he would take a liking to mice.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Rain, rain and rain
Wow if this rain had been snow we would be digging out for days.
Christmas Spirit has found us, our tree is up and  a bit of Christmas cheer in decorations around the house.
Our two older boys went out and found the tree, it is perfect.
 It looks really lovely.

The Lavender house is decorated it is cozy and nice.
Our ice rink is gone only puddles.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Good Sunday Morning raining so much rain! if it would be snow you would not see us for a year.
The good part of the no snow it is way safer for my kids for driving. Today’s agenda after the usual coffee, farm chores I think it should be pictures of the Christmas tree in the Lavender House.
 Bring our Christmas tree in and set it up this part worries me, it is usually my husband’s job but he is off on a road trip.
So I will need supplies of a tree, stand, hammer, wood to level, binder twine string in case I need to tie it up, nails and lots and lots of lavender for calming when it leans too far and topples...
I dream every year how wonderful the tree will look and every year well it kind of looks like someone threw up the ornaments on it.
And, plus it does not help when my children hang half eaten cookies by string or a tooth brush off it :)
I hope you have the most wonderful, pleasant, stress-free Sunday EVER!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A chill in the air.
Our weather really has been beautiful, we so can not complain.
Last night we started our skating rink maybe a bit premature only time will tell.

Our Grandson's Christmas Stocking I made for him

Our Grandson's First Birthday
And, we have been dealing with this for a month :)
As usual the time is flying by. This poor blog is on the back burner but no fear we are still here.
Sheep are doing well they seem quite content, they are enjoying roaming around picking at the fields but are steady at the hay feeder.
Little Salem the lavender Kitty is growing like a weed, a bad weed.
He is full of happiness and badness.
The work load is slowing down on the farm which is nice.
After our crazy intense summer we need it.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The days are changing we have had quite nice weather compared to other places. The last few days quite a bit of rain has hit us. I have been using my time moving gravel. The walk way to the lavender house is in progress. If I could only get those pine needles to leave.

We have removed quite a few but it really is never ending.
The Ram was put out with the Ewes in October, we will be wintering a total of sixteen. As soon as we moved the sheep into a nice green field the rain started so that was short lived, they were not sleeping under the trees for shelter. We moved them back and the field they are in now is where they will be for Winter.  I would love more but it is the hay feeding that keeps that number down.
Sam has been busy with hockey it is nice with him being the only one in minor hockey. He has been traveling a lot with his Uncle as my husband is on the road a lot and lately has been hardly home.
The last year has been a blur for us Allan a way all the time. For me I just keep working really hard so my mind stays exhausted and I can't think too much.

Salem kitty is growing up! He is really cute and quite bad. A very happy little guy.
I hope he finds out he wants to catch mice. The mice are on the move again so we have been working with that.
Well I must run Kids have dentist appointments today and I watch our Grandson today. Yes, that means dribbles, wet kisses and lots of love.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today I took some photos of the Lavender house with my Iphone so I can have some fun with them.
 I will post them up over the next while.
As the weather changes and the lavender sleeps I will not have as many wonderful garden pictures so I will try to be creative.
 I picked up an Antique cash register that is at around 60 years old and about 75 pounds it is amazing, awesome and oh so wonderful.
 I had wanted to paint it but my kids think I should leave it as it is in all its antiquey glory!!
Pictures soon.
 Have the most wonderful night

We finally found our rain.
I bet the trees, plants and Lavender are inhaling it! It was amazing how dry it was. When it is daylight I will go outside and see how everything made out.
Today I will finish labeling the fibre we have Mohair, wool, Alpaca, wool blankets & wool socks. Our yarn is in 2ply we have some locks of Mohair (Angora goat) in colour to add to your spinning or crafts/felting.
We have some nice cotton. I will add more to the shelves as I get more organized.
 The fibre is in one area on the loom in the Lavender house. Another area is culinary, and then bath/creams, one area for soaps.
 It is hard to know how to set it up.
I am planning on turning out the Ram after a few more frost, I will wait to make sure he does not bloat on the grass. We also need to be finished in the fields as the Ram has turned into a jerk over the summer.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Turkey dinner for us with mashes potatoes, carrots, salad, gravy, spice muffins and ice cream.
We are squeezing a hockey tournament in for Sam he is playing on league up for the Midget Reps.
The day is warm, sunny and so beautiful.
I just came in from hunting around my Peacock pen for feathers. I wonder if I could paint a picture of them?
Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oh my goodness it is amazing how fast the time is flying. I have been away from the Blog for ages and yet I have been no where but here! All my outside projects are slowing down, garden planted soon it will be time to roll up the hoses.
I still have an amazing amount of weeds to deal with.

