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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I was thinking of going to look at the end of this rainbow for the pot of gold. But then I was thinking I am living at the end of the rainbow. I love my home.
Today I worked outside until Lunch time. I had the girls painting. Then after lunch we did a quick trip to Kamloops. Did a little bit of birthday shopping. I had a quick look at Art Knaps. I went to sears garden shop and had a wonderful sale. A Thirty five dollar flower baskets on clearance for $5.99 to $8.00. How cool is that Woohoo I hit the jack pot. The ladies working there were really nice. One lady had a wonderful out fit. Great checkered stockings. I loved them.
We ended up back home really late and we never ate supper until 8pm. Nish had to go hand out posters around town so she stayed here.
It was amazing how quiet it was in Merritt and Kamloops. Like no one around. I wonder where everyone was. We thought maybe everyone was camping.
Well it is very late so I am off to finish my tea and go to bed.
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