Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Roses

In spite of all the frost, cool rain, and cool wind the roses are still blooming.
Last night I worked on my page and I got a good deal done on it I also printed out the labels to put on the Mohair bags so it was quite a productive night.
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Very Special Day Today

Today is two of my children's birthday one is 15 and one is 17. My oldest son has gone hunting with my brother and my middle daughter is off to Kamloops to spend some money. We had a birthday party with a whole lot of kids, a whole lot of food and a whole lot of laughing... girls laugh a lot.
Happy Birthday I hope your day is very special I love you both very much!
Yesterday my husband drove in snow all day and there was snow right above our town way to soon for me. Last night our house was cold so I guess it is time to get serious about winter. Well I must run we have full day ahead have a wonderful weekend make great memories.

Mercury is getting to be such a big boy

This funny guy is Mercury my daughter's horse I was having so much fun taking his photo he is really a character. He had just rolled and was quite pleased with himself. We are trying to tame him down again from his summer break out in the fields, he hangs out with his side kick Martin the very bad Mule and Martin makes Mercury a jerk.
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Friday, September 28, 2007

This is my finished felted rug it has found a home in my youngest daughters room.

The hay shed is finished and full. I was really hoping the new shed came full! I wonder if it one of those never ending always full sheds hmmmm DAD!
The just for the record I already posted these photos but they are no where to be found I wonder how that happens and where do they go.
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HI again yesterday I was just to tired and to busy to write a real post. I find by night time I am so tired I think more mentally than physical so much is going on here it is crazy. We have been a doing a full week of non stop driving (only coming home to switch vehicles and not coming home until late at night) to get my oldest son ready for his driving test and yes as of this moment my life will never ever be the same ( we have been have a lot of those moments lately) he did very well and passed his driving exam. Can you feel the gray hair building two drivers down four to go and I am not sure if I will make it:) Yesterday I saw two bears one ran on in front of me and the other was on the side of the road where we meet going up to the highway my husband also saw one so that makes 3. Then last week my younger children saw a lot of bears during the week around there school. Today is my middle daughters birthday party she has 12 people coming so I am told I don't think we have ever in all the parties round here had 1-3 kids. so today I must get ready and then run into town.

On Tuesday was my older sisters birthday (the other one) I did not forget her birthday but I did not wish her Happy Birthday on my blog so I hope you had a wonderful day and Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Sign

Our new sign is finished we were hanging it up in the dark last night. I wonder what my hsuband would say if I tell him I would like to take it down to do something to it!
If you look in the back ground you can see Harry the llama he sits there and guards the goats from the neighbors dogs. Oh and he has a nice dirt spot he likes to roll in .
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

If all goes as planned I hope to go buy some pumpkins tomorrow out at Spences Bridge I want lots of pumpkins, If we can get away I will take my camera and take photo's. Today along the highway not to far from home a black bear was hit and taken off to the side of the road that was sad enough but someone cut of his feet, tongue and other body parts poor ole guy not an ounce of dignity left. Last night when my son, daughter and husband were coming home from hockey my oldest son was driving and a very big bear ran in front of them he slammed on the breaks and just missed him. Must be that time of year where they are just running around getting ready for winter.
Today my youngest daughter had a soccer game and she got one goal but had so many chances then we went off to hockey for two ice times my husband came to the arena so we could leave and we just made it home for my middle daughter to climb out of one vehicle and into another for her hockey practice. I so didn't analyze the schedule we nearly did not make the middle and oldest daughter's ice time.
Well I am waiting for my two oldest daughters to get home from hockey so I can go to bed. Have a great night.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today was a good day, a full day on the ice at 7:00, 8:15, 2:45, 4:00, 4:30 Kamloops driving lesson at 8am. Today we put the post in for the new sign dug very deep holes then also added cement in the next few days I will paint the post remove a wrong 2x4 my husband put up does anyone ever notice husbands do not listen and then say "you never told me" hmmm...
We moved our horse, donkey and mule and the donkey and mule keep getting out so I have to figure out how to out smart them. Anyone want a very stubborn miniature mule.
More Mohair is being washed and added to the dye pots some of it is real pretty looking. As busy as I have been I don't have a lot to say or actually I am just to tired to type tonight. The week ahead is horrendous so busy that I think it is making me tired just trying to plan it but we never seem to amaze our self and figure it all out. Well must run waiting for hockey players to get home my son got an assist yesterday and three goals today he said he actually got 4 but one was not counted. He is home playing in his final Midget rep year. I am a very happy mom! remind me that when he starts to stress me out.

Friday, September 21, 2007

We have been so busy doing hockey, school dances, school meetings, homework, work, dyeing wool, and getting hay the last two days we have been hauling hay we are now at 488 bales and we haul gain tomorrow. We also start getting our firewood tomorrow so it is acting like Fall around here. I am absolutely knackered and I need to go to bed but my hockey players will not be home until 11:30 tonight. So everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all soon.

New Barn Kitty

Here is our new Barn kitty he is so friendly and good with the kids.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful, beautiful Mohair

Here are a couple of photo's of some of our Mohair from the fall shearing. The fibre was quite clean all though it was a little shorter than I would have liked it was just over a 4 month growing period. We hope to shear in March 2008.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nearly there... we hope to put Hay in the shed this weekend. Now if only someone would drive by notice our beautiful shed and offer a full semi truck load of hay. OH! to dream. Today was a very cool day we have had the fire going all evening and winter is just around the corner.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I hate snakes

Oh my gosh I hate snakes they absolutely make me sick.

