Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sam cleaning the chair. He really loves this new vacuum and I love it when my kids like something...they want to use it. Now if I can only find a cool floor washer.
Gosh our weekends go by fast. I would like to add on one more day. The two days we have to do things and one day to lay low and just rest.
We can not even look forward to Thanksgiving weekend anymore because there is a darn hockey tournament that weekend. Cross your fingers the ice melts!!! :) I hate sharing my holidays.
The boys did more wood today with my dad while Allan worked on that logging truck. He is still out working on it.
I went to the top levels of our property today and was amazed how many more trees have fallen over in the wind. Even with all the trees that have been cut down still more are falling. The fall colours are starting up there and it is quite pretty. I did not see any bears while I was walking.
We also spent most of the day working on the dog cage trying to keep these two dogs in. Gosh they are so bad.
We have another full week with hockey, school meetings, trip to Vancouver.
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