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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Puppies learning to drink
Having a little cuddle
They ate really good the first day but now they seem to be fighting it.
Today was hockey and a nice visit with my niece we actually had a cup of tea. I finally finished my table this evening I am quite happy with it I will show you photo soon. I am still rearranging my craft area maybe I should call it my Studio as I plan to do great things in there :) I do notice I seem to make a mess while I am doing a project so when I finish this room I will have to clean up the deck.
It was quite sad we fed all the pumpkins to the goats today I really loved to look at the pumpkins. I guess tomorrow I will take down our ghost and then wait a while and put up our snowman. I am absolutely knackered so I am off to bed.
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Anonymous said...

do a close up of the pups so we can see if they are chihuaha-ish looking.
And yes you should call it your studio!

freshisle said...

Oh, so precious!! Your house must be even busier than usual! I can't imagine how you do it all. Amazing.