Sunday, January 31, 2010

This picture show how little snow we now have. It is unreal. Still a fair amount of ice in the yard though. We must walk very careful.
Yesterday I spent the day waiting and waiting all day. Back and forth from home to hockey. It made the day drag out quite long. I was going to go to Winfield to Sam's hockey game but it was snowing pretty good in the morning. So I decided I had better stay and drive kids.
Today I went along for Tanisha and Dalton's game and then we ran into Kelowna. We stopped at Walmart and Lulu Lemon. Then it was back home again.
Today is my Dad's Birthday. I hope he had a wonderful day. Him and Mom have gone off to have a night away.
Well I am off for the night. Pleasant dreams
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Today I took a quick walk up on the higher level of our property today. I love this picture of Miss Lulu. It is amazing I manged to catch her still for a second. Seriously she does not quit for two seconds. Most of the walk I am on my own. It was 9 above today absolutely amazing this weather we are having. However we are going to pay big time with low rivers, fire season and draught unless something gives and we either get a load of snow or some great rain throughout the summer.
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I have no new pictures to put at all. So I guess I need to look around for something nice to take a picture of. Kids are off to school. I did not have to go the bus as Tanisha is driving them all in. Our one truck is out of insurance so we are running on one vehicle. Tomorrow we will put on the insurance and be back at running on two.
The older kids are writing exams so it has been a mixed week of who has to go to school and who doesn't. Our weekend is full of time keeping, hockey plus it is my Dad's birthday. I have not been going to town much really no point if I don't have too. I still go in for hockey but that doesn't count that is just a have to thing. I took Lulu for a walk yesterday and I hope to find a few minutes again today. She really does not need to go for one as she runs all day. It is good for her to have to settle and walk like a lady now and then.
Gosh my coffee tastes absolutely horrible this morning. Not nice at all.
I had threaded my whole loom (my small one) and ready to use it. And, it was wrong all wrong. WRONG wool gosh I hate that! So I had to cut it all out again...
Well I should run I have a million things to do today. Talk to you all very soon. Have a wonderful day. Do something creative today. Then tell me about it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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As I read the comments in our Newspapers from Canadians about the Olympics, about our government or news stories in general. It makes me ashamed of us. How horrible people are. What is happening to everyone to turn so cynical, mean spirited and just down right horrible. Yes times are tough but not just in our country but all over the world. But, we must... we absolutely must find the good or life is just not fun.
I am excited for the Olympics. I am teaching my children to be excited. This is a chance in a lifetime. Enjoy the moment. Don't ruin it
Please let our Province find the spirit. Be happy. Enjoy the moment.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scrumbling' / Scumbles A couple of new words

Making things up as you go along. As in free form crocheting. What fun words.

The Olympics are coming very, very soon. How exciting now all BC needs is some snow. I do hope we can go to the Torch relay. I will cross our fingers that we make it. Today the sun was shining so nicely. Our weather is so strange lately. I am not sure where the day went today but it sure flew by quickly. I am extremely tired so I think I should just go to bed.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