Uhh you should see the pine needles wow they are crazy...

Yesterday I was talking to the sheep, looking them over and do they ever look Great. Big healthy Ewes. I feel confident about them going into the winter.
I have not decided when I am turning out my Ram, he has a bit of a bunting streak so I am stalling until we are finished in the fields.
Here is Salem he is growing nicely.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Morning
A quick hello today, I was reading some gardening blogs this morning and I thought I should do an update, stories on our farm. I have put the blogs on the back burner as we have been so busy.
We are still watering here on the farm it was getting quite dry with our lovely hot fall weather. It is quite different now with our cold Springs and Hot falls.

I am hoping my husband makes it home today he has been gone for over a week, he should pull in later today or tonight?? maybe!
The sheep seem content and the last two goats are starting to settle, they all were lost for a week after we sold the last load.
I am off for coffee with my dad then chores and planting Lavender.
Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Morning the sun is up shining so bright.
We are having some amazing weather. It is really wonderful it makes me wonder how long it will last though.
Today I hope to remove piles of old grass, lay down more garden fabric, transplant a couple of roses and finish some things up.
My son found this snail while digging holes for the new trees. We do not find this type of thing often. I must have imported him here in plants.
 And, then there is my house it needs some serious work huh that's what I get for working outside all summer.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are Falling into place, even with the beautiful weather it is changing. The pine needles are just waiting for a good wind so they can fall and make my life miserable. When I look up at all the brown needles it just makes me want to cry. so, so , so many needles...
We are finishing up some projects with the Lavender then I must not do anymore projects. I really need to go pick up my hay. I feel like I am just so past it and I really wish it could be delivered. We have had coyotes and bears starting to hang around so we are keeping a good watch on the sheep.

Hockey has started, school is in full swing. I few days a week I go into to town to watch my Grandson. I sure do love that boy. We have so much fun together.
Now I most go and encourage my son to dig holes...many, many holes.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Beautiful Fall
Cool nights hot days but I hear it is changing. We are still working like crazy on the farm. Plowing fields, for the new lavender garden. My dad is awesome. It has been incredible hard work but man oh man is he winning. Oh The Dreams.. i have

Salem is a wonderful kitten so full of life and fun. He is really a happy cat with quite the personality. When you cuddle him he smells of lavender. I think he is in a state of mellowness as he lives in the Lavender drying house.

Peace is what this picture shows
Except the pump quits working every time the power goes out and it will not restart. Sigh .. I just get it going again and off it shuts down.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Today the kids go back to school.
 I do hope some enthusiasm hit them by eight am!!
 Only two kids left in high school now, pretty crazy.
 We have two in college one in her second year of Business and one in her first year of ECG.
It was a nice summer but extremely fast and that would be because of the huge work load I gave myself. I think with the bulk of the projects I wanted done I am hoping the now it will be just the usual keep up and the never ending of cleaning I never seem to win with.
We are in the process of plowing up a chunk of field for the Lavender( when I say we I mean Dad, I Cheer and encourage him on).
 I also had a nice visit with my sister this summer she had come down for a week in August.
Over the next couple of weeks I need to do some good house cleaning I have been outside all summer and the house looks like it. I need to do some book work and all that not so fun stuff.
Yesterday while my middle daughter and I were watching our Grandson we see the sheep out and about in the yard. They had snuck out the gate where we were plowing. It is time to get the sheep in deworm and check them all over.
Well enjoy the start to your September.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer is flying by it has been busy but oh so good. So many projects started and finished, a little drama with the cougar, raccoon and such. The animals are all okay now a lot of grass for them. The new sheep are fitting in.
The kids are all well, a positive summer that is for sure.
School in less than a week and only two kids attending but two kids attending college!!
The gardens have done well in spite of the cool start. However in my herb garden sunflowers sure took over I think I will have to learn to pull some of those out next year. With so much building this summer my gardens did not get 100% attention.
Oh the lavender did though.
The Lavender business is going really good. People are starting to find us, the plants grew wonderfully.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Only 3 degrees here this morning that is way too close to freezing.
That is our typical crazy Canadian weather. It could just down right depress me thinking of snow, shoveling snow, cold, driving on ice, arenas... I had better get outside and enjoy the last few weeks.
I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing day today.
 What will you do?
 Squeeze something awesome into your day.
 Take Care

