Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today we did our hockey, time keeping and a trip to Kamloops. I am waiting for my one son still to come home from Penticton my husband is waiting for him. The stores over in Kamloops were so busy it is crazy. In Canadian tire the Christmas section is totally picked over hardly anything left.
This morning I did a little Christmas decorating while I was waiting to go. We had fun picking how to decorate our fun trees. hopefully we will get our real Christmas tree in the next few weeks. I asked my husband to see if he can bring one home from work. We did realize I have not found all our Christmas boxes I need to find our Christmas stockings.
Once I get all my mess cleaned up I will take some pictures. I never have the kind of luck that my decorating looks like a magazine. I wonder how they do it?
Well I am off to finish up for the night.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trying to look smart

Playing Scrabble. They thought it would be a good idea but Miss Hyacinth thought it was boring. It made Dad sleeping and Sam disappeared.
However Dad thought he was clever with the Cheeses!
Me, personally I hate scrabble it brings back horrible memories. I used to go for a sleep over to my friends house. The house was cold, boring and I always found myself terribly homesick. We would sit in the living room trying to play scrabble I hated it then too. They had a horrible hermit crab that used to crawl around their house and move from his shells. I was terrified of it. I have absolutely no desire to sit and play a board game. And unfortunately both my husband and myself has passed that on to all our children.
Today we went to town starting at 6:45 we did three trips in. My husband is off right now picking up kids.
We were going to go to Kamloops but had a change of plans instead Miss Hyacinth went and had her hair cut four and half inches off!!!! Sorry Auntie Sally but we did think of you. Those of you who do not know my sister has a weakness for cutting my children's hair. Yes this is the same sister who's own boy child ran around with fairly long hair... I do see he is sporting quite a cute shorter hair cut now. This is also the youngest daughter of mine who would cry and lock herself in the bathroom when it came to hair cuts. I was totally unprepared to get a phone call in Campbell River saying she wanted to get her hair cut short.....!!!!
We found all the puppies homes today. We only have the two we are keeping Candy and Star.That is a big relief even though they were very cute. There was six of them in my kitchen. Well I am off to get ready for bed have a good night.
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Two little seals playing

I love the way the tide was coming in filling this foot print
My favorite thing looking for shells, rocks and sand dollars

Today was a few trips to town it was freezing rain so I drove my daughter to work then I had to go get her, pick the kids from school and then take my time keeper to work. Nish time keeps until 10:30 tonight then again at 7am. We did a bit of Christmas shopping today.
My son phoned to tell us the doctors said he did not have Mono and he is okay to start playing hockey again. Tonight we bathed puppies and let them play while running around the house. Tomorrow I take two of the puppies to town so some people can pick one. Have a great night talk to you all tomorrow
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Mom's new car. We took Mom's new car to Campbell river here it is parked at the Hippie Shack. It is a lovely vehicle we were a little stressed driving home in the snow as none of us new how to run it. So many phone calls home to Dad we made it safe and sound. Today we cleaned sorted and threw out stuff. Then off to watch volley ball, drop of Sam and Dalt off at hockey. Then we made out way to Wal Mart and groceries. That was our day
My kids are getting the flue sore throat, headache just plain ole sick feeling. My oldest son even has it but they want him to get tested for Mono as it is going around the hockey team. He told me if he has it or is going to get it he is coming home. It would mean another six weeks off hockey.
I am off to bed. I was up at one in the morning because my husband lost his wallet we looked all over covering the whole house and his truck. So when he finally left for work he was very late his truck used a huge amount of diesel waiting for him. Me I could not sleep so I have only had a few hours sleep.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today was a bit cool I worked outside a lot and it felt cold. I cleaned out my son's chicken house we had to put the ducks in with the chickens to keep them safe but man oh man are they messy. Then I brought out the Christmas decorations and I really don't think anyone should have as many as we do! Then I made Nan go with me to find berries and Cedar and some nice willows to decorate the gate. I also started to put up some red bows so it is starting to look like Christmas.
It is so hard to believe that on Monday is December first. It is unbelievably crazy how fast time is going! 2008 is a blur. When I read the news I am worried about 2009. It sounds like it is going to be very hard financially.
I just got home from hockey and it looks like nothing has been done and I must go to bed. I am very tired tonight. Have a wonderful night. Pleasant dreams
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A stressful day. We sat and we waited for three hours today. My daughter is not allowed to talk about it. However she was very stressed and now she is in her room with comfort food oh and an ulcer:) !
She may not be able to talk about it but I can.
Today I was a observer and I observed...if you want to be an arrogant asshole become a judge. If you want a brass license plate become a judge. If you want a free license to be sarcastic become a judge. If your a witness you may as well be the bad guy. If you want a easy job become a sheriff then you can sit in a little room reading a book. If you don't want to decorate or waste money own a court house they only have a picture of the queen. If you want to treat kids shitty be in the law system. Oh my goodness I can not believe our free country with freedom of speech blah blah blah
I know it was all not that bad but to sit back and watch it makes you sick. People treat kids with no respect. Yes I know we should treat the law, judges with respect and I do but maybe they should respect people back.
Who ask someone "if they swear to tell the truth on the bible if you do know what a bible is" I would really like to write what is really going through my head but it is not very nice and I am sure I would offend someone very, very bad words! I am sure retirement should be happening for someone arrogant old (baxaxsdkti)
Now she has to go through this again as it is going to the supreme courts.
Sitting there knowing I could not help my daughter was horrible. Listening to someone else's child sob in another room was horrible. It broke my heart it really made you want to cry. We protect our kids from the minute we know we are pregnant and all of a sudden you can't help. It is a horrible feeling.
Then I go to the school so my daughter can get her homework and to bring my son McDonald's they have a cafeteria that is so dingy no lights. The kids are sitting in there in a very dingy, dark room trying to entertain themselves. It is like no one cares anymore no compassion. I know none of it is huge or life threatening but I don't like how our world is turning. It harsh and course. Now I have vented my very strong opinion I wish you all a pleasant afternoon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