I cropped this picture of the Hyacinth and it enlarged it. Isn't it magnificent. Amazing
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Today I woke up at two thirty am to see my son off. He headed back to island and caught the Grey hound bus down to the Coast. I then drove the kids into to school as we had to pick up our other truck from the Bus depot. So since I was in town Nana and I decided to go for a walk. Then it was off home and full steam ahead all day doing stuff in the house and chores.
I have been crocheting flowers out of the Soya silk that I spun then plied with gold thread. I am doing free form crocheting. It is quite fun and simple enough that I can do it at the arena. The bonus is it is free form so no rules.
Today my youngest Sam came home full of stories from school. They had their month assembly and he won the hard hat award for this month for hard work. He also won an award for Most sportsmanlike and won two free bowling times. Plus his name was announced for starting the Haiti fund raiser of a penny drive and they have brought in over two hundred and fifty dollars. As he is telling me this I hear him rummaging in his back pack. I said "Sam you didn't fold up your awards again" ... no comment... Then I hear him say "Darn it" the orange juice spilled... "Oh but don't worry Mom it is only on the folds" So we get home, he heads in the house before me and I come up behind him to see him using a rolling pin on his awards. I did not say anything but we do have some lovely awards with creases, orange juice and all hanging on our fridge.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Olympic Creativity
I will post all the squares when we are finished. We have been trying to think of fun Olympic things to do. Sam my youngest is learning so much in school about it. He is quite knowledgeable and I am learning so much from him. I might look for a book for us to read about the Olympics. I did buy the official Olympic magazine and the Beautiful British Columbia magazine. All my kids have a piece of clothing from either gloves, toque, sweatshirts, key rings and sweat towels. Sam has a Teddy Bear of the Sasquatch, even my husband has a couple of piece of clothing. I think today will google the songs for the Olympics. We have one I bought from itunes of Sara Mcglauclin (not sure on her name spelling). We are going to try so hard to see the Olympic torch relay. Plus I think a scrap book should be made. We make a lot of scrap books it is a good way for when the kids get older to have those. They will know what went on in the past.
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Sam stayed home from school on Friday to have a Mom day. I had told him no at first and that he had to go to school. He has not missed very much so I changed my mind. We had a fun but busy day. I think my kids think I do all this fun stuff. However my day is just full of stuff. Chores, laundry, usually trying to figure a supper they will all eat. A lot of time suppers have to be early for hockey then they are hungry again by seven pm.
This is our Olympic project we are felting wool of all the Olympic events. He has been really enjoying it. It actually is harder than it looks. It is very fine work with a very sharp needle
You have to be exact in the small area to keep the form. What are we going to do with it not sure. Any suggestions. We did think a blanket, a wall hanging, something to put in the hope chest.... not really sure.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

It is hard to believe we have no snow. I am glad we took the time to skate, build a rink, cross country ski and play int eh snow while it was here. Our weather is so acting like Spring. My kids are all scattered across BC. Two are in hundred mile, one is in Golden, one is in Campbell River. Tomorrow we are heading to Vancouver to meet Jordan off the Ferry and spend the day with him. That is unless he changes his mind, then in that case we will just stay in town.
Today Sam stayed home and had a Mom day with me. We headed into town after lunch to go do some errands. We picked up the kids from school took them to their ride to go for there tournament. Then tonight we have spent most of the night trying to make a plan. Then I felt sick when I found out we are in another three week pay period. Ahhh it never quits
So I will run and get ready for the morning. Have a good night.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today was a day of catching up. Then working on a piece that I was inspired from the devastating Earth Quake in Haiti. That is the hardest thing I have looked at in a long time. Those poor, poor people. When you look at the pictures look into their eyes. There is a few pictures that honestly make you cry actually not a few all of them. I one picture of a boy in my book that OH MY GOODNESS it is breaking my heart and I would love to bring him home. I am not sure that is the answer. Haiti is their home imagine how hard it would be to leave. Even in the mess it is. It is still home.
I have so lucked out on going to town. Tanisha has been able to drive with the roads being so good. I do however think I will have to break down tomorrow and go buy dog food and then go to the mail.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Strange phone call tonight. The school that accepted my middle daughter to go to phoned tonight. They phoned to ask if she was ready to start school on February third. Ahh she has not graduated yet. So then they asked if she would be ready in June. She said that her parents would rather she wait a year to work. He then said okay you will have to re -apply and you will lose the full scholarship. We did not know about a full scholarship. So he told her to get hold of him when she is ready. This is all too much for this Mom. Poetry, publishing, scholarships, Haiti fundraisers. I think this would explain the headache that has sat on my for-head for the last couple days. I think I will find a nice cup a tea.

What a day so much goes on in one day. I have cleaned my studio now to get down to some serious work. Nana visited we washed our vehicles. Cleaned, laundry and all that good stuff.
My middle daughter is amazing at writing poems. Today they had a poet at their school and told her he would get her the name of a publisher for her!!!! how cool is that. Then she has had another poem published through her school. So we ordered the book.
This is her second one and the first one went into the top ten. AMAZING.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Books I love books. I don't think one can have enough books. Old books, new books there is something awesome about holding a book in your hands. I am reading a novel that I bought in a second hand store and I absolutely love how it opens and lays so perfect. I think I like the feel of the book better than the story. Silly I know. My Grandpa told me you have to read it keeps your mind young and sharp. And he was as sharps as can be until the day he died.
So far only one of my kids loves to read. My middle daughter reads all the time stays up late. She always has a book with her. I also think my youngest is going to enjoy reading even if he won't admit it yet. I also my oldest daughter is enjoying a good book right now. I am still working on the other three. I do think they enjoy a good book if they let themselves. There just seems to be so much else they want to do. So on that note I am off to have some tea and read before bed.

