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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The calm before the Storm
This water picture was actually suppose to be of my lovely black boots but obviously I missed the boots. When I have the big Zoom on it is hard to work with.
Today was a day of hockey two games in Penticton and they will stay over there as they have a game in the morning also. I stayed here and did hockey with Sam. So it is only Sam and I tonight. He is a bit snively he was not feeling well. So he asked me if he stayed on Dads side of the bed could he please sleep with me. So I acted Dramatic and told him Yes but if he slips over even a smidgen I will roll him out into the laundry basket... However I did not mean a 30lb Black Cat I just went in to check him and there is this Big FAT CAT on my bed NO NOT going to happen!
I must go find my bed I am absolutely knackered have a wonderful sleep.
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