Friday, January 29, 2010

I have no new pictures to put at all. So I guess I need to look around for something nice to take a picture of. Kids are off to school. I did not have to go the bus as Tanisha is driving them all in. Our one truck is out of insurance so we are running on one vehicle. Tomorrow we will put on the insurance and be back at running on two.
The older kids are writing exams so it has been a mixed week of who has to go to school and who doesn't. Our weekend is full of time keeping, hockey plus it is my Dad's birthday. I have not been going to town much really no point if I don't have too. I still go in for hockey but that doesn't count that is just a have to thing. I took Lulu for a walk yesterday and I hope to find a few minutes again today. She really does not need to go for one as she runs all day. It is good for her to have to settle and walk like a lady now and then.
Gosh my coffee tastes absolutely horrible this morning. Not nice at all.
I had threaded my whole loom (my small one) and ready to use it. And, it was wrong all wrong. WRONG wool gosh I hate that! So I had to cut it all out again...
Well I should run I have a million things to do today. Talk to you all very soon. Have a wonderful day. Do something creative today. Then tell me about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, do something creative? Well, we just threw G a bday party at the bowling alley. I made a rectangle double layered choc cake and made a beach scene on the top. G loved it! Due to the fact I seriously detest junk goodie bags we went to the $ store and bought tall vases for all the kids, put a spin wheel in it and held the spin wheel in place with candy. How much you ask? $4.00 a piece! Quite great! My goal is always to buy something under $5.00. All the girls were tickled to take home those 'goodie bags'.
Other than that my creativity stops at having to write a 4 page essay on my philosophy of working with children with learning disorders.
Must try to get my creativity flowing again - thanks for the minor distraction.
Love & miss you xoxox