We still have one more light to put up. All the things in my hall were either there before or was from another spot in our home.
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The large picture reminds me of the home I grew up in. On Iron Mountain we had so many wonderful Poplar Trees.
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Sidewall going down our hallway. Colours are in cream. Everything in our home is a reminder of my trips. I have a huge attachment to England and our Europe trip. Also you will find many shells, starfish, sand dollars and rocks in our home. The shells, starfish are a reminder of my love for the ocean from Maui and Campbell River.
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This is the wall going into our bedroom.
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Priming the wall
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This was our hall way on it's first stage. I actually really liked the green but it was so dark.
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Most of our snow is gone now however our yard and driveway has still a good amount of ice. It is still above zero. Just crazy. I wonder what will happen to our Olympics. I guess they could fly them up to the ski hills in the North. I bet they still have a lot of snow. Yesterday Tanisha made snowflake shaped cookies man are they good. I have been thinking we should ban cookies from this house. Also my Mom made us a marble cake. I see there is only tow pieces left. Good thing no baking ever goes to waste here.
Any moment now Sam's alarm clock should go off. He has a new wind up one. The first day h e flew out of bed along with George the cat. They both had such a shock.
I am excited the Olympic Torch is coming into our town February Sixth. I do hope we get to see it. I think I will have to go buy a newspaper to find out exactly all the details. I really am hoping to take the kids.
On today's menu is finish painting the hall, hang up pictures, vacuum and wash the floor. I hope to have it done by the time I have to pick up the kids from the bus. Then it will be off to hockey. So wish me luck I do not get side tracked. I am ready to move onto a new project.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I did not realize it has been so long since I posted. I have been extremely busy. Last week I was in town every night for something for the kids. Then Saturday we went to Kamloops first thing then off some went to Kelowna. I came home with our youngest two. I have been painting the hall so that has pretty much filled up any spare time. I did regret it half way through but I can see I am winning now. I am not too sure I like the colour. I picked a cream and I like it but it is so not me. I love my colours I had but it made our house way too dark. I am sure once I get the pictures up and a very cute cabinet it will look fine. I am however not putting the book shelves back. So that does lead to a problem. Where will I put them... Probably on the shelves in the laundry room and then I will pack up my material. Our weather has been amazing. I kind of scary it has put the road restrictions on where my Husband works. Which totally sucks. That means we still haul the same distance with half a load. Probably means we won't be able to pay the fuel bill.......!!!!! Why not! between tires, fuel, repair bills this novelty of a truck is so gone. I so wish we could get out of it. I will be a hindered and still in debt. Sometimes it feels like we have three hundred pound brick on our shoulders. If we could I would go get a loan and pay off everything then it would feel like we could breath. Everything we do we think Ahh we should not do this or better not or we do it and feel sick about it. Anyway enough snivelling it won't make it go away.
I will keep at my house and get it back to order. Clean some clutter and if the weather stays like this I will open the doors and some windows and let some fresh air in. I did that for a bit today. It was cool but it felt so nice.
Our Spring is already filling up with things to do. Tanisha has a full schedule that keeps our schedule full. Soccer, soccer trip to Prince Edward Island. grad dress hunting, grad, exams, hockey, pies, fundraisers, school projects.... and is only one child. Well I should head off to bed. The morning likes to show up so fast. It really is amazing how quickly our sleeps goes by. Have very good dreams and I will try not leave such a big gap in between my posts.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today has been a long day. I started painting the hall and I am totally regretting the mess now. I have found the news exhausting. Everything is so sad.
Our days have been quite warm. We are having very strange weather. I sure hope it picks up for the Olympics. We had hockey, soccer meetings tonight. I am now trying my hardest to stay awake until Allan has to go to work.
Jordan called tonight he got a goal tonight so that is exciting.
I will post some pictures of my hall when I get organized. I can see it is going to be a slow project. I have no inspiration to paint. I am really too tired to even write anything clever tonight. So I will come back tomorrow. Have a wonderful sleep. Please pray for the people of Haiti
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dalton's beloved Cat Sparkle.

