Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look who has become friends

Here is George and Sparkle sleeping together under the kitchen table. They are quite good friends and they cuddle quite nicely.
Today really felt like a fall day. I brought fire wood down moved sprinklers and put my jacket on and off all day. We are doing our last minute school stuff, cleaning rooms and I am mentally trying to prepare myself for school. It is funny some people loved school enjoy the process but me it is an inside deep dread I had has a child and I still can't shake it all these years later. Maybe because I had such a horrible grade one year it ruined me forever!
When I get a moment I would like to organize my photos and maybe do a little sewing. I am also still crocheting my giant granny square it is coming quite nice but it is a slow process but I am sure the outcome will be lovely.
Well I should run I can here my boys all three of them playing guns flying through the back rooms. Hmmm what do you do with boys ... I will talk to you all soon enjoy one more day of summer holidays I know I am going to.
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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Our peach tree was completely hanging over to the ground.

Here is our apple tree also very heavy with fruit. A lot of waste the sun dried them and the wind blew them off.

Apples, Apples everywhere we had to get at them before we had a fuzzy black bear visit us.
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A long day that started by 4am with rain not much at home but quite a bit to the toll booth. My goats do not do well with rain not good at all but thank goodness it stopped and no more rain until we came back closer to our town. In the mountains above us fresh new snow AaaaaaaaaaaaaaCH... way too early. However there was no snow up the Coquihalla which was a blessing for traveling.
My husband and I were absolutely knackered it is funny I can stay up late get up early but traveling I just suck at it. I did stay awake all day but extremely tired. We were a bit late to unload but it all went well then we drove around and stopped at a lot of truck dealerships, four wheeler stores, sports stores all of that while I waited for the very cool quilting shop in Abbostford to open. I love that store so many pretty bolts of fabric I would love to bring a piece of each one home. If you ever get a chance go check it out it is called quilt essential. They also have a blog called
I also found another cool store called OOH LA LA it reminded me of a store I went into in Howarth in Yorkshire. I'll tell you a secret I bought my mom's Christmas present in there..... I can't tell you what it is she reads my blog everyday!!!!!!
Keep warm have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just a quick note tonight things have been pretty hectic around here. We are off to the auction at 4am with our last load of the season then it is time to think about winter. Hockey starts this coming week, school starts time to settle into fall. We went to Kamloops when my husband got off work spent so much money it is stressful but everyone is ready for hockey and school. Then when we came home we loaded animals did chores.
On our drive home along our road the pine needles were coming down so fast it actually looked kind of neat. Anyway I must run talk to you soon

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The last of my sea life
It is amazing how these shells grew onto the rocks I wonder how they did that.

We just had a nice visit with my sister and my nephew. We do seem to have short visits but we cram a lot in a quick minute. My sister was telling us there was snow in the mountains when she came down form bridge Lake. We have had such a crazy summer for weather not much fun at all.
This meat recall here in Canada is nuts we are all trying to figure out what we have bought where we have ate. I really feel our world is going crazy everything is to the extreme. I must run I have to be up by 2am and I am always worried I will sleep in. Talk to you all soon.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh my goodness it was cool today Fall is here. The pine needles are falling, wind is blowing, Blue Jays are back...where did the summer go. Less than a week and school is in sigh... that is so could not pay me a million dollars to go back to school. I do not miss it not for one minute. I sure hope my kids like it and I sure hope some of them do not remember that they do not like it! My oldest son is quite happy he is done.
Long weekend this weekend my husband gets Monday off and I think he may take my son to the ferry but we have not made that plan yet. I will fill you in on more but my kids are telling me to many stories to write.

Here I am in my new I skirt bought it in this very cool hippy store unfortunately the skirt does nothing for me but make me look big still I really like it. I just loved this store I spent ages in it. In the photo above I had just met up with my son and he said my skirt was see through and I said no it has this little inside bit so your nickers don't show. Well needless to say my inside of the skirt was up so everyone in Powell River could have seen my nickers when I walked down to the ocean. It is a wonderful feeling knowing I am never going back so no one should remember me!!!!!!