More Games

Jumping, flying and flailing. I thought for sure they were going to fall in. They however had very good balance.

If you scroll through these pictures fast it looks like it is in action

Today was a good day I cleaned the front yard used our blower to clean the gravel and deck. I also mowed the lawn I still however have a lot of work to do but it is better. Tomorrow we have to be at the court house for 9am my daughter has to be a witness for a case. Sounds like fun... she is really stressing. I hope we just get it over with it has been cancelled three times.
Two of my kids received their report cards they are doing really well. I am quite pleased for them.
While I was up town tonight I saw people were starting to decorate their homes. I may decorate outside this week. I will get tomorrow over with then start holiday planning. I did go through all my shopping today and I have a wonderful start on Christmas. I would love to have it all wrapped but then how does one store it, it would get all squished. Well I must go and get ready for bed have a pleasant night.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Having our picture taken near rough water is dangerous. All of a sudden it gets you from behind and tries to go in your boot.

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Boys having fun. I wish the pictures showed how big the waves were. They fooled around for ages while I put the camera onto sports so I could take continued pictures.
I was actually waiting for him to fall in but he managed to keep his balance.
Dalt looks like a hand puppet in Jords hands! he actually was pretending to throw him in.
They had a great time it is really cool to see how the ocean can go from being so calm to pretty rough the next.
Today our day was spent cleaning, laundry and puppies. The puppies are ready to go this week they are eating well, playing well and I have taken their Mom off them. So if anyone would like one email me of course you must be in driving distance. I think the post office has issues about puppies put in an envelope with a stamp? Go figure...

Sirius Radio has started Christmas Carols now so we can sing them until News Year. Channel 81
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The calm before the Storm
This water picture was actually suppose to be of my lovely black boots but obviously I missed the boots. When I have the big Zoom on it is hard to work with.
Today was a day of hockey two games in Penticton and they will stay over there as they have a game in the morning also. I stayed here and did hockey with Sam. So it is only Sam and I tonight. He is a bit snively he was not feeling well. So he asked me if he stayed on Dads side of the bed could he please sleep with me. So I acted Dramatic and told him Yes but if he slips over even a smidgen I will roll him out into the laundry basket... However I did not mean a 30lb Black Cat I just went in to check him and there is this Big FAT CAT on my bed NO NOT going to happen!
I must go find my bed I am absolutely knackered have a wonderful sleep.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

This place is so beautiful

In the back ground those are Seals
Is that not the most incredible photo
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Dalt took this picture it was very early in the morning as soon as we could see we went out. My poor coat took a beating I think it smells a little fishy so tomorrow I will wash it.
Mom checking out our wonderful resort.
See the difference in Mom's clothes we obviously were a lot colder in this picture
I was laughing so hard but I can not remember why I was looking for sand dollars. I think it is because my first photo was of me bending over looking in the sand. It was not a very flattering picture.
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I am home

This is a picture of when we first arrived in Campbell River. Here is Jord admiring his new stick and checking out the ocean. I absolutely hated to leave him behind. I thought it would be easier each time but no I don't think it will every be easy.
It was quite cool down there so we had to extra layer ourselves. Here the ocean is quite calm you will notice in other photo's how rough it is.
They were absolutely freezing on the Pier. The wind was so bitter cold. We were the only ones out there.

