Monday, January 18, 2010

Books I love books. I don't think one can have enough books. Old books, new books there is something awesome about holding a book in your hands. I am reading a novel that I bought in a second hand store and I absolutely love how it opens and lays so perfect. I think I like the feel of the book better than the story. Silly I know. My Grandpa told me you have to read it keeps your mind young and sharp. And he was as sharps as can be until the day he died.
So far only one of my kids loves to read. My middle daughter reads all the time stays up late. She always has a book with her. I also think my youngest is going to enjoy reading even if he won't admit it yet. I also my oldest daughter is enjoying a good book right now. I am still working on the other three. I do think they enjoy a good book if they let themselves. There just seems to be so much else they want to do. So on that note I am off to have some tea and read before bed.


Anonymous said...

I love to read too!

Gail said...

Can never have too many books on hand! Love my books too!