Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Puppy Love
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Dad's day, Father's day

This year we had a Bar B Q
Allan's family came out for a visit. We had a visit, kids played, Bar B Q, a swim in a cold pool. Then the kids had a warm up in the hot tub. Play some soccer. It was good.
The night before the kids and Allan had milk and oreo cookies. It was kind of funny in our house with so many kids everyone could only have a couple of cookies or the snacks were for the seven lunches we had to make every night.
They have never been allowed to just eat.
So to be told go ahead and eat Oreos with Dad made them very happy.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If you look at the right of the screen you can add your email right in the little box and when I make a new update/post it will come to your inbox.

 It is very simple to do.

 Give it a try
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So we are back on-line here at home.
Long haul of telephones not working the worst part is the waiting having to be in the house near the phone...waiting...waiting...

We have been busy. Miss Savannah came home for a visit so we had an early birthday party. A party with a few presents, BarBQ, Strawberry Shortcake and picture taking.
It was fun.
 Then we drove her to the airport to fly back to work. The main highway is to where she works is still closed due to a wash out.
Her actual birthday is Saturday so I set up our skype camera so I hope it works to visit her on her Birthday.
We have been putting up new fence around our house. It seems to be never ending work around here. Our fences our old some of them are from the original owners.

As you can see in the pictures the reason !!!! WHY WE NEED TO FENCE !!!! darn goats are never satisfied. They thought they were so funny walking over my bridge. Stopping to eat a few roses, pulling out geraniums by their roots. Then stopping to pee on the bridge.
Ahhh they are so bad. I really think the sheep are easier.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

We still do not have Internet at home. Oh my goodness these Internet people are slow, useless, slow, slow, slow, useless and a nightmare. We have been nearly a week and half. So I have not been able to do any banking.

So between no Internet, no postal mail and horrible weather it makes you want to scream. None is not a big deal either way but I am sure they will all add late charges onto those bills.

Now onto to the weather. Does anyone think we will find summer it so needs to warm up over here.
In spite of our horrible weather the flowers have still been able to bloom. The roses are lovely, honeysuckle smells wonderful, and the Lavender is trying so hard.

The highway up to where two of my kids live is cut off with a road wash out. I hate the thought of that.

Yesterday I bagged up thirty pounds of sliced strawberries and froze them. Then today we will have strawberry short cake for a treat.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is a test from my phone
Summer Solstice
First day of summer. How wonderful. I wonder what amazing, fun, creative things will happen today. I am in town early again. My daughter has started her job as a nanny this summer and that means me taxi driver!!
I am told today I have to wait in town for my middles son's exam to be done so I can take him home. So that has me sitting in the park trying to catch up on emails. The catching up on emails is no easy task as my server is done so I just hope nothing too important is trying to reach me. Between no Internet and a postal strike.... I bet my bills get hand delivered...
Our new sheep are doing well. I would like to tag them this weekend we decided to let them settle as they were pretty scared when they arrived to our home.
So how to celebrate Summer Solstice I am thinking as cake is in order. We have a band concert to attend and a very cute trumpet player is going to serenade us. There is soccer games to be played, exams to be wrote.
This first day of Summer Sam I am are going to start our compost. Yesterday we cleaned it up washed it all down. And, then we pray no bears would like to visit it.
I am going to plant two lilac trees today. I think it will be over near the far Lavender garden.

Have the most amazing, special, wonderful full of magic Summer Solstice, First day of summer and Aboriginal day ever!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is just a quick post to let you know I will not Internet until the end of next week. We have been having troubles with our phones and now we have no Internet. So as long as I have Internet on our road trip I can type.
We are off to buy seven sheep. We are buying one ram and six ewes Dorpher if I have that spelling is correct.
Our weather has been horrible. It was so unreal windy at home it actually gave me a headache.
The wind was so strong it was wrecking our front gate again.
We have been extremely busy farming. We have been checking the fence line, water moving sprinklers, cleaning the pool, refilling the pool because the wind keeps evaporating the water.
School is just about our which will be nice. A little while longer we have a band concert, exams....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Today I was trying to set my blog up to do by email or by phone. I could not try it as we have no service out here.
Cooler day today but a good day for working.
I am really hoping I am going to be able to stay up and see the full moon but it is not looking hopeful as I am already tired.
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This is a test to see if I can blog from my iPad
I am then going to see if I can make a post without Internet connection

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Buck is a little over one year old.
 Through out the winter he did not look very well, stunted growth rough hair. At one point I was wondering if he would make one of our winters.
Then sure enough he started to grow. His coat started to loose his roughness, started to shine and is now on a good start.
He is gathering attitude everyday.
Yesterday while my Dad was throwing some hay for the herd our buck let out this mournful beller.The cry that sounds like he is dying or stuck in a fence. He was neither he ran over at full speed just to pee on the hay...
Nice , yup he is on his way to becoming a fine buck.