I thought I would tell you about a lesson of romance. We spent the whole day in Kamloops the other day. Left home at eight am and returned at eight pm. It was quite nice. We did not have to rush and we all had a look at the stores that interested us. So my youngest son, Sam came out of a cell phone store with his Dad. Now poor Sam being the youngest seems to have to wait awhile for things his brothers and sisters already have. For example Face book (he uses mine and plays the games under my name) driving!!!, buying a truck !!??, and cell phones. So he started to tell me about this really cool long narrow "NEW" cell phone called the new chocolate. How cool it is and that he should have it.
I then told my family about how nice it would be that if someone was really romantic. That they could buy their other person "The New Chocolate phone", with a very beautiful red Pashmina Scarf, add some chocolates and maybe a flowers. Then they could put it in a very beautiful box. As the box/wrapping is the cherry on top. Soooo my very romantic husband very loudly says. "OH your cut off, no more cell phones for you until your Blackberry contract is done" !!!! He totally missed the just of the story.
Then there was the time I was having a family dinner. My Mom and Dad and his Mom were joining us. So he headed into town to pick up some things and I asked him to buy me some nice white flowers (daisy's) for the table. So he comes home drops everything in the kitchen. I call him back and ask where my flowers were. He said right their on the counter. There sat a lovely bag of white FLOUR. No guilt... no I am sorry... just a bit choked because he stood so long in the grocery store on which type of flour to buy.
Then at Christmas I had said to my husband. I was hoping we could have done something together. Like maybe go to Starbucks together nothing much. He smiles so pleased with himself I took you to town and to Kamloops.... don't think he gets you ...Got to love him...I guess I will just go shopping for myself ...:)
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Monday, January 11, 2010

We had better enjoy our oranges. I hear Florida has received some frost.
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Sparkly Muffins and Sparkly Snowflakes. Isn't that fun
We have been trying to add some fun into each day. We have had chocolate chip cookies shaped like stars. We have been building on my Arch Cathedral while a Princess movie has been playing in the back ground. We have done some skiing, the boys have skated. Had a friend over to skate and toboggan. It has been full days. Late nights, early mornings. Last night I stayed up to do my bills. I hate every second of it but it is a good feeling when it is done.
It has rained all day and our yard is a sheet of ice. Our ice rink is still hanging in there but it had better freeze soon. I am really not sure if I will go to Campbell River. Jords say the weather is not nice, terrible rain. Plus I keep thinking of that 17 1/2 hour bus ride. I still have a few days to decide. Well I am extremely tired tonight so I will call it a day.
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Doesn't she look comfy
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

It seems as if it was a busy day but I just think I am tired from not sleeping well last night. We are having the most horrible time with our wood stove. It smokes like crazy or it won't light. Our house was so cold last night and today. Then tonight I was trying to put wood in the fire and it was smoking like crazy. Then all of a sudden huge flames came curling out the top, up and back. So very, very scary. Didn't help that I screamed but it just missed my face and hair. So tomorrow I am letting the fire die out and Allan will take the pipes apart again to see if it is all right inside them. Our throats hurt from the smoke all the time.
I just finished doing my books and sent it off to the book keeper. I so hate that job.
This afternoon I had to take Tanisha in for biology. The class is preparing for provincial exams. So while she was in class for two hours I picked up Nana. We went to have tea and try to be creative at our friends house. Then we ran and bought groceries came home and made a late supper. Then the boys went out to skate until nearly nine pm.
Tomorrow I am so thankful my Mom is going into town early and I asked her if she would go to the bank to pay a bill for me. I could go but I have to go in later so I was hoping to save a trip.
Talking about trips. I have been thinking of going to Campbell River but it is a seventeen and half hour bus ride. So I have not made up my mind yet. That seems so long. I would really love to visit Jordan see one of his games and walk along the ocean. I will let you know if I decide.
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