Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sam stayed home from school on Friday to have a Mom day. I had told him no at first and that he had to go to school. He has not missed very much so I changed my mind. We had a fun but busy day. I think my kids think I do all this fun stuff. However my day is just full of stuff. Chores, laundry, usually trying to figure a supper they will all eat. A lot of time suppers have to be early for hockey then they are hungry again by seven pm.
This is our Olympic project we are felting wool of all the Olympic events. He has been really enjoying it. It actually is harder than it looks. It is very fine work with a very sharp needle
You have to be exact in the small area to keep the form. What are we going to do with it not sure. Any suggestions. We did think a blanket, a wall hanging, something to put in the hope chest.... not really sure.
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Gail said...

That's so neat Gigi, maybe some pillows or frame them. You are so clever!