Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello there! There just has been no time to write anything. I am exhausted and I really wish it would all slow down for a bit. We have had trips to the Vancouver airport, trips to the emergency for stitches, hockey, school meetings, yard work, and every day house work. Tonight at the arena I had people coming in every directions asking for money or gift baskets. I do hate this time of year. It does not help our last break down was nearly six thousand.
Our weather has warmed up so nicely during the day. We could even wear short if we wanted to but our early mornings are nearly freezing.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sam cleaning the chair. He really loves this new vacuum and I love it when my kids like something...they want to use it. Now if I can only find a cool floor washer.
Gosh our weekends go by fast. I would like to add on one more day. The two days we have to do things and one day to lay low and just rest.
We can not even look forward to Thanksgiving weekend anymore because there is a darn hockey tournament that weekend. Cross your fingers the ice melts!!! :) I hate sharing my holidays.
The boys did more wood today with my dad while Allan worked on that logging truck. He is still out working on it.
I went to the top levels of our property today and was amazed how many more trees have fallen over in the wind. Even with all the trees that have been cut down still more are falling. The fall colours are starting up there and it is quite pretty. I did not see any bears while I was walking.
We also spent most of the day working on the dog cage trying to keep these two dogs in. Gosh they are so bad.
We have another full week with hockey, school meetings, trip to Vancouver.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sister Sally. We hope you had a wonderful day today!!
Today was a very, very windy day yet the wind was so warm. It warmed up so much. No fire tonight.
We did some work outside that included moving dogs, cages and dog houses. Deworming and turning out our buck and Ram. We decided to do it today as next week we are in the full swing of hockey plus I may be in Campbell River. Then the boys and I did some fire wood.
My husband had a nice surprise and he ended up going to the Canucks game tonight so that was exciting for him.
No hockey tomorrow so I think we are planning a fire wood day.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

My dad grows one of the most amazing gardens I know.
Today was such a long day. I am tired of going to Kamloops. We had a hearing test today and it all went well. I am so done going to Kamloops for some reason it made me exhausted and I am so in need of going to bed.
The falls colours are starting and they do look beautiful. It is also still pretty wet around here. We hope to make this Sunday another fire wood day.
We our having trouble with my daughters dog Hunter he is starting to pick on the smaller dogs. So somehow tomorrow we are going to have to move him. tonight he picked a fight with Mimzy. Mimzy is one of the happiest, nicest dogs around. Poor little guy.
A few more days then the Ram and Billy goat head out. I have a little bit more work until the actual day though.
Well I am off to enjoy my tea and wait for my kids to call then it is bed time.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is my daughters car that is in getting fixed right now. Twice it has been hit at work. The first time was the first week she had it.
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Look at Miss Hyacinth working!!
Today after school the three younger kids had eye appointments all good 20-20. Then my middle son had to run to the flag pole for his hockey so we had to wait for that also. So I walked to the flag pole it was either that or go visit dead people at the grave yard.
Flag pole won.
We did not get home until six pm and that made no supper until seven. SIGH .... I love hockey.
It froze last night so it made a bit of a rude awakening getting to the bus. I did not give the truck enough time to warm up so it was a pretty frosty hard to see drive. Did I mention I think this cold is way too soon. I also realized my house is too cold for my little birds. I will have to make them all little jackets :)
I worked on my bedroom all day. I changed it around. An amazing amount of dust from having the window open all summer. I guess it goes to show we really do miss a lot of dust when we vacuum.
I have been weeding the new lavender garden. I think I may have to weed eat one more time.
Tomorrow I hope to work on the back lavender garden.
Well I need to run and wake up my husband for work. Pretty crazy life we are leading lately.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snow in the mountains all around us. I guess that is fitting for the last day of Summer. Quite sad really. However the weeds are still growing full speed ahead and I am in the middle of a lot of weeding.
The next weekend our Billy goat and our Ram go out with the girls. So then in five months it will late night trips to the barn. I am going to try to put up some tarps to help warm up the barn.
I have had great phone calls from my girls and my mom and they are having so much fun in Maui.
Well I must run I need to figure out how to weigh my dog so I can pick up some de-worming medicine from the vet.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Here is a newspaper story on my son's team.

Storm bounces back with first win of early season

Published: September 14, 2010 3:00 PM

After getting blown out in Comox to start the season, the Campbell River Storm bounced back in their home opener last weekend.

The Storm redeemed themselves with a 5-4 win over the Westshore Stingers last Friday at the Rod Brind’Amour Arena, led by Jesse Bachmeier.

One of the team’s top scorers last season, Bachmeier lifted his team to its first victory of the year with a hat trick. The Campbell River native opened the scoring just over 15 minutes in to the game off a feed from Wade Bartlett, one of the Storm’s two 16-year old rookies.

Jordan Suzuki added to Campbell River’s lead at 9:44 after converting a pass from Steven Schmidt, also a Campbell River Minor Hockey product.

Bachmeier added his second on the power play at 7:55 of the first from Suzuki and Schmidt. Quadra Island defenceman Brendan Enns rounded out the first period scoring for the Storm, scoring unassisted with seven minutes left in the frame.

In the second, Bachmeier completed his hat trick, burying a pass from Suzuki at 6:28. And that was all the Storm would need as Westshore, down 5-4, was unable to get the equalizer.

