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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This guy is having a quiet moment watching the river below waiting for his breakfast to make a move. It is a cold and very snowy morning. However I hear we should enjoy it, it is to warm up to seven above by tomorrow and then add some rain. PLAIN CRAZY!
I have to head out and dig some gates before they freeze in. Leaving out here we have to be very careful and not assume it is going to warm up or stay the same. If I do assume I am climbing fences for the next three months to get in the pens to feed the animals. Not too much fun.
I am hoping to find a bit of time today to work in my studio sort, clean and then try to be creative. The studio is in a bit of a pickle as I kept all my Christmas presents in there and stuff was just shoved in. So off to dig snow and then clean.
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