Can you tell which way the wind was blowing
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi guess where I am? I am in Campbell River. I am typing on a mini laptop it is so cute not very easy to use but like anything it will get easier and I will learn to be dainty! We had a wonderful trip down the roads were perfect let us hope it lasts. I watched the news and it is suppose to snow!
My mom bought my boys new running shoes which they both needed theirs were horrible.
We drove to Courtney today my son has not left the drivers seat of my mom's new car.
I decided if I ever won the lottery I would buy a cabin on the ocean. I don't think I would ever live down here but it is fun to visit.
This morning I was laying in bed waiting for my mom to wake when I heard a seal barking. I flew out of bed jumped in the shower woke up my son. Then off to the ocean we went. We saw seals, we saw swans, seagulls, ducks and Canadian Geese.
Then we found so many sand dollars. I was so excited I had to put my hands in the water to get them. Unfortunately it was right next to a dead seal so it was kind of grouse. I spent the rest of the whole day with a very wet coat sleeve slightly smelling of the ocean an dead seals. I wonder if anyone noticed:)
Well I am off if there is any spelling errors just ignore as I mentioned earlier this lap top is very tiny.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This was my Mom's birthday Cake.

No post yesterday as I worked on my books for four hours only to nicely finish and get ready for bed when I realized it was gone! gone! gone! I had done the work in the email program saved in entry by entry but the wrong place. I was amazingly calm. I just went to bed. However I woke up at 5am and my first thought was DAMN! so I got up and started again. Took a break to head to the bus and visit Mom and Dad. Then back to it until after 11am. I am caught up now but man I hate it when I do that. I am sure it is because my kids still get that before bed time hyperness that non have out grown.
I then ran into town to do some banking, visit my daughter during her break then picked up kids from the schools and came home. NO hockey tonight not sure why but I never ask.
Tomorrow 7:30 am I am off to Campbell River for the week. So I probably won't make any posts unless I use my son's computer but I am sure there will be no time. I can hear the ocean calling me. I have packed my black boots, warm coat, hat, gloves plastic bags for shells and of course my camera.
The puppies will be seven weeks this Friday and I don't think they really are ready to go. They are eating well but still drinking off Mom. They are still such babies.
Well must do some last minute running around. Have a wonderful week and I will think of you. Of course I am staying in my very favorite cabin!!! If you don't know it go check out Breakers Resort the Hippy cabin/boat cabin. I hope you book your visit there soon. Awesome place I guarantee you will love it. It is so good for your soul. Take Care
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Babies are growing

Here are the puppies. We were trying to take a picture of how they hold onto our fingers. The marks on Sam's face are from going to the dentist. It was the silver thing they put on with plastic.
Look at these two babies they are so cute. They are really eating well now. I was making steak the other night for supper and I had cut off the edges and saved it for Princess their Mom. She took it and gave it to her pups so I found her another piece then she ate hers and let them try to eat the first one.
Today was a early start with hockey they left at 5:30 am and my husband just left to go in and pick up our daughter who has to leave again at 5:30 in the morning. Tomorrow we have Sicamose, Princeton, Kamloops and in town. After my daughters games in town she time keeped for two and my middle son had to rake an unreal amount of leaves and Pine needles at the hospital for a fund raiser for hockey. I ran home with my youngest girl fed the pups and grabbed her hockey bag then we met up and headed to Kamloops. I got a lot of ideas for Christmas and did a little shopping and I am so running out of places to hide it all. It was unbelievable busy over in Kamloops and it is not even the holiday shopping. Wal mart was so busy we could not stand it and just left.
I saw the most beautiful blue yarn but I did not by any just admired it. We love to go and look at all the Christmas decorations.
Miss Hyacinth would like to put up two trees this year! Maybe? It is a thought, just not too sure where we would put it.
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