Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trying to look smart

Playing Scrabble. They thought it would be a good idea but Miss Hyacinth thought it was boring. It made Dad sleeping and Sam disappeared.
However Dad thought he was clever with the Cheeses!
Me, personally I hate scrabble it brings back horrible memories. I used to go for a sleep over to my friends house. The house was cold, boring and I always found myself terribly homesick. We would sit in the living room trying to play scrabble I hated it then too. They had a horrible hermit crab that used to crawl around their house and move from his shells. I was terrified of it. I have absolutely no desire to sit and play a board game. And unfortunately both my husband and myself has passed that on to all our children.
Today we went to town starting at 6:45 we did three trips in. My husband is off right now picking up kids.
We were going to go to Kamloops but had a change of plans instead Miss Hyacinth went and had her hair cut four and half inches off!!!! Sorry Auntie Sally but we did think of you. Those of you who do not know my sister has a weakness for cutting my children's hair. Yes this is the same sister who's own boy child ran around with fairly long hair... I do see he is sporting quite a cute shorter hair cut now. This is also the youngest daughter of mine who would cry and lock herself in the bathroom when it came to hair cuts. I was totally unprepared to get a phone call in Campbell River saying she wanted to get her hair cut short.....!!!!
We found all the puppies homes today. We only have the two we are keeping Candy and Star.That is a big relief even though they were very cute. There was six of them in my kitchen. Well I am off to get ready for bed have a good night.
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freshisle said...

My family is just the opposite - we love board games!!
I agree, six puppies would have been too many - no matter how cute. Glad you found homes for some of them.

Anonymous said...

let's see a pic of Hya hair!!!