Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking Shy

Miss Lulu looking shy.
Don't let her fool. Her true colours are coming out. She loves to help herself to the cat food. She steals all the gardening tools while we work. She needs a cuddle right in the middle of working. She is scared of the goats when we let them out. Yet little Starr thinks she is a goat herder. That is the little dog who's mom died of ours.She is the Chihuahua /Yorkshire terrier.
Miss Lulu loves to lay in mud puddles. She is very funny
Today I ended up going to town three times. I also was able to walk 5k two times today. So 10 k is good. I would love to have time to do that everyday.
I took Sam to the dentist he has been complaining about a sore tooth for awhile. They were able to get him in at 2pm. The poor kid his filling broke and now it has turned into an abscess. So now he is on medicine three times a day plus Tylenol lots of Tylenol lately. I wonder how long it will be until it starts to feel better.
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