The Storm outshot the Stingers 37 to 23 and boasted all three of the stars of the game — Bachmeier, Suzuki and Schmidt.

Up next for the Storm is a home and home series against the Peninsula Panthers. On Fri., Sept. 17 the Storm will travel to Peninsula then return home on Sun., Sept. 19 to play host to the Panthers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We cut, we stacked, we split. we laughed, we cringed...
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And you wonder why we were a little stressed. Girls and axes... sandals, flip flops and shorts!
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More firewood
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Getting ready for winter. We actually had a lot of fun helping with the firewood. A little nerve wracking with the girls and axes. Now we just have to split all of it and tarp it. Maybe today I am not sure if we will have time. As hockey has started in full swing. Sam is on his second game and if he makes the team he plays at four thirty again today. Then Dalton also plays at four thirty today and I think his cuts are today also.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harvest Time. A garden is so much work. From the planning to planting to the endless weeding and watering and now the harvesting. No wonder my Dad is knackered. Our fall has hit fast and furious it is amazing how summer came to such an abrupt end.
We have been so busy this week. Tomorrow we are going to take our girls to the airport and they are off an amazing vacation.
This week has been two trips to Kamloops plus many trips to town. A rude awakening for us as we have not been to town hardly at all this summer.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tonight we had an early birthday dinner for our daughter as she is leaving this week. We gave her her birthday presents as it would be too hard for her to take them with her. One of her gifts was a new lap top. I wanted to make sure she had the time get it set up before she left. It was hard as Nish and Jord have the same birthdays and he is not home now. Gosh I hate this my kids getting scattered. It was really sweet when Nish went to buy the birthday cake she had them put Jords name on it too.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miss Lulu waiting very patiently for someone to play ball with her. She lives for this moment no matter what we are doing she is bringing us a ball.
Today my husband did an amazing amount of fire wood. It really is a wonderful start. If we can get the time to do what he did today a few more times we will so set for winter.
We had hockey today, kids visiting and my kids helping my Dad in the garden a very full day.
It was quite sad this morning I lost one of my little blue birds. It was so sad as he was sooo cute. I have decided if my little birds die I most likely will not replace them. They carry a big price tag and I am not sure why he did not make it.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

As I type this post I am listening to the radio of Campbell River listening to my son's hockey game. I have totally chewed off my nails I am so not good with this hockey thing. Jord did get a goal in the first period. It is so weird to hear his name, it makes me smile. I have realized I can not type and listen at the same time. Right now some poor boy is hurt.
It has been a full week of school, meetings, break downs, mud, no work a bit stressful.
This coming week I am going to pick up female canaries and a little female Cordon blu finch. This month of September I have a lot of things to attend and I am sure it will make the month fly by. There is going to be hearing test, band instrument rentals, school meetings, hockey... ahh damn hockey has started, trips to Vancouver, Kamloops yes it will be a full month.
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Look at this apple my kids found on our tree. It was quite strange. I wonder what it meant. I hope it does not mean anything bad.
Today my kids seemed much better with the second day of school. They were not so depressed and more stories came home, more laughing. That made me very happy I want them to enjoy school.
I am extremely tired tonight and as soon as I write a quick note to you all I am so off to bed.
This is crazy my husband is still not working it is making me feel a little sick. We are going to get so far behind again. In truth we still have not climbed out of the last time.
Well I am off so have a good night.
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Monday, September 06, 2010

I noticed I have not been writing every day but really nothing too much has been happening. We did an auction trip on Saturday and took down forty two chickens and three goats. Everyone was up and at it at four am. We irrigated all day then the weather broke open and we had rain full down pour rain. Then this weekend we moved the goat feeder to start feeding out of the back of the hay shed. We also moved the chickens to the other chicken house. It was a full weekend that everything seemed to get done that needed we needed to.
Today was a bit of a dramatic day my daughters car was badly scratched at work so we had to get her to deal with ICBC. So now tomorrow we meet with them and let them have a look at it. Then our dog had to be put down. Our little dogs had started to fight and I am really not sure what started it. They have all been together since they were babies.
So now I will finish my tea and call it a day.
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Friday, September 03, 2010

Today I was woken up by a phone call from my husband that he was broke down in the bush. The rear end of the truck so it had to be towed to Kamloops and now worked on for who knows how long. It truly never ever quits. I am guessing it is time to see if we can handle a truck payment. I went to Kamloops to pick up my husband with two of my boys. We did a quick couple of stops to buy some school running shoes.
Tonight we had to load the cattle rack and load up forty two chickens and three goats. Then it is up at four am to head to Langly. I am not sure if I am going I am thinking I just might stay home. I will decide in the morning.
It is the long weekend and the traffic is crazy. I wonder where everyone is going?
Well I must go I am absolutely knackered and I need to go to bed. Have a wonderful night.
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Trying so hard to bloom but I do fear this poor sunflower may be running out of time. The air tonight is cold and wind is cold. I could smell someone had lit their fire tonight. It is so Fall really quite sad.
Unfortunately I am not going to Maui now. My husband is working horrible hours and the kids would be too long on their own so I will have to hold out this trip. I am planning on going at the end of April. So cross your fingers nothing comes up.
Now I have to plan when to turn out the Buck and when to turn out the Ram. I guess I will be looking at March kidding and Lambing. I had really wanted to do it later in the season but now if I am going away I will have to move it up.
Have a wonderful evening.
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