Monday, November 24, 2008

More Games

Jumping, flying and flailing. I thought for sure they were going to fall in. They however had very good balance.

If you scroll through these pictures fast it looks like it is in action

Today was a good day I cleaned the front yard used our blower to clean the gravel and deck. I also mowed the lawn I still however have a lot of work to do but it is better. Tomorrow we have to be at the court house for 9am my daughter has to be a witness for a case. Sounds like fun... she is really stressing. I hope we just get it over with it has been cancelled three times.
Two of my kids received their report cards they are doing really well. I am quite pleased for them.
While I was up town tonight I saw people were starting to decorate their homes. I may decorate outside this week. I will get tomorrow over with then start holiday planning. I did go through all my shopping today and I have a wonderful start on Christmas. I would love to have it all wrapped but then how does one store it, it would get all squished. Well I must go and get ready for bed have a pleasant night.
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