Sunday, September 22, 2013

First day of Autumn

How the heck did summer go by so fast. We have been going full speed ahead with hockey, school, kids working, Allan on the roads lots and a baby Grandson.
I have been getting some cleaning done around here and boy does it need imagine six months of being in the gardens - yah not pretty.

Yesterday was the Car port which by the way we could not fit a car into it. So I tidied removed the bags of cement for the winter I use a lot of cement for projects. Planted pots with shrubs decorated for the season. Now I am ready for fire wood and the mess will start again.

This morning my phone rang about four forty five this morning and of course I did not bring the phone into my bedroom so I flew down the hall and it was my Mom. She is taking my Dad into the hospital sigh I am so not good with this stuff.
This September I learned a new art garden sculptures it is fun, messy I hope to have all the ones done I want to put out in the lavender gardens next season.

I will show pictures later as the computer must be updating and won't let me browse for a picture.

Enjoy today

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

September gardening is slowing down.
 Lambs have headed off to the Auction.

School has started this year I have three college students ad two in high school and one still fire fighting.