I could not post last night as my computer has huge issues with Norton and my spybot program it acts like such a jerk. I think I may have to take it over to Kamloops to get it looked at.
This morning was huge disaster my dads dog got into my son's chickens and he is not home. He absolutley loves his chickens each one is named, each one has something special about it etc. I had to burn the feathers to clean it up and I was so worried someone would phone the fire dispatch and my son's crew would come out:) How embarrasing would that be. If any of you have lit feathers on fire you know lots of smoke.
If you read this and nothing is right my computer again is having issues. I hope to have it fixed soon.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Checking out the sea life as cool as it is it does make me feel all yucked out.
If you close enough you can see this little guy eyes. He was pretty awful I took this photo with my zoom far away.

He is looking quite pleased with himself I bet if the little monster jumped he would have screamed!
My oldest son has made the Cambell river hockey team they really would like him to play there. The coach phoned last night and talked to my husband. It is so far away. My son has to let them know very soon if he is going to play I know his mind is not made up. Did I mention how far it is away from home. We are letting him decide he is not sure if he want to play hockey or work.... why can't they just stay home.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Ocean

These photo's were about 8:30am we were Beach combing (not sure on that spelling)
My husband patiently waiting for me to get the ocean out of my system. It was funny the first day there I had shortness of breath. I could not take a deep breath the air seemed so different but by the next day it seemed to settle.

Here are some very beautiful white shells does it not look like art work.
Today we did a lot of outside work mowed lawn, chores etc. My youngest son is the only one home with us and he slept until 11:20am I do not usually let them sleep in that late but he has been up by six every morning out doing chores which is fine but he was going to bed really late. He was starting to get headaches so it was good he finally rested. He went to town with his dad and had dad time they had a slush and my husband bought him a truck from Napa (which happens to be my son's favorite store ... go figure). Then we went over the highway to a camp out for a surprise 60th birthday for my mother in law we went for about 3 hours. While I was there we looked for white rocks along the river and filled my son's pockets full. I realized when I rock hunt it makes me very sleepy I could have come home I was so tired. My husband has just gone back to pick up our Sam. I am waiting for my other kids to call most of them had called just my oldest son has to call then I can go shower and then off to bed.
I will talk to you all soon I need to find tea.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful Mountains

Very Peaceful, calm but could you imagine it in a storm.
These lovely mountains are why one has to take two ferries just to arrive on the main land that we just left. It made no sense to me but now that I see mountain after mountain there is no way I guess they could build a highway.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

On our way to Powell River

Here is my husband and oldest son on the ferry to Powell River. They do look a like don't they.
The scenery is absolutely beautiful. I love the mountains I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing the mountains.
Here is my husband and I it was really quite warm at this moment.
Here is my son being a total brat pretending to fall over knowing he is scaring me.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am home it was a fun trip long it took us nine hours to get there and nine hours in a horrible rain storm to get home. I spent quite a lot of time on the beach it was lovely so many shells on one of my days I was there a total of 3 hours. It was a safe beach I will post photo's tomorrow.
Oh my goodness did it rain unreal rain all the way home I am so glad I was not driving. I will Post so much more tomorrow but I can not keep my eyes open anymore. You would think I had to walk up the Coquihalla and push the van on top of it that is how tired I am.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today was a whirl wind of a day we got up early did chores and then headed off to Kelowna for a Lulu Lemon fix. My oldest daughter was so excited she could not sleep. When we were there we hit the jack pot they were having a warehouse sale down over at the curling club building. Oh my goodness busy, warm and so many people. The sales were very good and my girls had a field day 50-60 and up percent off. Then you could get a free bathing suit. We got back into town in time for my daughter to go to work. Our van ran very poorly we think it is because it was so warm out.
We are off to Powell river so I may not be able to post until Wednesday night unless my son brings his lap top then I may try to figure it out. Have safe weekend and week and I will talk to you all soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We were trying to take photo's of us on the rock but for some reason the dogs were mauling us and I could not figure out why.
Well Miss Hyacinth had a bacon strip in her hand for our big dog and the little dogs could smell it.
I guess you had to be there but it was so funny.

