Thursday, January 08, 2015

Goats lets talk about bad goats
We have fourteen goats on our farm eight of them new. I need to tame them down!! They are flighty, spring loaded and I swear they have suction cups on their feet. I want to milk them ~ all the goats on our farm will be first time Mom's (this should be fun). We have not had a baby goat born on our farm in four years. I need baby goats. I love, love the babies.

One of the goats I bought just before Christmas I wish I hadn't ~ not nice I know she is sweet and I do plan to win her over. She is not a sturdy goat she has a bit of a cough now and then and when she arrived she had a bit of a runny nose. We doctored her up runny nose went I need to fatten her up and get her on green grass.

Did I mention the word

Monday, January 05, 2015

SNOWING, SNOWING, snowing and more snow
January snow storm is happening. We did a road trip Saturday to take our daughter back to school then continue on and pick up our new young ram. We stayed ahead of the storm but we did keep a close watch on the road reports.
Today we are back to normal school and a little boy. I hate the thought of driving into town. This is when I wish I lived right in the middle of town and could walk everywhere.
We had a lovely time off a lot of home time but yet we seem to add a few road trips in not it is time to settle and not use so much gas/fuel for January.