Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today the day was spent by tiding up the house. Which is a total waste of time. Then I went into town to meet Miss Nana and we went for our 5km walk. I was really tired on the walk. Then we bought groceries fun stuff for Canada Day. We are also doing Miss Nana's dinner tomorrow night. It is suppose to warm up for awhile so that should be nice for every ones visit.
As I posted in the pictures my firefighter has come home. I like it when he comes home laundry fire smell and all. I always know when he is home I start to pick his stuff up at the door and it continues right trough the house. He now has five days off.
My brother and his family should now be in Canada...Yeah
My sister and her husband fly out tonight. Very Very exciting
I have to be in town early tomorrow for my middle daughter. She has to attend her program she is in and her volunteering at the park for Canada Day. So off to bed for me

Big Island sunset
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Absolutely Amazing Maui
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Good night in Maui
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Evenings in Maui
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Maui skies
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Our sky's a few weeks ago. The sky was this colour from the forest fires.
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Jordan on top of the world

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My firefighter is home. He came home from a fire this afternoon. I think he is rather lovely and very handsome.
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Our weather is turning very desert like. It was 4 above this morning when I drove my husband to the mill at 5am. Then it warms up quite nicely by afternoon. Then it cools down again. This morning I had the hot tub, pond and watering all done very early. Then I fought with the Internet all morning. Then the rest of day I sat and sat and sat at my computer doing books. That is such a sucky job. ( if that is even a real word and if not it should be). I hate it! I hate doing books. However a little longer and I will be caught up.
Tonight I took my middle daughter to town for her smart step program. While she was there I met Nan and Jeremy and we did a 5km walk. Jeremy is kind of like Sam on a walk. We had fun though. I wonder if he will join us again...!
I think Miss Lulu knows the sound of our van. She came bouncing out tonight when I came home. The poor girl probably thought I left her as I did not have a second to spend with her all day. Just a few quick cuddles.
Tonight there is a fire quite close to town. They call it the flats. I wonder how it started. They had trouble in town with kids lighting some grass fires. I would like to think they are not that dumb to start them when it is so dry.
My fire fighter comes home tomorrow. Can't wait.
Tomorrow was going to be so special. My niece and her two kids were coming down to visit and spend the night with us. But for some reason she has to work now. She is choked we had such good plans. Maybe we will be able to try again. I have not had a really really really good visit in years...
Well I am off to bed. Have a good night
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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sparkle was relaxing on top of the Lazy boy chair. Isn't that a terrible view. She is so funny this cat. Always very close to being in trouble. She is not a very big cat. Dalt absolutely loves her.

Today we spent the day visiting with Allan's brother and daughter and his girlfriend and her boys. Then his sister her son and his friend came out. It was a nice surprise visit. In the morning before our company Allan pre-loaded. He left at 5am then was home by noon. I worked on the inside of the house cleaning up. We can clean all the time here but it seems there is always more to do. Tonight we pumped out the pond. My fish has all of a sudden started to die. I am not sure what is up so we decided to clean it. Maybe something blew in with all this wind. Then we also pumped out the hot tub.In the morning I will get up early to fill it. We would have filled it tonight but the pond took forever to fill. Well I should get ready to go to bed.
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Hya and Lulu having a cuddle. Do you see that big hot dog well a lot of the time Miss Lulu is packing her hot dog around.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I was thinking of going to look at the end of this rainbow for the pot of gold. But then I was thinking I am living at the end of the rainbow. I love my home.
Today I worked outside until Lunch time. I had the girls painting. Then after lunch we did a quick trip to Kamloops. Did a little bit of birthday shopping. I had a quick look at Art Knaps. I went to sears garden shop and had a wonderful sale. A Thirty five dollar flower baskets on clearance for $5.99 to $8.00. How cool is that Woohoo I hit the jack pot. The ladies working there were really nice. One lady had a wonderful out fit. Great checkered stockings. I loved them.
We ended up back home really late and we never ate supper until 8pm. Nish had to go hand out posters around town so she stayed here.
It was amazing how quiet it was in Merritt and Kamloops. Like no one around. I wonder where everyone was. We thought maybe everyone was camping.
Well it is very late so I am off to finish my tea and go to bed.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