Look at Boomer looking absolutely lovely on our special rock.
Today I bought the kids a few school clothes and my youngest daughter and I got our hair cuts just trims. Tomorrow we are off to Kelowna my oldest daughter has been harassing my husband to go to Lulu lemon. Then the next day we are off to Powell River. I must go and get my kids to bed they are way too wide awake.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Projects

This summer we have been having fun making some great projects my middle son and I made this blanket for him to sleep with. It is made out of fleece and is quite cozy.
The garden is quite full right now it is amazing how it creeps up on you and you don't even notice it growing.
Today the day went by quite fast it is funny but I can hardly remember what I did today. I did teach my neighbor how to Nordic pole walk so it counts as one person that I taught for my Urban poling course. I just have to finish up the questions then I can send it in. It is so hard to concentrate in this house always someone wanting something, flying by or half the time someone is talking absolute rubbish. No wonder I am so tired by the end of the day. On the day my middle son goes to work he leaves by 3am and today he woke up all by himself we were already up but out he comes so pleased with himself. He has four alarm clocks that go off to get him up sometimes he sleeps through them all. I was up for two and half hours when I finally made myself go back to bed then I was up at 6am. So I am off to bed have a pleasant night .
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A finished quilt

Here are some photo's of a small quilt I made. I really loved the cat material this blanket has found a home on my youngest daughters bed.
You would never know I ironed it but Miss Hyacinth was walking around wrapped up in the blanket.
Today we finished our peaches and got them in the freezer we have been eating Nectarines until we look like them. Everyone really loves them here. Tonight's dessert was peaches and whipping cream very good but very fattening...but to makes us feel better we did enjoy the peaches and whipping cream while watching the Olympics. We are felt very much like a great athlete. I have finished printing off another card of our trip photo's just two more cards to go which leaves me with 1,947 pictures left to print out. Tomorrow is my early morning when my middle son has to be woken up at 2:20am so I can not got o bed too late. So have a wonderful night and talk to you all soon.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No photo's, we have not taken any new pictures lately. Last night at eleven pm our last baby alpaca was born a little boy. Miss Hyacinth asked if she could name the baby when it was born she has called him Hunter. So that gives us Hunter, Pine cone and Darling two boys and one girl. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a picture of them to show you just how cute they are. This is just a short post as I can not get any kids to bed and I can not think so I will write more tomorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

No post last night my husband spent the night on the computer looking for the route to Powell River and Campbell River. Checking out the cost for the ferries trying to see how much hotels are. My oldest son is going down there this coming weekend for about one and half weeks to two weeks he is trying out for the hockey teams. It is so far away but I am not stressing I will take it all as it comes he has to try out for the teams first then he has to make a team. Then I will stress on how much it is going to cost! Today turned out to be quite nice ours days start quite cool very fall weather and that is way too soon to be thinking of fall.
My Mom and Dad picked us up two boxes of peaches and two boxes of nectarines the peaches will go in the freezer and the nectarines we will eat the kids love them.
We have been watching the Olympics it is so much fun to see all the young athletes who have worked so hard to get there have their moment. I enjoy the track and field, rowing, the bike races, swimming, diving, gymnastics, the horses. However I am not too keen on watching baseball, wrestling, or tennis.
I am waiting on my oldest daughter to come home she was working today then she went to drop in hockey. My oldest son will not be home for the rest of the week he is on 24 hour stand by in Princeton. Did I mention lately how hard it is to let these kids grow up however I do think I ma handling it quite well. well must run and find some tea have a great night.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fire fighting at night

This was my son last night at a lightening strike it is hard to see but you can see what he has to do. He was out until about 2ish am I actually have not been able to talk to him too much maybe he'll be home tonight.
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Today it turned out we did not have to go to Bridge Lake my sister met us in Kamloops it was nice we had a little visit and a few hugs from my little nephew who is four years old tomorrow. It is amazing how fast time is going by. I went to fabric land it was okay but after being in the cool store in Abbotsford this did not compare. I hope I can go back down to that store but probably not. I also went to chapters and can you believe it I did not buy one thing now that is totally crazy!
It has been quite crazy here the weather is cool tonight my son has been out on 4 fires since yesterday morning he is now at hockey. He must be ready to collapse maybe he will get to sleep tonight. One thing for sure our life can either be really peaceful or totally hectic it is always one extreme to another. I am off to find some tea, read a book for a bit and maybe crochet my blanket I am working on.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Friends these two cats have become quite good friends.
today the weather has been crazy, the town full of smoke. My son has been called out on three fires today all lightening strikes I think. It looks like it may be a long night for him. We had to run into town tonight to take him clean clothes and at the same time we took the other kids for an ice cream and it was a unreal rain storm and lightening. Tomorrow we head up to Bridge Lake to pick up Miss Hyacinth she has been away for a week so it will be nice to have her home. Have a great weekend and be safe.
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