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good day there is fall in the air.
A sweater was needed last night and this morning.
 I do love fall but I am so not ready to give up my summer. I realize I write a lot about the jobs and the work that is being done and needs to be done. On a farm, yes there is a great deal of work, never ending, same over and over.
And, yet it is so satisfying.
 Nothing better than being out in Nature every day, hands dirty good ole hard work to keep you grounded
. As it is work ~ it is relaxing, it is pretty and it is home.
This cold air has made me think decorating with Pumpkins :)
Oh the Inspiration is everywhere

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good Morning.
Another hot sunny day ahh love summer.
Today I am off to support "A chance at change in 1 day" soccer game at CMS.
There will be hot dogs/water for a $1.00 all going to Ethiopia. Wonderful cause some very special children won over my daughter. If you’re local come on by.
 It will be fun and a very hot day!
The day turned out wonderful they raised over $500.00.
It was hot, extremely hot.
 The soccer players seemed to have fun.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

An amazing Good Morning!
 I am off again this morning this time to the fire base to pick up my truck. I have been most of the summer truckles...I think she will need a wash and polish to make her sparkle!
 We sure can feel fall in the air here ugg how does it happen so fast you know fall means school and hockey. Two worst things ever, however on that note I hope your day today is full of love, magic, Inspiration and Lavender.

Yesterday the kids and I took my Mom to the airport.
 Ahh I had to drive from the airport through Kelowna-to the mall- through Kelowna some more-to a fast food restaurant-over the Coqu.
For some you would say so what for me my husband has drove for the last 25 years.
I have so lost my confidence it makes me want to throw up.
 No I won't try it in the winter but I did it and I know where the mall is now :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Warm, sunny days here. The sheep seem content in this photo, they have settled down a bit now. The cougar was caught a few days ago. The goats are still spooked. They were getting better then yesterday there was a bad dog fight over at our neighbors and now they are scared again.
It has seen a change in the weather even though it is still very hot in the day it drops quite cool at night and early morning. I am not ready to let summer go yet. Enjoy the last few weeks of school holidays

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We have been having some wild thunder storms here. Crazy!
I hope your summer is going well mine is going way to fast. Quite sad really darn school is really, really really close. My fire fighter has been kept quite busy which is great for him the fires have not been too big, so not too much damage. (I don't think anyways).
We are having trouble with a Cougar it has killed one lamb two goats and way too close for comfort. It was right next to our front yard, right up above our house and right in the barn yard. I heard it was stalking one of our neighbors last night. stressful
Well on the that note have a wonderful day

Sunday, August 05, 2012

There is not one flower I do not like they are all beautiful.
 I have favorites.
 I would like one of each please.
 But, do you know I really think hens and chicks are quite amazing~they are very forgiving, they don't care if they get stepped on, they don't care if they do not get watered, they land feet down and start new roots no protesting, they will grow in a tiny flower pot, they will grow in a ring around a tree. They will produce offspring without any hassle.
As simple as they are and quite over-looked I really like them.
Perfect for a nice display but short on water.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Good Morning it is hard to believe it is August 1st.
Wow July flew by that would be because of my amazing projects. Now for August I hope to slow it down, enjoy more quiet time.
 I am not very good at all at doing nothing! So it may be a challenge. I will let you know how that works out.
 We must finish up with this last garden so that is on the agenda today.
 I hope you have an amazing day take a moment to check out the Olympics those athletes are unreal. The dedication is amazing
This is our Olympics
Happy Summer