The only way we know it is Summer is that the flowers are trying to bloom in this miserable weather. I am tired of being cold. We get a bit of warm weather but overall it is nasty. I am sure we are suppose to be having summer. Today was nice that we did not have to run to school. I took Sam in to a birthday party then bought groceries and paid the taxes. I will have more time now that I won't have to run to school twice a day and now that Miss Nana has a car. I was doing some days five trips to town. Add it up half an hour each way no wonder I was getting nothing done.
I have been gardening, painting and rearranging my yard today. I am bad for making work for myself. I must remember to sit in the garden and enjoy it. Sometimes I think we forget to stop and enjoy and instead we just work, work, work. The kids did go swimming a couple times today. I do not know how they do it. It is so cold and the water is freezing. I can hardly keep my eyes open have a nice night and I will talk to you all tomorrow.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I think it is very sad that Michael Jackson died and that Farrah Fawcett also passed away. How awful to such well known people in one day.
I heard from my fire fighter tonight. He did not come into service last night. He is very cold. He was snowed on today. He told me it is unreal the mountains he is walking up. He said I really could not believe it. He has been on Glaciers. What an amazing job he has. I am so proud of him. Be safe Jord.
Today was officially the last day of school. All of the kids are finished. Sam won three awards Honour Roll, Sportsmanship and Classroom Monitor. He has a lot of trouble accepting recognition and does not know how to act with it. It will come as he grows older. We did have a long talk about it today. A man talked to my husband and he said "your son sure won a lot of awards and he sure keeps one eye on his Dad" That kind of sums it up he is the youngest. We do not go to the school often as he wants to come home all the time. So we brought him home at lunch today. No we shouldn't but he has his whole life to be grown up. Every single one of his brothers and sisters are so caring and over protective of him. He is a very lucky little boy.
This is my daughters new car. It is a Pontiac Wave 2009. Tonight she and her Dad put on stickers. Roxy and LuluLemon.
She has a whole new lease on life. No more waiting on people to driver her. No More not being able to buy groceries. For me no more having to go into town to pick her up or take her to work. I am so excited for her. She has warranty and will be safe. Now all I have to do is worry about Winter.
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An evening with the Lavender

I can't wait until the lavender grows and has full bloom
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our yard is starting to fill out now. It always looks so empty in the Spring. We seem to have more green than colour.
Even with all the rain our yard stays quite dry with all the trees. We did an amazing amount of work outside today. I cleaned, painted, raked. It is coming along nicely. I can see where we cleaned but if you do not know our place it probably would not look nice to you. I find when you have a lot of acreage it is hard to keep it clean. I would so love to have big truck come in and haul all the stuff away. If I could do it myself it would be done.
Last day of school tomorrow for Sam I am. Thank Goodness. We will go in and pick up report cards from the other schools then go to Sam's awards day.
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Miss Hyacinth at her awards night. Tanisha in the back looking very interested in the schedule.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking Shy

Miss Lulu looking shy.
Don't let her fool. Her true colours are coming out. She loves to help herself to the cat food. She steals all the gardening tools while we work. She needs a cuddle right in the middle of working. She is scared of the goats when we let them out. Yet little Starr thinks she is a goat herder. That is the little dog who's mom died of ours.She is the Chihuahua /Yorkshire terrier.
Miss Lulu loves to lay in mud puddles. She is very funny
Today I ended up going to town three times. I also was able to walk 5k two times today. So 10 k is good. I would love to have time to do that everyday.
I took Sam to the dentist he has been complaining about a sore tooth for awhile. They were able to get him in at 2pm. The poor kid his filling broke and now it has turned into an abscess. So now he is on medicine three times a day plus Tylenol lots of Tylenol lately. I wonder how long it will be until it starts to feel better.
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Tanisha has driven the truck quite a bit. Dalton already called his spot
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My first ride in the truck. I have not driven it yet.
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Inside the new truck

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