Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today the day was spent by tiding up the house. Which is a total waste of time. Then I went into town to meet Miss Nana and we went for our 5km walk. I was really tired on the walk. Then we bought groceries fun stuff for Canada Day. We are also doing Miss Nana's dinner tomorrow night. It is suppose to warm up for awhile so that should be nice for every ones visit.
As I posted in the pictures my firefighter has come home. I like it when he comes home laundry fire smell and all. I always know when he is home I start to pick his stuff up at the door and it continues right trough the house. He now has five days off.
My brother and his family should now be in Canada...Yeah
My sister and her husband fly out tonight. Very Very exciting
I have to be in town early tomorrow for my middle daughter. She has to attend her program she is in and her volunteering at the park for Canada Day. So off to bed for me


Anonymous said...

UUmmm.. you didn't mention how excited you were to see me. I have to travel even longer than anyone to get there.

Sunflower Farm said...

Ummm if this message is from my son. I was very excited to see you. To see all of you for 4 minutes.I had to go to town and you did not come home yet from last night.... now being 3:40pm the next day... now... you are going out again. However very excited to have you home. love you lots. Mom

Anonymous said...

You would think you only had one sister and one brother!

Anonymous said...

I think that first email was from my mother!
She is FUNNY!