Monday, July 30, 2012

Another busy weekend, we went on a day trip to Armstrong to pick up five more Ewes for our herd.
 Quite nice girls and a good size.
 It really is a lovely drive so pretty.
The little town we went to had a storm come through Friday there were trees down, tree branches about. The sad part was seeing some of the cut hay fields under several inches of water. Wow what a waste. The other hay was being turned and it was yellow.
Our herd is at nineteen now so not too bad of a count, a good number for us. I would like to raise a breeding stock so I am going to research the breed on improvements. I may invest in another ram next year.
This is last summers picture. We do not have any wool sheep on the farm now. I miss them but our shearing time was tough our Springs so hard for the animals. This new breed of sheep so far have been quite good.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today was a serious GOOD day! I accomplished an amazing amount of work, so excited. It was one of those day where it all fell into place it was a good moment. Don't let it fool you, my days are not for the light hearted we work from sun up and sun down but Oh Man am I winning! I even get to smell the lavender while I work. And, my hands are back to normal!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I do not have the most lady like hands on a good day. I work hard every single day. My hands are in dirt, moving hay, pulling weeds. My hands use a hammer, my hands paint. My hands are washed many, many, many times in a course of a day. However this is one to go on record. Horrible spray foam all over them, now dried and nasty.
Not the most lady like look I will tell you.
It will not stop me onto my next project.
I hope you have a wonderful glue free day!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today another valuable lesson was found. Do not use foam insulation without gloves. Do not try to pick it up and replace it. I have tried paint thinner, soap and hot water, nail polish remover, some orange hand cleaner. I wonder how I am going to sleep. In case you are wondering how am I typing...I have plastic wrap on my hands.:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Only 10 degrees this morning.
 Wow that is a dramatic change. I sure hope our summer is not over.
We have had a lot of thunder storms the ski yesterday just grumbled all afternoon.
 It has been different around here everyone coming go mostly going and mainly me home. The kids growing up sure did happen fast. I am okay with it because they are all happy. The hard part is my husband gone so so much that is new and I am not sure if I like it. yes, we need him to work but...
My projects are going well, slow. The lavender harvest is half way it would be way better if I could quit cutting my fingers. The scissors get me so fast and there is nothing good with trying to work with band aids on all your fingers :)
I hope your weekend is going well. Take time to do something fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I hope you are enjoying yourself
relax and smell the flowers

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We are enjoying summer.
The hot beautiful weather. We have been having a lot of thunder and lightening which we do not usually get.
Projects, dreams and work all happening on the farm.
The animals seem to be well. Enjoying the abundance of green grass, the warm days. The goats fly a hundred miles an hour at the first rain drop.

I hope your summer is going well.
 Take the time do something you enjoy

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer is upon on the gardens are full we just need the sunshine to stay more than a second.
We are busy building.
My family is a bit sick of me with my projects so I had better not pick such hard ones for the next while.
Sheep are molting which looks very funny. We do not shear this breed.They all seem quite content.
My ram is proving to be a jerk. Amazing how lovable he is one minute and tries to get me the next.

My goats look amazing. So bright and shiny even brown goat is doing well. She looks old but she sure is loving the summer. I must make sure she does not get bred this winter. I think that will be best for her. No easy task though.
The goats are so bad though. They climb on everything working the fences constantly.
One thing when we had the Angora Goats they were rough on each other but actually really well behaved.
Well off to run the farm.
Have a wonderful day.
my oldest brothers
Happy Birthday Glen.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hope your day was fun and full of Celebration!
We worked on my new project. I am very grateful for my sons and husband who helped me.
I sure do wish I could do it myself though. Ahh get me up on a ladder and I get all wobbly. I hate it, I have so much I want to do and can't.
Well I am off to bed tomorrow our oldest daughter celebrates her birthday.
Cake for us!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

 A busy Grad weekend! Our middle son graduated so proud of him. It was a whirl wind of a weekend with trips to Kamloops, visiting, usual chores, school exams plus the usual grad stuff.
All our children were home it was lovely.
We have four kids graduated now. How cool is that only two to go. Not Bad!!
Hmmm I hope the next two go smoothly. ...
We have had horrible weather lately.
Great storms terrible thunder and lightening.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How are you going to celebrate the next two days.
First Day of Summer
Take time to be out in Nature
Find Peace
Center yourself

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yeah for a beautiful, sunny and not soo windy day.
Finally it has been so miserable here. We had a nice weekend but went by so fast. My husband was home which was nice, he is on the road a lot lately. The only sad moment we had was we did attend a funeral of a good family friend.
We did power shopping of grad shoes, handkerchief and suspenders and a grad gift. We put up the beams for my next project.
Today I was hand watering over three hundred lavender plants.
I was wondering if I could put a harness or collar on a goose to let her roam in my garden? I wonder how that would go over?

I painted our back door step this is the before and after

Thursday, June 07, 2012

We have been making bread and cinnamon buns here on the farm.
Our weather has not been very nice so on a few days we needed to be in for a couple of hours bread, is the perfect past time.

In spite of the dreary, gray , cold , freezing weather the gardens our green and budding up.
The sheep are out and about. They are growing so fast.
The goats however may be counting their last days here.
I am so sick of them.
We have Chucker eggs in the incubator.
They should hatch next week if all goes well.
Man I hate the smell of incubators.
Today we have had Eagles flying about male and females.
The are truly amazing. I am pretty sure my lambs and too fat for them.
Well must run I hope your day is going well.