Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Tanisha and Jordan
I hope you both had a very special day today.
I love you both very much. xxx ooo xxx
Doing tonight's duty of concession.
My Dad put away the irrigation system today, plowed up the garden. So the season is done.
I still have my hoses out in case of a warm spell then I will need to water the new lavender plants.
The sheep are loving the end of the garden. They have been eating beets, carrot tops, corn husks which they are not too sure of.
I was in the gardens this morning and I saw some of the sunflowers are ready, very excited for that. I also have some other plants ready for seeds.
This evening I found a new trick. I am able to text my sister in Maui. Ahh I am so excited about that.
Well I am off to sell some very expensive hot chocolate. Yup people are going to get soaked!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have you ever heard a song.
 A song so deep, so powerful, so gut retching amazing.
A song that hits every ounce of your soul.
A song that actually takes your breath away.
A song that leaves you exhausted because it has hit you so hard.
It may be one note, one note change. It may be one lyric. It may be the back drum beat.
 But, oh my goodness does it hit you.
You wonder why?
 You can't get enough of it
Ahh! then for all it's worth you can not find the name of it or the name of the singer.
I guess I have to keep hunting...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday dinner.
We had an early dinner for Tanisha and Jordan. It was loud, musical, tons of food, laughter, wrestling, cake, loud, loud, loud...
My son left to go back to work today. I hate that he lives so far away.
Today oh my goodness the rain found us. We really needed it. It will be good because tomorrow I can see where the water needs to run through the new garden.
I need to find a routine as hockey is every single night of the week now. Ahh don't get me started. I hate it.
I am off to finish up the day. I need to find some inspiration to be creative.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cold morning today only two degrees.
I guess that is a good temperature for moving hay.
We are half way done. Today we will load another two hundred and fifty five on the truck then we have to wait for it to come home...then unload. We can not drive the truck as it requires a class one license so we have to wait for my husband to bring the truck home.
Yesterday it was fun to watch my three strong boys unload hay then Miss Hyacinth came to help us. It really was fun.

While we were unloading the hay the goats kept one eye on us, it was so funny. I saw our old brown goat in one of their sheds peaking out the door to keep a watch. I sure wish I had a camera then.
Goats are quite comical. When the goats are not being bad like getting out, heads stuck in the fence, being mean to another and wasting their hay they are really a lot of fun.

I have been thinking I will still cut down on sheep either late winter or after lambing. I have to be able to feed them and have enough money for the hay without it being stressful. I would like to get away with only two hundred bales. I will watch how we do this winter. Our hay shed holds around six hundred and thirty plus we have two smaller barns. One of our barns is still full.

The sheep are not bad and neither is the bull for wasting.
 But the goats... horrible wasters...people think because they are goats they will eat anything Nope not true only the finest hay for them.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hay moving day today. I am wishing a good fairy will show up and take my place. I don't mind a pick up load but between four hundred and six hundred bales and I have to lift each bale at least four times...that is just not fun.
However it is a wonderful feeling at the end of filling the hay shed. A job well done.
It is raining outside right now. I hope it is only a short light rain. We do need it as we are quite dry around here.
Yesterday we moved the sheep to another field. We had one girl so lost she was bellering all over the place for a few hours but she has since settled down.
All in all the animals are quite content.
We have a young bull who thinks it is a goat he is a nuisance and we always have to watch our back.
Well I must go get the kids organized for school, chores, a quick visit with my Dad and a wake up call to my son.

Working the garden
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Did you take time to enjoy the moon. There is still a chance tonight.
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Harvest time.
Beautiful warm early fall however I hear a rumour it is going to change.
I am so not ready for cold weather.

Today I have been picking rocks no sorry not rocks boulders... I think they are growing.
 My Dad and I are preparing the ground for our new Lavender plants.
 I have one hundred and seven to put in the ground.
 I gave my Dad three and I am pretty sure they will bigger and better than mine.

