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Friday, September 02, 2011

Another early morning.
 The last couple of days have been quite cool. I have spent the those days sewing.
My kitchen table looks like a bomb.
 A wonderful, creative Bomb!
The kids are ready for school.
Back packs ready with new supplies.
 Hmm I just hope they use them...

I think or I hope it made them a bit was not looking good.

It is for sure going to be hard here. I think I will have to go to town everyday. Ahhh every single day. We are working on one vehicle. Allan takes his truck everyday and Tanisha and I will both need my truck. Oh my gosh I just absolutely hate, hate the thought of being in town.

I have put my name in for the Christmas craft fair in November so I am getting myself ready for that. My web site is up and running.
You can check it out at
One more auction trip tomorrow then we are done for this year. They are long tiring days. We always seem to have to travel so early in the morning.

I hope you have a wonderful day, a wonderful long weekend. We have our fall fair and rodeo in town. I don't think we will go but let me know if you check it out.

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