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Monday, November 03, 2008

New work bench

This is the new work Island my husband built for me. It is the right height to stand up and work at. I really like the tile and the grout that I picked. I did not have too much choice as we never really thought out the measurements for the tile. I also did not want to rent a tile cutter but it worked out.
I am really happy with this new space. It looks out into my front yard and has a lot of natural light which was what was lacking in my last area. It was not very good light.

It looks so beautiful the only problem is now I don't feel very creative. I don't even know where to start. I guess it will hit me soon I hope soon!!!!
It could be because I have had no sleep with this Momma dog, I was up all night with her. So tonight she is going to sleep out. She does not want to be in only to feed the pups then out again. It could be our house is too hot for her as she is used to being outside more.
Today I had two sick kids home one with stomach and one with a very sore throat. Miss Hyacinth was feeling very rough tonight. The tummy ache boy should go to school tomorrow lets hope it does not go through them all. Today Sam came home all excited to show us a 9x's table trick. I have been trying to show him that trick for two years. I guess that's why I am not a teacher sigh...
ps: Mom show dad my lovely table. Have a good night any inspiration anyone can send fly at it!
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Anonymous said...

i love the table- did you tile it?
I want a nice studio too. Maybe get some oasis from walmart and make some lavendar wreaths for the goats to feel calm and to have little nibbles of sachets under their pillows. or decorate mom's bird feeders with lavender sprays to calm those chilled birds. Make a little lavender spray for pops or scissor bill. their are endless projects for lavender. Squeeze some into the tooth paste for a nice lavender brush!