Thursday, June 25, 2009

I think it is very sad that Michael Jackson died and that Farrah Fawcett also passed away. How awful to such well known people in one day.
I heard from my fire fighter tonight. He did not come into service last night. He is very cold. He was snowed on today. He told me it is unreal the mountains he is walking up. He said I really could not believe it. He has been on Glaciers. What an amazing job he has. I am so proud of him. Be safe Jord.
Today was officially the last day of school. All of the kids are finished. Sam won three awards Honour Roll, Sportsmanship and Classroom Monitor. He has a lot of trouble accepting recognition and does not know how to act with it. It will come as he grows older. We did have a long talk about it today. A man talked to my husband and he said "your son sure won a lot of awards and he sure keeps one eye on his Dad" That kind of sums it up he is the youngest. We do not go to the school often as he wants to come home all the time. So we brought him home at lunch today. No we shouldn't but he has his whole life to be grown up. Every single one of his brothers and sisters are so caring and over protective of him. He is a very lucky little boy.

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Anonymous said...

Did you read how MJ's death crippled the internet?
Did Sam get a trophy for Aggregate too?