Monday, January 31, 2011

This is such a cute little boat.
Tonight is getting very, very cold. I am thinking I will either sleep on the couch or set my alarm so I can refuel the fire.
The day went by so fast. I did not get anything fun done today. However my Fridge is awesome. So clean it is stressful.
I think I am stalling so I don't worry about the fire.
Stay warm tonight.
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Taking a break from cleaning the fridge.
I am going to Ban jam, ketchup, whipping cream, carrots with dirt, beets and yogurt.
No better yet I am just going to ban kids from entering the fridge.
Today was a chilly -21 funny how a few days ago it was so warm out you could wear a sweatshirt.
Sigh... ok back to the job.
I am just wondering how one little space can take so much time to clean.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Morning
This picture was our January full Moon. It really was quite wonderful.
Too many late nights. I have been up until after midnight every night for the last few nights. Enjoying the evenings to work on projects, quiet time and a semi quiet house.
At the moment we are minus fourteen, two days ago plus fourteen. Very crazy!
I have been working on a winter picture. I really must quit doing this as I so have no where to put my art projects.
Well I am off to very carefully work my way across the yard to do chores. Yesterday was a night mare it took every thing I had to say the right way up. So iceeey.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Make a Difference
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What is your tomorrow
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Are you Inspired
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Do you Believe?
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Crystals enjoying the last full moon. Listen very closely and you can hear them Breath in the fresh , crisp, air.
It has been a very busy week. The weather has been amazing but I do think it is starting to change.
I have wanted to create all week so full of inspiration but honesty just had not found any time.
Tonight my youngest daughter is having a sleep over. We went on line trying to buy movie tickets to Never say Never. I have never done that before not easy...we did not figure it out yet.
Well I am off to work on a new project. Have a wonderful evening.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One day a few weeks ago I had not heard from Sam for a bit. I went down the hall and he was in the bathroom with the water was running. I thought it was odd he was showering then. So I asked him what he was doing? "Oh I am just bathing my trumpet".!!.
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Sam was heading to a hockey game
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The older boy in this picture is my middle son. Today his midget rep team came first in their league. So now they have a weekend off until play offs start. Dalton joined his team in a dinner at Boston Pizza tonight to celebrate.
I am very pleased for him he deserves his moment.
Oh and the poor younger boy getting zipped up in his goalie bag is Sam.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

My all star player
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Where do you find Inspiration?

How can one not find Inspiration in a book One Hundred and Seventy Four years old. Published in Eighteen Thirty Seven.

Or how about a book dated back to Eighteen Fifty Nine and then given at Easter in Eighteen Sixty Six. This particular book still has the pages marked with yellowed brittle paper on three particular poems.

HISTORY it is truly amazing

I tend to look for the nice story, the fun story, or the romantic story in history. I try not to turn to the Sad, blood war part of history.
So I know I am not very realistic but it sooo works for me.
Umm you would think we lived in a church we have so many different bibles around.
I think it is just safe to say I love books, good ole dusty books.

Maybe this is the inspiration I need to sort my books. Maybe I should have a shelf just for old very deserving books.
Oh the stories they could tell.
The stories from sitting on shelves, in boxes, sitting in an old home in the attic or sitting on the shelf in a lovely old book store.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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It was so peaceful walking along the ocean. I was having a wonderful visit with my sons girlfriend. We were looking for shells and rocks while drinking a London Fog.
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Full moon tonight

On the weekend I had a wonderful visit with the ocean.
The ski opened up and let the sunshine in and the rain clear up
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The last post had a mind of it's own or maybe it is my keyboard I was sooo not done writing that post.
We headed down to the island early morning Saturday. Quite amazing, crazy weather instead of snow it was raining ! Raining so much it was unbelievable.
We caught the eight thirty ferry had a wonderful time taking pictures and it was actually not too cold.
We drove through parts of the island we had never been too and then to parts I realized I had been to be before. One of the places we went past was where I bought my Alpacas years ago.
We met some very nice people and visited with some people we had met on a previous trip. These are all Jord's people. The people who make his time on the island joy able and he is soo looked after. I am quite grateful for his friends.
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Back from a wonderful weekend. We left very early Saturday up by three am. However first on Friday we went to Kelowna for a late hockey game for our goalie. We manage to make it into a mini holiday we actually sat in a Starbucks, visited and laughed. Oh how our kids and Allan and I can laugh. We really do have fun. Then our oldest daughter needed a lulu lemon fix so we were in there for about an hour. The nice thing was the arena was the next block over so we could walk there.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This guy is having a quiet moment watching the river below waiting for his breakfast to make a move. It is a cold and very snowy morning. However I hear we should enjoy it, it is to warm up to seven above by tomorrow and then add some rain. PLAIN CRAZY!
I have to head out and dig some gates before they freeze in. Leaving out here we have to be very careful and not assume it is going to warm up or stay the same. If I do assume I am climbing fences for the next three months to get in the pens to feed the animals. Not too much fun.
I am hoping to find a bit of time today to work in my studio sort, clean and then try to be creative. The studio is in a bit of a pickle as I kept all my Christmas presents in there and stuff was just shoved in. So off to dig snow and then clean.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today we had the most amazing drive to the bus. So very, very beautiful. The trees were so heavy with snow and the day was breaking into beautiful colours. And, it was cold very cold.
It is perfect weather for an ice rink so I will go and flood the rink after chores and coffee with my Mom and Dad.
Ahh I wonder what today will bring...
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