Boer Goat Buck, Billy Goat, Jerk, Attitude.
This is our Buck he is all the above
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three friends
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Strawberry Shortcake
This morning over coffee Mom and I were talking about Strawberry shortcake. Mom is off to one of the churches who is having a Strawberry cake tea. Ahh now I want to make strawberry shortcake. The only problem is I have no strawberries, no cake or no whipping cream and I am pretty sure wanting cake does not warrant a trip to town.
So I will just have to dream about it...
Saturday today my Husband should be home sometime today or if not early tomorrow. He has been on a week long road trip hauling up near the Yukon. Somewhere near Watson Lake.
He has seen amazing wildlife Grizzleys, Black bears which he says there is so many it is like us seeing deer about. Wolves he has actually seen quite a few. This morning two wolves were chasing a  Cariboo across the highway in front of him. He has saw Moose both moms and babies crossing rivers along the side of the roads. He has seen foxes....I so should go next time so I can have my camera ready!

Friday, June 10, 2011

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Have a wonderful weekend.

I hope you make amazing memories.
Do something fun.
Do something Creative.
Do something Crazy!!!

May the weekend be full of Love, laughter, Hope and incredible stories.
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Standing on Guard
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This green house is now planted with tomatos all different kinds.
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This was before Maui.
Clean and waiting for a bit warmer weather to be plantedin.
I have done may things in here.
I have planted many, many seeds watch them grow. I have run out and put a heater in on cold nights.
I have grown only flowers. I have lost many plants.
I have dyed wool in bowls and in black garbage bags.
And, I have stored delicate plant pots and tables over winter.
I have used this green house every single year since the day we bought it and set it up.

I purchased this cedar greenhouse from a local nursery, that has since closed down.
Defintly a mixed blessing I used to spend way to much time and money there.
When my grandfather passed away my Mom gave us each some money and this is what I used mine on.
So I think of Pops every day.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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Double rainbow tonight
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A peaceful moment on the farm
Sometimes it can be very calm out here and other time it can be full blown noise!
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An amazing morning

There is beauty all around me today.

Funny how some days you wake up and everything is beautiful or everything needs it picture taken.
That is how this morning has been.
Today is wet dreary, gray, misty in the mountains but it is screaming Take My Picture!
Our front yard is a deep rich green this morning and full, full of leaves with a  smidgen of colour from the lilacs.

On our way to the bus which by the way we had to race off to because I was taken to the side - to video the front yard.
Where we park our truck down at the bottom Ranch and wait for the bus there is a whole herd of black cattle. In between two very green trees you can peek at the cows.
It really was beautiful.
Of course no camera but I did have a video camera.
I am wondering if I can take still shots off my video.

The mountains are amazing with some snow still in the distance but a mist/fog washing over parts. Ahh it was lovely and really wish you could have seen it with me.

Now I am off to visit Mom and Dad and have a coffee before chores.

Please take the time today to look around at the beauty the simplest thing is a picture waiting to be taken.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mom in Maui
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Some of my husband's family came for a visit.
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We had a couple of very warm days over a 100 degrees on the deck. Today is a bit gray little bit cooler we are suppose to be getting rain by the afternoon.
So after I write this I will go out and do some more work.
I did not sleep last night ahh I get so frustrated.
I was in bed before eight thirty then up at three am with a splitting headache. So I found a Tylenol one left in my bathroom and I was so not trying to make my way to the kitchen for more. Washed with ice cold water, remade my bed, fluffed pillows, sprayed Lavender water all over my bed. Then I layed very carefully on my pillow. I finally fell asleep after three thirty with the light on until my daughter phoned at five fifty in the morning.
So are you not glad you do not have my wonderful nights?
We had a new baby born on the farm. A little tiny girl. She is very cute, very dainty. That makes us done now for awhile. Maybe some by the end of summer.
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