Little secret I will keep giving him some plants and we will have Lavender everywhere!!

The animals are quiet settling in for the fall. They are in a quiet routine.

The Ram and Billy goat  are separated from the girls. The girls are all resting from nursing their little ones.
I imagine I will let the boys out in October.

Well I am off to find some more rocks. Have a great day

Harvest Time
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Monday, September 12, 2011

 A nice morning here today besides the nasty headache I woke up with. I am sure it is coming from my neck. Sigh it may be a long day
I have the chores done, water going, the little dogs have played.

I should clean up the back deck today and I am pretty sure I just did it.
 Can anyone tell me why!!
WHY!!!  are boys so bloody messy?

I would like to decorate if I can muster up enough energy.
Maybe it is a bit early...

While I was out watering at the barn...
We have a climbing plant that is making it's way over the chicken house. Actually it is a peacock house at the moment. It is a large Virginia creeper with a ball of roots that stick out of the ground a good half  foot.
 I thought I should give it a good soak.
Ahh not a good idea over twenty mice more to the twenty five count were living under it.
 Horrible absolutely horrible
They were climbing the vine and scurrying into the rabbit pen. So I am thinking I might go make their day miserable and put a sprinkler on there.
Now I am wondering why do we have four idol cats?

Good Morning
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A wonderful good morning
Such a good day. The little missing boy has been returned home. Wonderful, wonderful day
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy time here.
Watering, watering, watering try to keep it green or at least not burning up.
We need some rain.
They have shut the bush down. I am so grateful it does not affect us since our logging truck has been sitting since March.
We have been going to drop in hockey the last few nights. I have been getting my middle son to drive to town each time. I think I will book his test for the late fall....!!!
School has been going well. The kids seem to be enjoying it. So that is great.

My oldest two children come home next week. Yeah I am so excited.
I have been busy in the gardens. Making amazing Lavender products.
Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe. Make great choices

And, if I can please, please say a little actually a BIG prayer for the missing BC boy from Sparwood. He really needs to get home to his Mom, Dad and brother and sisters.

A good weekend to you
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Monday, September 05, 2011

The end of summer holidays.
Today we had a fun day.
 We did the usual chores, cleaned rooms and sat around and had little visits at home. Allan painted the logging truck it is a nice shiny blue. It sure is a nice looking truck.

We had to separate the baby goats again. Sure enough as soon as we let them back out with their Mom's they went straight to suck. So back in a pen again they went.

This afternoon the kids and I tie dyed scarves and t-shirts. It was a lot of fun. It is pretty cool to see how each of the kids make things, how their personalities come through.
Then after we drove into town to buy the kids an ice cream from McDonald's.
Came home had supper, went out to work in the gardens.
Now bath time and the day is winding down.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and I hope your fall is excellent.

Gosh it is going to be quiet here starting tomorrow. Sad very, very sad. I really, really hate to share my children

The end of summer. Last night of the holiday
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Friday, September 02, 2011

Those pine needles are falling all over my front yard
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Another early morning.
 The last couple of days have been quite cool. I have spent the those days sewing.
My kitchen table looks like a bomb.
 A wonderful, creative Bomb!
The kids are ready for school.
Back packs ready with new supplies.
 Hmm I just hope they use them...

I think or I hope it made them a bit was not looking good.

It is for sure going to be hard here. I think I will have to go to town everyday. Ahhh every single day. We are working on one vehicle. Allan takes his truck everyday and Tanisha and I will both need my truck. Oh my gosh I just absolutely hate, hate the thought of being in town.

I have put my name in for the Christmas craft fair in November so I am getting myself ready for that. My web site is up and running.
You can check it out at
One more auction trip tomorrow then we are done for this year. They are long tiring days. We always seem to have to travel so early in the morning.

I hope you have a wonderful day, a wonderful long weekend. We have our fall fair and rodeo in town. I don't think we will go but let me know if you check it out.