When we were building on our deck last weekend I was cutting down a Honey suckle vine that was at least 12 feet high that went above our deck and up over arches. Well if anyone heard a piercing scream it was me a damn snake at the top of the vine can you believe it! How is that for horrible luck.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meet some of the girls

These photo's were taken a couple of days before they were made beautiful and all of them had haircuts so they will look lovley for the boys.
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More Mohair has been sorted, washed, and dyed there are some real pretty colours. The goats are doing well still heading out on grass and seem to be a good shape. Today the girl Alpaca's were let out to run through the yard they really enjoyed that even the babies were out running eating grass and rolling in dirt.
Today out came the scarecrow and the fall wreaths for the gates and in celebration the wind blew and blew and pine needles fell all over.
It was a good day.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Hay shed roof is on basically it is done just needs some bracing on the sides it is very cool we can keep our hay dry and maybe park our tractor. I have been dyeing some beautiful Mohair the colours have come out quite fun I have been washing it then taking it over to the office where I dye it is slow going but quite rewarding.
Today my oldest daughter and I went to the youngest two kid's school and joined them in the Terry Fox run it was nice to see all the kids participate. It amazes me how one young man "Terry" could have such an impact on so many people even though we have never met him we feel we know him personally if each of us did one good thing imagine how the world would improve:)
So on that note lets all go out and do one positive thing, say one positive thing, and lets all make a change for the better. Have a wonderful night and take care.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today I went to spinning only for a couple of hours but it was fun. A lady from our group went on a holiday (for the life of me I can't remember where she went) but she brought back some lovely silk and she gave each of us members a very lovely silk scarf it was very, very kind of her. The scarf is so thin but extremely warm I wore it tonight to a school meeting it.
I just talked to my son he just finished his hockey game they lost but now he is finished his exhibition games so now we wait and see they sure do like to drag it out I guess they like to see how much stress they can put on these poor boys. I am not cut out for hockey way to dramatic for me and I hate to see anyone go through so much stress I don't have it in me to be mean. As I say that I just got calls for my other children and we have to decide on house or development for our youngest where he is going to be goalie... my next boy decided not to go rep but they may go something called super league and then my two girls are in midget and there is not enough kids to make more than two teams and everyone else for them I guess has gone super league and house is now hitting....did I mention how much I love hockey. No more are days where the kids go out for some fun and have a few games because they all love hockey. The bright side is my youngest daughter does not want to play anymore. Oh well we will just go with the flow and hope the kids have fun.
Our dogs are going crazy outside there must be a bear about I don't think I will go and check :) Well I am off to bed have a good night and talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tonight we went to Kamloops to deliver two pigs they were ready to go they were wrecking fences climbing underneath and it was just time. It was a long drive but not as long as my husbands is he went to Sicamous to see our oldest son play in another exhibition game he still has one more tomorrow. Our logging truck is broke down again so no work again today but hopefully he goes to work tomorrow. Today I sorted some wool I hope to get up and do some more in the morning I also hope to go spinning and take some with me but I will have to see in the morning. I am extremely tired so I am waiting for everyone to phone me then off to bed I can't believe how tired I am so I will say goodnight and I will talk to you all tomorrow.
Very lovely grapes
A very pretty flower
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Today was a very warm and beautiful day. We loaded the pigs which turned out to be a rodeo and my husband had already hurt his thumb but it was healing well it is now sprained again. One pig was fine the other was not as helpful. The tin is going on one side of the hay shed so that is very cool. My son is still away we should find out this week if his is on the team he told me he did not play well the other night so we'll see. our logging truck is broke down again this past weekend was a major job two springs on the front of the truck and today the loader in Kamloops was hooked on his bunk and kept pulling at it until it gave way but broke of the pin that holds the bunks on so it is in town at a welding shop not ready until some time tomorrow it is rather depressing we get one step forward and a hundred back my husband was not in a very good mood tonight I opened the fuel bill and our James bill and it added up to over 10,000 so I did not open any more. Ahh my nerves are shot I started to chew my nails again after I finally managed to quit. Well I am off to read and wait for my son to call me. Have a great night and talk to you all soon
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beautiful flowers picture taken by my middle daughter. The water droplets look lovely on the petals. Today was a good day it warmed up quite nice actually it was down right hot out but freezing in our house. I built a new gate for in the barn and we hung it tonight it will be really handy where we put it. We also put up the plywood on our deck for the roof it is nice to get that done to we are not finished yet though but soon. My two younger son's worked on the hay shed with my dad and got right along with it. The cattle rack is loaded so we can load the two pigs tomorrow night and they are off Tuesday morning.
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Our Hockey Star!

Here is our oldest son playing in his first game. We all went over to see him we got home at 1:40am and climbed into bed at 2am. It broke my heart to leave him over there but at the same time we are so proud of him. We took 230 photo's of him our camera was amazing in that arena. If he is still on the team this week we hope to go see him play again. I guess they can cut them any time after they make the team.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yesterday we sheared the goats 39 of them it made for a very long day but it is so good to be done. The first picture is the wool skirted, bagged and weighed now what to do with it. I may wash some this weekend then dye it but only if I get time.
Did you know if you want it to rain shear your goats they looked so cold this morning I gave them grain so they would run over to the feeders and warm up then we turned them out early so they would warm up on the grass. I have to re tag a few but I am still not sure which is the best way to go about it.
I have one goat that is going to kid this month she must have got bred when they arrived the boys and girls all traveled together.
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