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Sunday, January 31, 2010

This picture show how little snow we now have. It is unreal. Still a fair amount of ice in the yard though. We must walk very careful.
Yesterday I spent the day waiting and waiting all day. Back and forth from home to hockey. It made the day drag out quite long. I was going to go to Winfield to Sam's hockey game but it was snowing pretty good in the morning. So I decided I had better stay and drive kids.
Today I went along for Tanisha and Dalton's game and then we ran into Kelowna. We stopped at Walmart and Lulu Lemon. Then it was back home again.
Today is my Dad's Birthday. I hope he had a wonderful day. Him and Mom have gone off to have a night away.
Well I am off for the night. Pleasant dreams
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freshisle said...

We have a little more snow than you do, but not the usual high drifts. What we do have is cold, cold, cold.