Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today I took some photos of the Lavender house with my Iphone so I can have some fun with them.
 I will post them up over the next while.
As the weather changes and the lavender sleeps I will not have as many wonderful garden pictures so I will try to be creative.
 I picked up an Antique cash register that is at around 60 years old and about 75 pounds it is amazing, awesome and oh so wonderful.
 I had wanted to paint it but my kids think I should leave it as it is in all its antiquey glory!!
Pictures soon.
 Have the most wonderful night

We finally found our rain.
I bet the trees, plants and Lavender are inhaling it! It was amazing how dry it was. When it is daylight I will go outside and see how everything made out.
Today I will finish labeling the fibre we have Mohair, wool, Alpaca, wool blankets & wool socks. Our yarn is in 2ply we have some locks of Mohair (Angora goat) in colour to add to your spinning or crafts/felting.
We have some nice cotton. I will add more to the shelves as I get more organized.
 The fibre is in one area on the loom in the Lavender house. Another area is culinary, and then bath/creams, one area for soaps.
 It is hard to know how to set it up.
I am planning on turning out the Ram after a few more frost, I will wait to make sure he does not bloat on the grass. We also need to be finished in the fields as the Ram has turned into a jerk over the summer.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Turkey dinner for us with mashes potatoes, carrots, salad, gravy, spice muffins and ice cream.
We are squeezing a hockey tournament in for Sam he is playing on league up for the Midget Reps.
The day is warm, sunny and so beautiful.
I just came in from hunting around my Peacock pen for feathers. I wonder if I could paint a picture of them?
Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oh my goodness it is amazing how fast the time is flying. I have been away from the Blog for ages and yet I have been no where but here! All my outside projects are slowing down, garden planted soon it will be time to roll up the hoses.
I still have an amazing amount of weeds to deal with.

Uhh you should see the pine needles wow they are crazy...

Yesterday I was talking to the sheep, looking them over and do they ever look Great. Big healthy Ewes. I feel confident about them going into the winter.
I have not decided when I am turning out my Ram, he has a bit of a bunting streak so I am stalling until we are finished in the fields.
Here is Salem he is growing nicely.